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Coming Soon: 2 Movies in 1 Year! – The Dark Place & Something Like Summer

From the Producers of Judas Kiss:

Two and a half years ago, Kickstarter backers helped us make our first feature film, Judas Kiss, which went on to win many awards — and now it's available all over the world! That critically acclaimed film about love, second chances and getting it right was a meaningful story, with relatable characters and top-notch production values.

We quickly raised enough funding to get two new feature films ready to shoot in 2013: The Dark Place and Something Like Summer, two very different stories. One is a mystery-thriller and the other an adaptation of a wonderful love story; both will be presented with all of the care and skill we brought to Judas Kiss.

This time out we want to do even better. Now we want to go to the technological cutting-edge for these two films — and beyond.

Little films like ours don't have to look little. We pushed Judas Kiss well past the place other, comparably budgeted features go. We're raising a lot of the money for these two films on our own, but we're seeking backing on Kickstarter to help us push the technological edge.

Your backing allows us to make these films with a Red Scarlet, a state-of-the-art, 4K camera that will allow us to shoot images on par with big-budget studio pictures — ready for the screens of the future.

The Dark Place is prepping now for principal photography in April near Portland, Oregon. Something Like Summer is scheduled to shoot this fall.

We know producing two feature films in one year is ambitious, but your backing moves the camera from a rental expense to an investment that pays off in producing more movies for years.

In fact, those who back us at certain levels will get free copies of all the films we end up making with this camera.

With your help, we can make our movies look like big blockbusters! Thank you!

Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blueseraphfilms/2-movies-in-1-year-the-dark-place-and-something-li

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