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Top 100 Gay Novel: All Through the Night by Suzanne Brockmann

Suzanne Brockmann is pissed off. She is really hungry cause she has a gay son and she wants that her son can have a normal life and marry the man he loves. And from what I understand, in USA some party wing has put in stand by a law that recognize same sex marriage in Massachussetts. So when her publisher has asked her to write a Christmas novel (usually a tale of good feeling and we all love each other genre) she has written All Through the Night, where her gay characters, Jules and Robin, will marry during Christmas time in Boston.

Jules is a recurring character in Suzanne Brockmann novels, but he has met his life partner only in Hot Target and they have started a relationship in Forces of Nature, the last novel in the Troubleshooters series. Jules is an FBI agent, Robin a drunk movie actor in the closet and now an outed rehab fiction actor. They live in Boston, where Robin works, and they try to organize their marriage, among the renovation of their Victorian house, an ex of both (Adam) who doesn't accept a no like answer, a reporter who is too good in his work and manages to gain a lot of private info, and even a Jules' mission gone bad.

Like all the Christmas novel (I have in mind, for example, Dark Celebration by Christine Feehan) it's more a way for the author to collect all her favourite characters and makes a gift to her fan. So the plot is not essential and it's more a collection of glimpses in the life of various couples of the past. But what I find really strange is that, usually Suzanne Brockmann is a bit sexy author, and in this book there is no sex at all!!! When you arrive to an hot moment between Jules and Robin, the chapter finish or worse, it starts when all is just happened. What?!? I want my sex scenes, you can't give me two panting hot males without tell me why they pants!!! Ok, ok, it's a Christmas novel, I know, and it's the first time a mainstream romance author has the courage to write a M/M novel, so, I can only say: Thank you Suzanne Brockmann, and I will buy also Forces of Nature and Hot Target, and I will buy also your next M/M novel (Adam and Tony's story I think), but please, next time, could you give me a bit of flesh more?

Of Jules and Robin, what can I say? Jules is the more action-less words type. Quiet, strong and honest man. Maybe a bit jelaous, but when he is so gentle and caring with Robin, does it matter if he is a bit possessive? No! Robin is deeply in love. Point. He has eyes only for Jules, and maybe he is a bit distracted by this, but to be true, also the world around doesn't help: it seems that all happen to put him in trouble. But luckily he has an entire team of Troubleshooters to help him.

As I say, in general, Christmas novels don't have a strong plot, so, after all, I think this one is pretty good being one in the genre. And well, I read it in one day, so it's also a pageturner.

Amazon: All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas
Amazon Kindle: All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas
Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books; Reprint edition (November 25, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0345501527
ISBN-13: 978-0345501523

Suzanne Brockmann's In the Spotlight post: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/329123.html
Tags: author: suzanne brockmann, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: military, theme: seasonal romance, theme: show business, top 100 gay novels list

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