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Lost Won (Liaisons Series) by S.E. Culpepper

A new author to me but I have the feeling we will hear about her soon. Lost Won is almost a sweet romance, despite the sexy beginning: Kevin and Christian met one night, Kevin out prowling the pubs for a no strings attached adventure and Christian at his first gay experience; both of them found what they were not searching, and for Christian was so shocking that he ran the morning after almost without words.

The first surprise is that the author doesn’t linger on the sexual aspect of that night, actually we will not be part of that; we know Kevin and Christian shared a bed, and that was very good for both of them, but we don’t read about it. Six years later, Christian is outed at his work place, but I saw that almost as a liberation for Christian; forced out of the closet, now Christian has the freedom to pursue his only true love, Kevin. Six year later Christian is still thinking at Kevin, carrying around a memento of that night like it is the only thing linking him to his sanity.

A chance encounter with Kevin pushes Christian to almost force Kevin to a meeting, and Kevin will have the possibility to see that Christian is not the same man he met before; Christian is now ready to a relationship, and even if Kevin wasn’t thinking that, it’s exactly what Kevin also wants.

Even if Kevin didn’t forget that night with Christian, I have the feeling he wasn’t so hung up to it like Christian; Kevin went along with his life, also forced by a tragic event, and had other not important affairs. While Christian was thinking to Kevin like his only true chance at love, I have the feeling Kevin remembered Christian like a lost chance, but not something he was to pursue. Realizing that he was such an important piece in Christian’s life, makes him reconsider their relationship.

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Series: Liasons
1) Private Eye
2) Question Mark
3) Lost Won

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