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Wallflowers by Sean Michael

Sometime I’m interested in seeing how an author deals with disability in a romance, and so I picked this novella by Sean Michael about a relationship between a young blind man and his former college boyfriend with particular focus. I liked that the author didn’t downplayed the quiet anger DJ was mounting: afflicted by a progressive blindness, DJ was sighted until college and then he slowly but steadily became totally blind. DJ projects a “zen” attitude on the outside, but you can feel he is angry with the life, with his fate and yes, also with Ryan.

Ryan and DJ had an affair in college, but Ryan was not ready to come out and when the college ended so did their relationship. I’m not sure Ryan would have ever considered to search for DJ if not for the chance they have to meet at the marriage party of their common frat buddy. Ryan didn’t know about DJ’s blindness, but that is not the reason why he has trouble in rekindling their relationship. Having sex and enjoying a no strings attached flirt is one thing, coming out to their friends, and then to his colleagues is completely another matter.

The romance is warm and comfortable, the sex good and healthy. As I said, I liked that DJ felt real, able to be open with his feelings, if they were good but also bad. Ryan hadn’t to wonder what was DJ’s problem, because the man was ready to tell him, to ask for respect to him and to their relationship. If Ryan wanted him, then he had to claim him totally and completely.


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