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Perception: A German Love Story by Mario K. Lipinski

This was quite interesting story, especially since it was set for once in an European country, German, and not the US. Interesting since, you realize that being young is the same, whatever you are in a big US city or a small European town.

I liked the story because it was sweet and simple, and very, very romantic. Marcel and Tim are in school together, but they are on the opposite side of it: Marcel from an ordinary family, living in a complex building, he has only his brain as support for a better future; his family is supporting, even of him being gay, but they are not well-off like Nicholas’s parents. Nicholas is Marcel’s nemesis, another clever boy who wants to be the only star of their high school; to reach his target, Nicholas is using Tim, another misfit like Marcel, but for different reasons: Tim is struggling in learning like other students, and for that he is considered to be “dumb”. When Tim physically attacks Marcel, on a twist of events, they are put together as tutor and pupil, Marcel will have to help Tim pass his middle term tests, otherwise he will be expelled.

The love story between the two is pure romance, sometime even too good to be true: support from their families, from friends, even from totally strangers; but I don’t know, I was expecting for this novel to be more dramatic, and so it was a pleasant surprise to instead not having drama at all. Maybe if I have to find a fault in these guys, is that sometime they were speaking more like in an old fashioned romance novel than instead like two high school boys.

But in the end, I like my old fashioned romance novels, and so I liked these two, they were destined to be happy together and the fact we knew that since the beginning it was not a demerit from my point of view.

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