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The Doctor's Wife (2012) directed by Jonathan Duffy

A young gay doctor decides to move from the city to the country to further his career. His partner, an ex-actor takes a camera along with them and films their experience.

Director: Jonathan Duffy

Writer: Jonathan Duffy

Stars: Jonathan Duffy and Vincent Cornelisse

Awards: Canada International Film Festival, 2012, Won Award of Excellence, Documentary Competition, Jonathan Duffy (director) (Just Off Centre Productions (production company)

Genres: Documentary | Biography | Comedy | Drama

Storyline: The film began production when Dr Vincent Cornelisse decided to leave urban Brisbane and move to country Queensland in order to further his career. However, Vincent wouldn't do this without his partner, Jonathan Duffy. Neither of the two had ever lived in a country town and were excited about the scene change but nervous about how they would be received because they are a gay couple. A friend jokingly suggested that Jonathan should film their experience in case they were murdered. Jonathan decided to do this, not because he thought they would be in danger, because he believed that it was going to be a positive and enlightening journey. The Doctor's Wife explores their journey through Jonathan's eyes.

@Amazon: The Doctor's Wife (2012)

Cast overview:
Jonathan Duffy ... Himself
Vincent Cornelisse ... Himself

Jonathan & Vincent

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