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The Men Next Door (2012) directed by Rob Williams

Falling in love with the boy next door? That's a dream come true. Falling in love with his father, too? That's just awkward.

Director: Rob Williams

Writer: Rob Williams

Stars: Eric Dean, Michael Nicklin and Benjamin Lutz

Genres: Comedy

Storyline: Writer/director Rob Williams (Make The Yuletide Gay, Role/Play) returns with a new romantic comedy about finding love a little too close to home. As he reluctantly celebrates his 40th birthday, Doug (Eric Dean, star of Arizona Sky and Nine Lives) finds himself falling for two very different but equally lovable men - Jacob, a secure 50-year-old (Michael Nicklin) who came out later in life, and Colton, an adventurous 30-year-old (Benjamin Lutz, star of The Love Patient and Bite Marks) who literally is the boy next door. What Doug doesn't know right away is that the two men are, in fact, father and son! How long can Doug juggle both relationships before everyone finds out the truth?

@Amazon: The Men Next Door (2012)

Cast (in credits order)
Eric Dean ... Doug
Michael Nicklin ... Jacob
Benjamin Lutz ... Colton
Heidi Rhodes ... Evelyn
Mark Cirillo ... Woody
Christopher Schram ... Philip
Devon Michael Jones ... Derek
Rachel Alig ... Bambi
Ronnie Kroell ... Darren
David Alanson ... Will
Christopher Patrino ... Christopher
Kevin F. Sherry ... Bad Sweater Guy
Trevor Knight ... Temp

Doug & Jacob


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Tags: gay romance movie
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