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Rainbow Awards: Meet the Jury (J-Z)

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J.P. Bowie - I was born and raised in Scotland and have lived in the US for the past twenty years. I started writing about ten years ago, mostly gay mysteries, and m/m romance about four years ago. To date I have over forty books in publication, both in print and ebook format. Happy to read just about any genre, I devour books - and read them too!

J.P. Barnaby - Award winning gay romance novelist, J. P. Barnaby is the author of over a dozen books including the Little Boy Lost series, the Forbidden Room series, and Aaron. As a bisexual woman, J.P. is a proud member of the GLBT community both online and in her small town on the outskirts of Chicago. A member of Mensa, she is described as brilliant but troubled, sweet but introverted, and talented but deviant. She spends her days writing software and her nights writing erotica, which is, of course, far more interesting. The spare time that she carves out between her career and her novels is spent reading about the concept of love, which, like some of her characters, she has never quite figured out for herself.


Janet S. - I am an avid reader. I know where every bookstore is located within a 50 mile radius of my home. I'm pretty eclectic in terms of what I enjoy reading, but I am open to anything provided it is written well. I live in NorCal near San Francisco and love the beauty of the SF Bay Area. I work as a paralegal during the day, but if I could figure out a way to get paid to just read all day -- well, I would be in heaven.

Jason - An editor and proofer for many authors in the genre and several publishing houses, my partner and I live in Fort Worth and help raise his daughter from a previous relationship. As one of the moderators for the goodreads M/M Romance group, I post a daily author and publisher report for our members. I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, kink, and long walks on the beach. :)


Jerry - My husband and I just celebrated 33 years together in early September, 2012. We live in Southern California and are active in our careers and the arts. I am an interior architect and my husband is professor of music at university and director of music for our church. We have 2 shelties and 1 tabby cat. I travel quite a bit for work and we both travel for pleasure. We have been to England, Scottland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Canada. I have also been to China, Morocco, Egypt, Indonesia, Singapore, Ireland, India, South Korea and Portugal. Hawaii is our favorite place to visit. I have created projects in USA, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India. I think I have always had a book in my hands, even in the womb. I have always been comfortable in my own skin as a gay person, however I hated having to hide it in my youth. I craved positive roll models and was always searching for references that someone I looked up to was gay. Why do children's fairy tails have only straight stories? Where is my gay Prince Charming? Where are the stories written for young gay kids? I have always searched out books with positive gay characters, hard to do in the 70's and 80's, much easier now. Having the straight world bombarding me constantly, I love that I can now immerse myself in positive gay literature and romance. I am loving the positive direction for LGBT people that is taking place in the USA. I am thrilled to be a part of the Rainbow jury and humbled to be included with so many of my favorite authors and reviewers.

Jess - Jess writes mysteries and lives in Los Angeles.



Jon Michaelsen - Jon Michaelsen is a gay fiction writer of mystery/suspense, thriller and romance novels whose main characters are gay. While this doesn't define or limit his characters, it does provide excellent opportunities for exciting plots. Many diverse writers have influenced his writing style over the years; among them are the popular David Baldacci, John Grisham and Michael Crichton and groundbreaking novelists Patricia Nell Warren, Michael Nava and Felice Picano. His is the author of numerous short-stories and novellas, the most recent novella, False Evidence released in May 2012, published with loveyoudivine. He has a gay paranormal-romance novella, Prince Of The Sea, releasing later in 2012. Currently, he is working on a novel of mystery and suspense featuring a closeted Atlanta homicide detective investigating the senseless, brutal murder of a young, sexy go-go boy.


Jorgi-Anne - I'm an American living abroad, most currently in the Italy. I'm a voracious reader and have been ever since I learned to read at the age of 3 (thank you Sesame Street!) My love of GLBT fiction has only grown exponentially with the advent of e-books. I've drabbled the odd story or two, but find that I'm more enthusiastic about reading than writing at this point in my life. Maybe I'll write once I retire :)


Julie - I love to read and enjoy discovering new writers. I am in constant search for a book I can escape into, where the characters live in me for days, giving my mind a much needed vacation. These books end up on my bookshelf to be read again and again. Though, my love will always remain with sci-fi and fantasy, mysteries and romance occupy just about as much space on my bookshelf. Thanks to my Kindle, not only can I read as often as I like, I have a another bookshelf (albeit a much lighter one) to store my favorites. I look forward to the next book that I want to read over and over.

K.Z. Snow - K. Z. Snow has published over 20 m/m novels and novellas as well as books in other genres. The Zero Knot placed second in the 2012 Rainbow Awards’ Young Adult/Coming of Age category. Her next release, Merman, is a sequel to the fantasy-steampunk tale, Mongrel.

Kari Gregg

Kate McMurray - Kate is a writer, editor, and voracious reader. She is the author of several m/m romances. She edits nonfiction to pay the bills and is also an amateur violinist. She lives in New York City.

Kimberly Lynn Workman - Kimberly has long been involved in media discussion, engaging others in conversations about the implications of television, film, and other artistic creations on society. In 2010, she took on a more official role in these discussions by becoming a staff writer on a number of media review blogs. She has long been drawn to LGBT fiction and most of her writing/reading projects are focused in this genre. Under a pseudonym she writes LGBT romance and erotica, having been chosen for publication by Cleis Press, Dreamspinner Press, Storm Moon Press, and Bold Stroke Books.

Kris Jacen - Kris Jacen is the Executive Editor and Formatting Director for ManLoveRomance Press and its imprints. She was invited to join the MLR staff in 2008 and has never looked back. Working with over thirty-five phenomenal authors such as Rick R. Reed, JP Bowie, James Buchanan, Kimberly Gardner, Ally Blue, Jet Mykles, and S.J. Frost has allowed her to both hone her editorial skills and indulge her inner fangirl. Kris also acts as editor, mentor and sounding-board for newcomers including Z. Allora and K-lee Klein. With this stable of talent under her guidance, Kris is quick to tell anyone who will listen that she loves her job. And her authors are just as quick to say that they love their editor.

Kyell Gold - I'm a writer who loves character-based stories, both in what I read and what I write. My books tend to focus on gay relationships in "furry" worlds, and my work has appeared in publications from Sofawolf Press, FurPlanet Press, Circlet Press, and Ravenous Romance. My book "Out of Position" tied for Best Gay Novel in the 2009 Rainbow Awards, and last year my book "Green Fairy" came in fifth in the Young Adult/Coming of Age category. I live in Silicon Valley in California with my husband of two years, which is coincidentally about the amount of time I have been a full-time writer. Part of being a good writer is being a good reader, so I'm excited to be a judge this year because it'll give me the opportunity to read some varied LGBT fiction outside my normal range. I'm also very happy to be able to help out the folks who work so hard to put these awards together.

L. Halke - L has been published in multiple magazines and journals. An avid story fanatic, she now seeks to publish full length. Devoted reader, she devours books and is an unofficial beta/editor for a few friends. She often accepts personal novella challenges, writing specific stories just for the reader, catering to their likes and desires.

Laura Hughes

Lee Rowan - Lee Rowan has been writing since childhood, but professionally only since spring of 2006, with the publication of her Eppie-winning novel, Ransom. She is a lady of a certain age, old enough to know better but young enough to do it anyway. A confirmed bookaholic with a wife of many years, she is kept in line by a cadre of cats and a dog who gets her away from the computer and out of the house at least once a day.

Lex Valentine - Multi-published, award winning, best selling erotic romance author Lex Valentine writes across genres from paranormal to fantasy-futuristic to contemporary. Although romance is her preferred genre, she occasionally writes a dark tale or two. All of Lex’s romances contain a Happily Ever After. She just doesn’t do romance any other way. Lex is also an award winning cover artist under her graphics company name Winterheart Design.

Lily - I live in North Florida and work full-time. I love reading and my Sony ebook Reader is always at my side. I discovered M/M books about six years ago and most of my free time is spent reading.

Lori Toland - CEO by day, manlove writer by night, Lori Toland somehow finds time to play video games and watch movies while taking care of her cats and husband.


Lyne - My name is Lyne and thanks to my mother's pushing when I was younger, I am now an avid reader. In my spare time I review M/M stories for a couple of different sites. If you had told me a few years ago that this would me my genre of choice I would have looked at you like you were crazy. Thanks to authors like Jeff Erno, JL Langley, TA Chase, and Sui Lynn I can't get enough.

Lynn Lorenz - Published Author

Mallory Hytrek

Mariana - I am a 38 year old, single mother of 1 daughter; both of us are big readers. I've been reading Romance since sophomore year of high school. I began reading Gay Fiction/MM Romance about 4 years ago. The last few years I've reached my reading goal of 350+ books a year; I'm never not reading :) I can be found on goodreads and my hodge podge blog Hips Like Mine.

Megan Derr - Megan is a long time resident of m/m fiction, and works both as an author and head of operations at Less Than Three Press. She is often accused of fluff and nonsense. When she's not involved in writing or publishing, she likes to cook, harass her cats, or watch movies (especially all things James Bond).

Michele L. Montgomery - Michele L. Montgomery is an American writer of GLBT fiction. Her available works include Lethal Obsession: Tony & Ryan, Lethal Obsession: Caged, Lies of Omission, DAMMIT!, and X Bar. She wrote River of Tears, a work of Contemporary fiction. Michele runs a review site called Top 2 Bottom Reviews. She lives in Colorado surrounded by the beautiful wonders of the mountains, her family, and her pets. Abby is a Golden Retriever, and Skyler is a Chesapeake Bay retriever who should have been named Linus because he drags a blanket around with him wherever he goes.

Miriad - Miriad is a writer of intricate stories involving history, the paranormal, adventure, magic, mystery, murder, fantasy, steampunk, creatures that may (or may not) be real and any combination thereof. Also, dragons. She admires the work of many and has learned much from every book she’s ever read, even the really, really bad ones. Especially the really, really bad ones. She does not like Twilight. At all. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Bear, and her kitty Harvey. She is also very, very tall. You know, for a girl.


Molly Church

Myranda - All Purpose Office Peon by Day, professional roleplaying game writer/general Writer of Fortune by night.


Norma Nielsen - NJ needs to write like she needs to breathe… It is an addiction that she never intends to find a cure for. NJ is quite often found snuggled up in her comfy chair in her little part of QLD, Australia - usually with her laptop on her legs as she writes about the wonderful and often somewhat crazy men in her stories. Her family encourages her writing, even if more often than not she calls them by her character’s names. She loves nothing better than putting together the profiles on each of her characters giving them all their mannerisms and idiosyncrasies. When not write you will find her distracted by reading someone else’s work. NJ also has a young gay Gothic Russian ghost who has taken up residence in her head as her muse. NJ thinks that anyone taking the time to read her stuff is totally awesome.

Pamela Turner - Author of the urban fantasy/paranormal Death Sword, the dark fiction suspense short story, “Family Tradition,” and the short stories “It’s in Your Blood” (Bites – Ten Tales of Vampires), “Family Heirloom” (Scared – Ten Tales of Horror), “Obsession” (Spells – Ten Tales of Magic), and “The May Lady Vanishes” (Beltane – Ten Tales of Witchcraft). Her short screenplay “Cemetery” placed second in The Writers Place short/teleplay competition in 2004, and her ten-minute play, “Brides of Deceit” was performed as part of a program called “One Night with You,” a local theatre production. Pamela is a member of the RWA, Sisters in Crime, EPIC, and a supporting member of the HWA.

Patricia Nell Warren - Patricia Nell Warren was born in 1936 and grew up on the historic Grant-Kohrs Ranch at Deer Lodge, Montana, which is now a national historic site. She spent 20 years working as a Reader’s Digest editor, and has lived and traveled extensively in Europe. Over the years, as author of both fiction and nonfiction, she has published nine books, including the NY Times gay-themed bestseller The Front Runner. Her most recent book is the awardwinning anthology My West: Personal Writings on the American West (Wildcat Press, 2011). She has also written widely for magazines, both in the mainstream and LGBT media. She blogs at Bilerico.com, Outsports.com and SBNation, and has written a column on the politics of AIDS for A & U Magazine for the last 12 years. Today she resides in southern California, where she has added provocative political commentary to her list of genres. She owns her own independent publishing company, Wildcat Press. Over the years, she has been a human-rights activist, involved in some key court cases on human-rights, from women’s rights (Susan Smith v. Reader’s Digest in the 1970s) to free speech (ACLU v. Reno and ACLU v. Gonzales in the 1990s and 2000s) Warren still maintains close ties with Montana, where she has friends and family. She serves on the board of directors of the nonprofit Grant-Kohrs Ranch Foundation. Her 1982 Reader’s Digest article about the ranch won the National Cowboy Hall of Fame’s Western Heritage Award for magazine writing in 1982. Several of her novels, notably One Is the Sun and The Fancy Dancer, are set in Montana. Her 2006 novel Billy’s Boy won the 2006 Lambda Literary “Editors Choice” award for that year.

Pea - I am a former lawyer and current stay at home mom who loves the m/m genre.

Pelaam - Pelaam lives in New Zealand, a place like no other. She is a published author of over 20 m/m romance books, mainly paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi. She is a wine buff, a foodie, and enjoys cooking when not writing.

Penny Brandon - Penny has been a lover of books since before she could read and a maker of stories before she knew how to talk properly, so it was only natural that she started writing when she could hold a pen. From fairytales to teenage romances to the hot, erotic stories she writes now, she’s always held the same belief; to love what she puts down on paper. Which means she doesn’t love cooking, cleaning or weeding the garden. She does, however, love to travel and has lived in England and Ireland and now resides in Australia, where she intends to stay and discover all that she can of this beautiful country.

Rachel T. - I live in the east of the UK with my partner of 27 years - that means thai the USA is an exotic foreign country to me! I've had my nose in a book since I was a very small child. I had to be chased out of the house to go and play with my friends. I still forgo going out if I have a really exciting book in progress. In some ways the type of stories I like hasn't changed. I have always liked adventure books, historical fiction, a little romance, and was never very fond of elves and fairies and other fantasy creatures. It used to be Biggles fighting the Germans in the air and now it's Ty & Zane fighting the baddies in the US! When I'm not reading i'm arranging funerals, climbing walls, singing or going to a WI (women's institute) meeting. Apparently variety is the spice of life.

Rosie - I am an avid reader and have been my whole life. I literally adore books. A book is a success to me, if it has captured my imagination and engaged my emotions. I simply couldn't imagine my life without books in it. I am married with two children and I live near London in the UK. I am honoured to be part of this judging group.

Ryan Field - Ryan Field is a fiction writer who has worked in publishing for almost twenty years. He has worked as an assistant editor and editor for magazines and non-fiction publishers. And aside from writing over eighty-four distinct published works, his short stories have been published in anthologies and collections by Alyson Books and Cleis Press. His short story, "Down the Basement," is part of a collection of short stories in the Lambda Award winning book, BEST GAY EROTICA 2009.

Sage Marlowe - I’m a multi-published author of gay erotic romance and spend most of my time in my generous muse’s grasp or juggling my alter ego’s life. Whenever I manage to make the voices in my head shut up for a while, I seize the chance to read a book instead of writing it.

Sally Bibrary - I am proud in pink, a transgender/genderqueer gurl who loves exploring the fluid, ambiguous, ever-changing definition of gender. After a lifetime in the closet, I am fortunate to be enjoying the love, acceptance, and support of my wonderful spouse. My love for literature, like my gender, is both fluid and diverse, and the only thing I love more than curling up with a good book is sharing one with friends and watching them fall in love. In addition to managing the team at Bending the Bookshelf, I am also the Assistant Editor for Frock Magazine.

Sandra - I'm German. Reading gay fiction is very important in my life. I started out with male/male romance in adolescence when I discovered a German edition of 'The Lord won't mind' in a local bookstore - because it had such a beautiful cover ^_^. After that it was difficult - good gay fiction in German? No such thing. Back then it was hard to find stuff because there was so little. Now with the internet, ebooks, my being able to read English and all it is equally hard - because there is so much ^_^. My favourite genres are mystery, fantasy and historical romantic gay male fiction.

Shannon West - Shannon West lives in the southern United States with her husband and children. Shannon has written over thirty novels, including several best-sellers of male/male fiction. Her novels and short stories appear regularly on the bestseller lists at Amazon, ARe and Siren-Bookstrand. When she's not writing, she enjoys travel. movies and hanging out with her friends.

Shawn Lane - Shawn Lane is a multi-published author of gay romance. She believes love and passion know no boundaries. Shawn is always looking for new stories and new characters to create while holding down life in California.

Sloan Parker - Sloan Parker writes passionate, dramatic stories about two men (or more) falling in love. Sloan enjoys writing in the fictional world because in fiction you can be anything, do anything...even fall in love for the first time over and over again. She lives in Ohio with her partner and their neurotic cats where her greatest moments in life are spent with her family, her friends, and her characters.


Steve Callahan - Steve Callahan has appeared in the films ""Nine Lives"", ""East Side Story"", ""Pornography: A Thriller"", ""Make the Yuletide Gay"", ""Role/Play"", and ""Abrupt Decision"".
For five years he was part of the International Tour of the Terrence McNally play ""Corpus Christi"", playing Judas Iscariot. A documentary film was made of the tour and will be out in 2012 under the name ""Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption"".

Sue - Mother of 3 girls, grandmother to another 3, I am a UK reader of primarily m/m fiction. I used to write fanfiction, and have a couple of unfinished novels on my laptop. I live alone these days and so I take the opportunity to read and listen to a lot of books. I'm disabled and find there's nothing like a good read to help pass the time and leave me with a smile on my face. Of course, a bad read can have other effects...

T.A. Webb

Tame - Mom, doctor, poetess, friend.

Tammy - Avid reader of all GLBTQ literature.

Tara Lain - Tara Lain’s first erotic romance novel was published in January of 2011. She’s now on book 19. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance and Tara has been named Best Author of the Year in the LRC Awards. She regularly has books featured on the Gay Romance Bestseller Lists at Amazon and ARe. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm, and she carries her promotional instincts into her writing career as well. She lives with her soul-mate husband in Laguna Beach, California, a pretty seaside town where she sets a lot of her books. Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!

Tessanoil - Russian origin. Presently live in the US. Never part with my e-book. I read all genres but generally stick to fiction. Has being reading Gay fiction for the last seven years. The ideal book for me must have a strong original plot, well developed characters, and being well written. I don’t care about the settings of the story as long as an author has an idea of what he is writing about: past, present, future, alternative reality, space – bring it on. However, the story must be believable. Romance is great, but sex should not dominate the storyline.

Theresa - I'm a 30-something female wishing I had the nerve to put all the ideas I have running through my head down on paper (or in this day a computer screen). I'm getting closer and closer to taking that step. In the meantime, I get inspiration by reading some great books on one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given (my kindle).

Timothy James - The only thing Tim likes better than reading a good story is telling one. He always wanted to try his hand at writing, so a couple of years ago he began work on the Great American Novel. The ensuing obsession changed his life. He's since branched out into short prose and essays. He even works on the novel from time to time.



Uli - My name is Uli, I am a single woman from Germany and like probably all the other members of this jury I love to read... As a kid I couldn´t get enough of stories about American Indians. Later I read one mystery/ thriller after the other. But then Brokeback Mountain happened... But while I always had a soft spot for gay characters in movies I had no idea that there was a whole world of gay fiction waiting for me - somewhere out there... So after getting lost in fan fiction for about two years I also started reading original gay fiction about two years ago - and I have no idea how I am supposed to keep up with all the recommendations I get from friends I met online because of all this... And my unread mainstream books keep rotting away on my bookshelves...

Val Kovalin - I write and review gay romance.


Vayshti - Jack of all trades and master of none, I worked as an editing assistant at a small Australian publishing house during the early Noughties whilst undertaking an Honours degree in Professional Writing and Communication. I still keep my hand in as an editor/beta reader for both published authors and fanfic writers. Currently living in London, when I'm not devouring a book (any book), writing my own shorts or playing film extra, I can be found in a cloud of sawdust attempting DIY with power tools, or in the kitchen adopting the role of Mad Scientist/Chef.

Venona Keyes - Venona Keyes is a modern woman who believes in doing it all; if doing it all is only in her head. She amazes people that she can be wholly unorganized yet pack a perfect carryon suitcase for a ten day trip to Paris. Ms. Keyes is a believer in the just in time theory, and can be seen sprinting to the airport gate before the plane door closes. Venona has experienced love and loss at the deepest level, and is thankful for writing and daydreaming, for it kept, and still keeps her sane. Writing also introduced her to some of the most supportive and wonderful people, to which she will always be grateful. Venona is a voracious reader, loves her two feline boys, volunteers at an animal shelter, is an accomplished speaker, enjoys swimming, biking, skipping, and her beloved over-grown garden.

Verena - My name is Verena, I’m 24 years old and I live in Austria. I started reading m/m fiction about 3 years ago. Since I prefer to read printed books, I will need a bigger room for them soon because I have so many. Reading was always very important to me, but after discovering m/m fiction I have to admit that I’m a proud bookaholic

Vincent Virga - Vincent Virga is the author of several books, most notably in fiction: GAYWYCK and in non-fiction: CARTOGRAPHIA: MAPPING CIVILIZATIONS.

West Thornhill - I am West Thornhill. My first book, Transcend, was released in January 2012 from Silver Publishing. I am working on the sequel as well as with two other authors on The Ravens Crossing, a YA story. I live in Virginia, USA, and will read anything that catches my attention. I can usually be caught reading more than one book at a time.

Widdershins - Widdershins was born in England, grew up in Australia, moved to Canada in 2004 and married the love of her life the same year. She is a writer and a shaman, a bicyclist and a feminist. She’s been an architect, a seamstress, an athlete, and a field hand. Writing is her passion and her profession, novels specifically, short stories occasionally, and always with lesbian characters. She writes under the pseudonym ‘Widdershins’ because she is, if nothing else, contrariwise. She blogs about all things Widdershins-and-writerly, at Widdershins Worlds, and can be contacted through the links on her ‘About me’ page. Her Great Canadian Lesbian Science Fiction Novel, ‘Mortal Instinct’ (the first book of the ‘Gallery’ Series) is available as a eBook from her publisher, (in all sorts of eBook formats) in eBook and paperback from Amazon, and of course, from your favourite neighbourhood bookstore.

Z.A. Maxfield

Zahra Owens - Zahra Owens is a multi-lingual globetrotter who loves big cities just as much as wide-open spaces. She likes her men strong, silent and damaged and can’t wait to find them their happy-ever-after, the road there often leading via hospital beds, villas with gorgeous vistas or ranges full of horses. Zahra is a proud member of the Rainbow Romance Writers, the Romance Writers of America, and their Professional Author’s Network. The only way Zahra could ever finish all the novels still in her head is if a day would have 36 hours. You can find Zahra at Zahraowens.com

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