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Ty Hard (Willow Springs Ranch) by L.E. Harner

For a reason that I now don’t remember, I read the following book to this one in the series, and I had a completely wrong idea of Ty and Cass as a couple, and this is a positive comment, since it means they developed as a couple so much, that they reached the equilibrium I witness in Hold Tight.

My assumption was that Ty was this strong former military man who swept away from his feet the more refined Cass. I even had this idea of Ty being stronger and older, and of course the leader in their relationship. On the contrary, at the beginning of their story, Ty is a lost soul, a young man in desperate need of the comfort of a family, something he is searching in Gibby, his former mentor in the Army, and now cook at Cass’s ranch. Unfortunately for Ty he arrives too late, and Gibby is now gone. In a way, Cass substitutes the fatherly figure that was Gibby, but being him more Ty’s age, instead of a family made of father and son, what he proposes is that of two partners. If Ty is willing.

Ty has not only to overcome his PTSD, but also some very bad experiences he had, going back to his family. He is commitment shy since, until now, commitment didn’t bring him good luck, and for sure he didn’t have any good luck in the relationship department; maybe if he had the chance to witness Gibby’s own relationship with his partner, he would reconsider, but as for now, Ty has no role model for love and family. Cass will have his hands full in managing such skittish man, but the reward is worth the effort.

Amazon Kindle: Ty Hard (Willow Springs Ranch)
Publisher: Hot Corner Press (July 25, 2011)

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