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Marianne Faithfull (born December 29, 1946)

Singer Marianne Faithfull bumped into Andrew Loog Oldham at a party in 1964, and the Rolling Stones’ manager took her under his wing. Her first single, "As Tears Go By," was written by Oldham, Mick JAGGER, and Keith Richards. It was a hit.

In the 1970s Faithfull became addicted to heroin and was homeless for a time. She recovered and released another hit record in 1979, Broken English.

In 1965 she left her husband, artist John Dunbar, to live with Jagger. As she put it: "My first move was to get a Rolling Stone as a boyfriend. I slept with three and decided the lead singer was the best bet." She also enjoyed same-sex affairs and was caught by Jagger at least once while she was in bed with another woman. As Faithfull put it, "He knew about my girlfriends. He didn’t mind."

Stern, Keith. Queers in History: The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Historical Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals. Perseus Books Group. Kindle Edition.

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