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Best of Both Worlds by Liz Andrews

Just the other day I was reading a story about college boys and thinking how they were really too naïve in their behavior for being guys living out of the protective umbrella of their family. Here the feeling was exactly the opposite, when first we met Chase, I didn’t feel the vibes of a college boy but of a more mature man. Then in the course of the story, and especially when we met Alex, the college boys theme is more accentuated, but still, I have the feeling this story could have been also between two older friends suddenly realizing their mutual feeling had turned into something else.

The author pushes a lot on the bisexual button, so much that I’m comfortable in saying this is more a bisexual than a gay romance, even if there is no woman in the mix; but the author wants her characters to be bisexual, and like that, I have no trouble in picturing this couple, maybe in a next future, opening their relationship to a woman, given that they find someone who is compatible with both of them.

The moving from friends to lovers was not sudden, it was something boiling between them for a long time, so long that it doesn’t seem strange when they almost rush to the sexual aspect of their relationship. It’s a rush for the reader, since they have just met them, but it’s not for them, who are best friends since high school, and now something more, something deeper for a long time.

There is a lot of sex, long, detailed sex scenes between Chase and Alex; maybe my only complaint is that I would have not minded to see them interact a little more with the external world, even maybe testing the waters about their relationship with someone else other than trusted friends. But maybe that is the subject of another novel for this author?


Amazon Kindle: Best of Both Worlds (Friends and Lovers)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (January 31, 2012)

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle

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