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2013 Rainbow Awards Submission: Samantha M. Derr - Private Dicks

Private Dicks: Undercovers edited by Samantha M Derr
Paperback: 426 pages
Publisher: Less Than Three Press LLC (October 2, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 162004028X
ISBN-13: 978-1620040287
Amazon: Private Dicks: Undercovers
Amazon Kindle: Private Dicks: Undercovers

Temper by Siobhan Crosslin-Reese hates deception, but that's all his life has been since he was sent to investigate a wolf pack on clashing sets of orders. Keeping his lies separated is all that's keeping him alive, and it's a job that grows harder by the day-especially with the unexpected complications of the alpha he's investigating. The PI and the Rockstar by K-lee Klein-Mason is a detective. He's not flashy or hip and he doesn't have an office conducive to entertaining wealthy clients. But when made-of-money Durango and his gum-snapping daughter hire him to do surveillance on a popular rockstar named Jade Jonathan Lee, Mason's business world collides with his personal life, and the result is a mystery that must be solved. Glamour by Holly Rinna-White-When his little brother is kidnapped, Jason hires Erich, PI and long-time crush, to find him, terrified of what will happen if people learn his brother is unregistered psychic. But when Jason is kidnapped as well, he learns he and his brother are not the only ones keeping secrets. The Virginia Gentleman by Alison Bailey-When the Virginia Gentleman rides into town, it's a sure bet that trouble ain't far behind. He's quick on the draw, feared by all, and one sad little group of train robbers is about to find out why it's never wise to bet on trouble. The Royal Inquisitor by Megan Derr-Esmour is one the best Inquisitor's in the kingdom, but the penance bracelets on his wrist serve as constant reminder that once he was not a master of deception, but a victim. To solve his latest case, he must work alongside the liar who changed his life, and the love he learned too late was never real. Regarding the Detective's Companion by E.E. Ottoman-Jamie is desperate: he has no money, rent is coming due, and if he does do something soon he'll be forced back into a life of charity and pity. So when he is brought a case, Jamie takes it-even if it will mean lying to his client, manipulating the suspect and propelling himself into the middle of a plot involving murder and political intrigue. The Demon Bride by Isabella Carter-One dead body left at the door is more than enough, but after three are left on the stoop of his father's agency and no one else is willing to investigate, Quinton decides he'll just have to solve the mystery himself. Too Dangerous by Sasha L. Miller-Shi is good at what he does, no matter what his stupid ex thought. Danger comes with the territory, especially when that territory includes a special license to do select work for the government. But when the government needs him to fix something that defeated even their most elite, Shi learns that some situations are too much even for him.

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