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LGBT Ebook and Print Releases, February 2013

"Hatsukoi." (Ren'Ai Rensai) (Volume 2) by Hildred Billings
50 Gays of Shade by CC Bridges, Winnie Jerome, Sascha Illyvich and Wade Kelly (Torquere Books)
50 Shades of Gay by Jeffery Self
A Leaf in a Whirlypool by Ms. Madison Sheaffer
A Private Gentleman by Heidi Cullinan (Samhain Publishing)
A Shadow of a Dream by Isabella Carter (Less Than Three Press)
A Stone for Amer by Connie Claire Szarke and Nancy Paddock
A Volatile Range by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
A: Run & Gun by ID Locke (Torquere Books)
Ackley's Savior (Lost Shifter) by Stephani Hecht (eXtasy Books)
Admiring Jesse by Shawn Lane (Amber Quill Press)
After Shadow by Kim Pritekel
Afuera: A Young Latino's Journey by Marcelino Rosas
Age, Love, and Understanding by Evan Gilbert (Dreamspinner Press)
All About Yves: A Gay Erotic Murder-Mystery by Joey Jenkinson
Amo Amas Amassive! by Robin Anderson (Silver Publishing)
An Archive of Hope: Harvey Milk's Speeches and Writings by Harvey Milk, Jason Edward Black, Charles E. Morris III and Frank M. Robinson
An Hour by Anna Leigh Boettcher
An Unconventional Union by Scotty Cade (Dreamspinner Press)
Angel's Touch by Siri Caldwell
Aragon, Volume 2 [Allies with Benefits: Xander's Reluctant Mate] (Siren Publishing Allure ManLove) by Alex Carreras
Assassins (The Dark Servant) by A.C. Ellas (eXtasy Books)
Attraversiamo, "Let's Cross Over": A Story of Gender Transition by Gina Duncan and David Whitley
Available [Marked 3] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Jana Downs
Aw, Hell! Hot Gay Spanking Erotica by Jere Haken
Bachelor and the Beast (Once Upon a Man) by Jade Astor (Silver Publishing)
Balthazar Starblitz by A. J. Llewellyn (Amber Quill Press)
Barbarossa's Bitch by Naomi Brooks and Angelia Sparrow (Storm Moon Press)
Bed and Breakfast [Bloodkin 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) by Scarlet Hyacinth
Beloved Enemy by Star Noble (Dreamspinner Press)
Best Gay Romance 2013 by Richard Labonte
Best Lesbian Romance 2013 by Radclyffe
Betrayal Of Lancelot by Sarah Luddington
Beyond Love by J.A. Harmon (Dreamspinner Press)
Bible, Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church's Debate on Same-Sex Relationships by James V. Brownson
Bi-Sexual First Experience Story by Omar Castellanos
Bite Here Too by H.C. Brown and Stormy Glenn
Blood Bonds by Kayla Bain-Vrba (Torquere Books)
Book Fair by Michael Murphy (Dreamspinner Press)
Bound for Keeps (Men of Honor) by SE Jakes (Samhain Publishing)
Bridging Worlds: : A Love Story Beyond Boundaries (B&W) by Ellen Bush and Mariam Weidner
Broken Star by Joann Lee (JMS Books)
Bucking Like Horses by Gustaf Xaver Franz Vonsheilds and Alvaro Luna
Caleb Morgan [Seven Brothers for McBride 7] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Anitra Lynn McLeod
Capriole by Evey Brett
Captive Prince: Volume One (Volume 1) by S. U. Pacat
Captive Prince: Volume Two (Volume 2) by S. U. Pacat
Caribbean Blues by Ari McKay (Torquere Books)
Catalyst: Stories of Awakening by K.L. Joy (Storm Moon Press)
Catching Fireflies by KC Kendricks (Amber Quill Press)
Chad and the SEALs by Hank Perritt
Chance Met by Karenna Colcroft (MLR Press)
Chaps and Hope by Bailey Bradford (Total-e-Bound)
Chocolate Coated Reunion by Berengaria Brown (Torquere Books)
Choices and Changes by K.L. Belanger (Dreamspinner Press)
Cinder Fella: My Master Knew Me Before I Was In My Mother's Womb by Mr Glenn T Brown
Circus of Dreams (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) by Kelly Conrad
Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts by Lyn Gala (Loose ID)
Collusion by Eden Winters (Amber Quill Press)
Colour Scheme by John R Gordon
Coming Home by Missouri Dalton (Torquere Books)
Cupid and Wardrobe Malfunctions (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck) by Jackie Nacht (eXtasy Books)
Cupid's Revenge by Ellen Cross (eXtasy Books)
Cut to the Chase by Lisa Girolami
Damn Gorgeous by Jaye Valentine
Dark Around the Edges: Heaven's On Fire (Cambion) by Cari Z (Storm Moon Press)
Dark Court: Monte's Marines by Stormy Glenn
Dark Elf by Jordan Falconer
Dark Enchantment by Imari Jade (Total-e-Bound)
Dark Robe Edges by Jason Edding (MLR Press)
Delicious by Niamh Murphy (Torquere Books)
Deprivation; or, Benedetto furioso: an oneiromancy by Alex Jeffers (Lethe Press)
Devon Morgan [Seven Brothers for McBride 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Anitra Lynn McLeod
Different Hearts Walk Longer Miles by V. Austin Koch
Dirty Money (Dirty Trilogy) by Ashley Bartlett
Doctor, Doctor by Eleanor Bruce & H.L. Holston (Total-e-Bound)
Down to Earth by Elizabeth Coldwell (Total-e-Bound)
Dragon Touched by JB McDonald (Torquere Books)
Dreaming of Dragons by T.A. Chase (MLR Press)
Duet by Eden Winters (Dreamspinner Press)
Echo by Amanda Clay (Prizm Books)
Eliana by Evey Brett (Loose ID)
Emergency Servicing (Total-e-Bound)
Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America by Christopher Bram
En Prise by Sean Michael (Total-e-Bound)
Erasing Shame by Yeyu (Dreamspinner Press)
Erotic Haiku by Oliver Grant
Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples by Joan M. Burda
Every Second Counts by D. Jackson Leigh
Exile by Lola Lebellier (Dreamspinner Press)
Eye Candy And Achy Hearts by Adrianna Dane (Amber Quill Press)
Falling For Forever by Charles Raines
Fettered by Lyn Gala (Dreamspinner Press)
Finding Out: An Introduction to LGBT Studies by Michelle A. Gibson, Jonathan Alexander and Deborah T. Meem
First Robin of Spring by Natalie London
First Time Out by C.D. Overstreet
Flicker and Spark: A Contemporary Queer Anthology of Spoken Word and Poetry by Regie Cabico and Brittany Fonte
Flight by Anne Eton
Fortune's Bastard by Gil Cole (Chelsea Station Editions)
Fortune's Slings and Cupid's Arrows by Ari McKay (Torquere Books)
Fragile Bond by Rhi Etzweiler (Riptide Publishing)
Freedom To Love For ALL: Homosexuality is not Un-African by Yemisi Ilesanmi
Fresh Meat by Jp Ramsey
From the Inside Out by Talya Andor (Less Than Three Press)
From the Shtetl to the Lecture Hall: Jewish Women and Cultural Exchange (Studies in Judaism) by Luise Hirsch
From Wrongs to Gay Rights: Cruelty and change for LGBT people in an uncertain world by Colin Stewart, Rev. Albert Ogle, Eric O. Lembembe and Miles Tanhira
Fruity on the Inside by GR Richards (Torquere Books)
Gay Erotic Poems - Hot Rhyming Sex by L. M. Dawson
Gay Sex, Gay Love...: Bi-Sexual & Gay Romance by Omar Castellanos
Gentlemen of the Shade: A Fictional History of the Gay Mafia (Volume 1) by Tod Crouch
Getting to Ellen: A Memoir about Love, Honesty and Gender Change by Ms. Ellen Krug
Going Down by Kyle Vincent Meredith
Golden by Sean Michael (Torquere Books)
Goodbye to Beekman Place: a novel by David Alan Dedin
Gospel by Nat Burns
Haevyn by Darcy Abriel (Samhain Publishing)
Happy Hour by Anne Eton
Harnessing by D. J. Manly (Amber Quill Press)
Haven Coffee House Boys by Stephani Hecht (eXtasy Books)
Heretic by Rukis
Higher Ground by Becky Black
His Best Man by Treva Harte (Loose ID)
Holidays with Jacob (Loving Jacob) by Lee Brazil (Breathless Press)
Honeymoon Cottage by Matt Brooks (Dreamspinner Press)
How a Century of War Changed the Lives of Women: Work, Family and Liberation (Counterfire) by Lindsey German
How Gaily We Kill (Volume 6) by Perley J. Thibodeau
How to Be a Real Gay: Gay Identities in Small-town South Africa by Graeme Reid
How to Greet Strangers: A Mystery by Joyce Thompson (Lethe Press)
Hunter's Moon by Susan Laine (Dreamspinner Press)
I Know I'm Gay by Corinth Panther
I Love You I Hate You by G. A. Hauser
I'm not a slut.......I just love dick.: Men are like chapters in a book in my life. (Volume 2) by K W B
In My Skin by Beth Wylde (Torquere Books)
In Name Only by JM Dragon
In the Dead of Night by Jamieson Wolf (Breathless Press)
In the Nick of Time by Linda Kay Silva
Indigenous Women's Rights: Challenging Social and Gender Hierarchies (New Gender Mainstreaming Series on Development... by Helena Whall and Meena Shivdas
Infatuation or bust by Alp Mortal
Iron Eyes by Vivien Dean (Amber Quill Press)
Isle Of Capri by A. J. Llewellyn (Amber Quill Press)
It Might Be Magic by Carolyn Gray (Amber Quill Press)
It Started With The Garden (Not So Different) (Volume 1) by Brandon Carlisle
Jack Holmes and His Friend: A Novel by Edmund White
Jack's Back by A. C. Katt (MLR Press)
Jersey (Yin and Yang) by Edward Kendrick (Silver Publishing)
Jobless in January: Johnny Smith by Mara Ismine (Torquere Books)
Just in Time by E E Montgomery (Dreamspinner Press)
Keeping a Straight Face by Jay Silverstone
Killer Thoughts: A Power Up! Story by Marie Harte (Loose ID)
Kiss Me at Midnight, Volume 1 by Julia Alaric, Mell Eight and E E Ottoman (Less Than Three Press)
Kiss Me at Midnight, Volume 2 by Lacie J Archer, Paul Brownsey and Howard Shen (Less Than Three Press)
L O L by Glenn Hall
Lancelot's Curse by Sarah Luddington
Lavender Skies by Jackson Cordd (Dreamspinner Press)
Laying Ghosts by James Buchanan (MLR Press)
Learning to Soar by Bebe Balocca (Total-e-Bound)
Lesbian Sex Stories: Lesbian Love and Seduction Collection: Lesbian Sex Stories - Lesbian Erotica (Volume 12) by Spirited Sapphire Publishing
Line and Orbit by Lisa Soem and Sunny Moraine (Samhain Publishing)
Lions in the Candlelight (Taming the Lion Tamer) by Caitlin Ricci (Silver Publishing)
Lord and Master by H.C. Brown
Love Without Borders by Sara York (Total-e-Bound)
Lust in Time edited by Rob Rosen (MLR Press)
Lust, Love, and Friendship by Melissa Edmunds
Lynx in the Blood (Pack Valley) by SA Welsh (Silver Publishing)
Mansized Vol. 1 by John A. Connor, Tony Anderson, Mark Geddis and Harry Forsythe
Mansworld by Bex Wild
Married Wives Who Are Too Hot for Just One Man by B. Mcintyre
Matilda & Dusti by Joshua Skye
Mating Moon [Be-Were] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) by Lexi DeHalo
Men Speak Out: Views on Gender, Sex, and Power by Shira Tarrant
Mend This Heart: The First Year by Steven Disney, Teresa Garcia and Faith Lindgren-Brown
Middlebrow Queer: Christopher Isherwood in America by Jaime Harker
Midnight Comes with the Dawn: The Vampyir Plague by Darlene Burns
Miles Cross by Rachelle Cochran (Less Than Three Press)
Miriam & Esther by Sherry Barker
More Secrets: The sequel to It's a Secret by James Orr
More Than Friends by Erin Dutton
Morvea by Jennifer Wright (Total-e-Bound)
My Lost Love by Daniel Ekine
My Vampire and I Vol 6 (Volume 6) by J.P. Bowie
Natural Predator by Neil Plakcy (MLR Press)
Necessary Passion [Alchemy Mates 3] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Jana Downs
Nevada by Imogen Binnie
Night Duty and Other Stories by Nicolas Mann (Lethe Press)
Night Wolf's Kiss (Night Wolf Adventure) (Volume 1) by J.A. Hawke and A. Miller
No Safewords: A Marketplace Fan Anthology by Laura Antoniou, Sassafras Lowrey and D.L. King
No Sister's Keeper: A Taelach Sisters Series Novel by Jeanne G'Fellers
Not An Elf by A.R. Moler (MLR Press)
Of Love and Punishment by Wayne Mansfield (JMS Books)
Once a Brat (Kinky Cupid) by Kim Dare (Riptide Publishing)
Open Cover Before Striking by Willa Okati (Loose ID)
Orphan Maker by D Jordan Redhawk
Out In Theaters by C.D. Overstreet
Out of the Past by Glenda Poulter
Over The Rainbow: Encounters in Europe by R G Berube
Overture: A Meeting of Fate (Immortal Symphony) by K. Piet and S.L. Armstrong (Storm Moon Press)
Palehua (The Last Warrior) by A.J. Llewellyn (Silver Publishing)
Paradise Beneath Her Feet: How Women Are Transforming the Middle East by Isobel Coleman
Pavarus (Finding Home) (Volume 1) by Jennifer Wright
Perfect for Me by D.H. Starr
Perfect For Me by D.H. Starr (MLR Press)
Pink Fizz by Thom Lane (Loose ID)
Plan B by SJD Peterson (Dreamspinner Press)
Please, Doctor by Serena Yates (Total-e-Bound)
Pretty Little Words in a Bottle (Friends to Lovers) by Stephani Hecht (eXtasy Books)
Pride Before a Fall: The difference between getting laid, and getting screwed, is knowing which prick is fucking... by Mr D J Cooper
Promises in Every Star by Todd Gregory
Queen Of Hearts by Rachell Nichole
Raspberry Truffle, a Torquere menage by Anna Bayes (Torquere Books)
Real Good Man (Canadian Heroes, Book 2) by Elise Whyles (Liquid Silver Books)
Renner Morgan [Seven Brothers for McBride 6] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Anitra Lynn McLeod
Roley's Wood by A.J. Llewellyn (Total-e-Bound)
Rolling On by Mr. Carmelo Gonzalez
Running With George by Charles Lunsford
Scott Sapphire and the Emerald Orchid by Geoffrey Knight (Storm Moon Press)
Scrap Metal by Harper Fox (Samhain Publishing)
Screwing the System by Josephine Myles (Samhain Publishing)
Second Footman by Jasper Barry
Secrets of the Other Side by Eric Gober
Seducing the Cheerleader Captain by Anne Eton
See the Light by Cassandra Carr (Loose ID)
Set Ablaze by Morticia Knight (Total-e-Bound)
SEX AND SEXUALITY: The Interviews - Part One by Violet Ivy
Sex before Sex: Figuring the Act in Early Modern England by James M. Bromley and Will Stockton
Sexual Injustice: Supreme Court Decisions from Griswold to Roe by Marc Stein
Shibari Auction House: Leaf, Number in Series: 4, by Sean Michael (Changeling Press)
Shifting Gears by Petra Lynn (Silver Publishing)
Shooting Stars by Jaypbee
Short But Sweet by Adina DeJesus (JMS Books)
Silver Presents: Love is Love by Lexi Ander, Sara York, SammyJo Hunt and Nicole Dennis (Silver Publishing)
Silver Presents: Three's a Party by Edward Kendrick, SA Welsh, TN Tarrant and Allison Cassatta (Silver Publishing)
Slayer by Pelaam (Torquere Books)
Snow on the Roof (Dreamspinner Press)
Snowfall by Cameron Dane (Loose ID)
Soldier Mine by Amber Kell (Total-e-Bound)
Something Beautiful by Amanda Gernentz
Something Happened on the Way to Heaven by Megan Derr, Debora Day, Kayla Bain-Vrba and Evie Kiels (Less Than Three Press)
Something in the Way He Needs by Cardeno C. (Dreamspinner Press)
Soul Debt: Repossession by Mychael Black (Changeling Press)
Spartacus International Sauna Guide: 9th Edition by Briand Bedford-Eichler
Spirit of the Pacific by Walter L. Williams (Lethe Press)
Spring Affair by Judith St. Gaudens
Stalker by R D Hero (Less Than Three Press)
Standish by Erastes (Lethe Press)
Stealing the Dragon (The Dragon's Hoard) by Mell Eight (Less Than Three Press)
Step Into the Wind by Bev Prescott
Steve of the Dump by Danni Keane (JMS Books)
Storm Season by Nessa L. Warin (Dreamspinner Press)
Sullivan (Leopard's Spot) (Volume 7) by Bailey Bradford
Summer of Awakenings (Assassin/Shifters) (Volume 15) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Superpowered Love 4: Losing Better by Katey Hawthorne (Loose ID)
Sweet Cherry, a Hammer story by Sean Michael (Torquere Books)
Sweets for the Sweet by Kat Davidson and Kit Dickson (Torquere Books)
Take It Off by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov (Riptide Publishing)
Taking the Gardener by T.J. Masters (Dreamspinner Press)
Taming the Bander by Summer Devon (Samhain Publishing)
Tangled: A collection of words; a complete thought by jill schladweiler
Tartaros by Voss Foster (Prizm Books)
Tell Me by Deanna DiLorenzo
Tell Me It's Real by TJ Klune (Dreamspinner Press)
Texas Desire (Texas Soul) (Volume 5) by Sara York
The Argento by Joshua Skye (JMS Books)
The Ass Book: Staying on Top of Your Bottom by Schulze & Scheuss
The Belle of Delaware, Volumes 1-2: The Life and Amours of the Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival by Kate Percival
The Best by Tinnean (Dreamspinner Press)
The Body House by Iris Astres (Loose ID)
The Bookstore Clerk by Mykola Demenetiuk (JMS Books)
The Carer: A life dedicated to other's comforts by Phillip Lesbirel
The Case of the Cupid Curse by Amber Kell & RJ Scott (Total-e-Bound)
The Chase by Erin O'Quinn
The Clouds Still Hang by Patrick C Notchtree
The Curtis Reincarnation by Zathyn Priest
The Curtis Reincarnation by Zathyn Priest (MLR Press)
The Dallamano by Joshua Skye (JMS Books)
The Dark Tide (The Adrien English Mysteries) (Volume 5) by Josh Lanyon
The Exhilarating Loss of Equilibrium by Kyle Vincent Meredith
The Family You Choose by Ellen Bishop (Torquere Books)
The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices by Heidi Belleau and Rachel Haimowitz (Riptide Publishing)
The Flesh Cartel #4: Consequences by Heidi Belleau and Rachel Haimowitz (Riptide Publishing)
The Gift by Verda Foster
The God Hunters by Mark Reed (Dreamspinner Press)
The Half-Breed Vampire [Redemption 3] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Marcy Jacks
The Half-Breed Werewolf [Redemption 2] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Marcy Jacks
The Heir Apparent by Tere Michaels (Loose ID)
The Keysmith by Elliot Arthur Cross (JMS Books)
The Kitchen Boy by Augusta Li (Silver Publishing)
The Last Grand Master by Andrew Q. Gordon
The Last Grand Master by Andrew Q. Gordon (Dreamspinner Press)
The Life And Times Of Tom Rawlins by John Barham
The Life To Come by John Barham
The Many ME's: If She Could Talk (The Chronicles of De') (Volume 2) by Dadriane Ethel
The Meiji Prince: A Novel of Modern Japan by Adam Anthony
The Missing Myth: A New Vision of Same-Sex Love by Gilles Herrada
The Order 2 - Gay Sci-Fi Erotica by Jason Crawford
The Poodle Apocalypse by John Inman (Dreamspinner Press)
The Rebuilding Year by Kaje Harper (Samhain Publishing)
The Redeemer by Joseph Richards
The Rest of Us by Guy Mark Foster
The Rest of Us: Stories by Guy Mark Foster (Lethe Press)
The Rural Lesbian by Maria Thomas
The Search for Soaring Hawk by Terry O'Reilly (JMS Books)
The Seeing Stone: Part 2 of 'The Map Stick' by Alp Mortal
The Servant's Heart by Missouri Dalton (Torquere Books)
The Shroud Eaters by Alyx Shaw (Prizm Books)
The Spring of Seduction (Shelter from the Winter) by D. W. Adler (eXtasy Books)
The Stapleton 2013 Long Weekend Guide to Gay New York (Manhattan) by Jon Stapleton
The Stapleton 2013 Long Weekend Guide to Gay Tampa Bay by Jon Stapleton
The Stapleton 2013 Long Weekend Guide to Gay Washington, D.C. by Jon Stapleton
The Submissive Scullery Maid by Shiralyn J Lee
The Succession by Douglas King
The Tinkered Pinkerton by Helen Louise Caroll (Amber Quill Press)
The Transgender Studies Reader 2 by Susan Stryker and Aren Z. Aizura
The two piece jigsaw by Alp Mortal
The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners by Ph.D. Charlie Glickman, Aislinn Emirzian, Debby Herbenick and Carol Queen
The Vampire Contract (Supernatural Bounty) by RJ Scott (eXtasy Books)
The Vampire's Special Lover (Wolves of Stone Ridge) by Charlie Richards (eXtasy Books)
The weaver and the loom: part one - the warp by Alp Mortal
The Whore Of New Slum by T. A. Chase (Amber Quill Press)
The Wizard of the Erotic Rendezvous - Gay Fantasy and Sci-Fi by Amy Redek
They Walk Among Us by T. A. Chase
This Time Around (Station One) by Justin McLachlan
Three's a Crowd (The Strange Bedfellows Series) (Volume 2) by Q. Kelly
Tides by Anne Azel
Till Death Do Us Part by Dennis E Adonis
To Catch a Croc (Banded Brothers) by Amber Kell (eXtasy Books)
Todd Haynes (Contemporary Film Directors) by Rob White
Too Good to Be True? by Chris T. Kat (Dreamspinner Press)
Too Many Secrets: It's a Secret and More Secrets by James Orr
Travelers 5: Chrysalis Cage by Becky Black (Loose ID)
Trick and Treat by Rob Rosen (Torquere Books)
Trill to Me Sweetly (A Paranormal's Love) by Charlie Richards (eXtasy Books)
Tropical Quests: A Key West Novel by Wesley Sizemore
Truffles and Leather by Winnie Jerome (Torquere Books)
Trusting the ER Doctor by Noelle Keaton (Total-e-Bound)
Turbulence Collection by Jordan Castillo Price
Tyler's Teacher by J.M. Snyder (JMS Books)
Unborn (Volume 1) by Rose Christo
Unconventional Mate [Katzman 5] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) by Stormy Glenn
Unshattered Dreams by Paul Novello
Valentine by Jaime Samms (MLR Press)
Valentino's Valentine by Jennifer Cierra (JMS Books)
Vampires R Us by Logan Zachary (MLR Press)
Vampirism and You by Missouri Dalton (Prizm Books)
Vampyre's Revenge by Tracy Rowan (Dreamspinner Press)
Velocity: Impulse, Book Three (Volume 3) by Amelia C. Gormley
Venetian Masks by Kim Fielding (Dreamspinner Press)
Visions (Harp and Sword Chronicles) by Myristica (Silver Publishing)
Weapons of Redemption: Whips and Chains, Number in Series: 1, by Saloni Quinby (Changeling Press)
Wee Willie Winkie (Naughty Nursery Rhymes) by Dianne Hartsock (Breathless Press)
What is Masculinity?: Historical Dynamics from Antiquity to the Contemporary World (Genders and Sexualities in... by John H. Arnold and Sean Brady
Where There's Smoke by L.A. Witt
Wild Rides: Three Gay Novellas by Elizabeth Coldwell
Winter Chill by Aria Grace and J.J. Hunter
Winter Storm by Barbara Winkes, Carolyn Crow and Dawné Dominique
Wish Me Nothing (Djin) by Havan Fellows (Breathless Press)
Wishing for a Home by T.A. Chase (Total-e-Bound)
Word Hot by Mary Meriam
Zephyr Ranch 2: Naked Truth by Nessa Vincent (Loose ID)

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