elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Strange Things Happened...

In the last few days I have found some comments from Anonymous in my LJ. They are pretty nasty comments. So to the first I didn't reply but I leave it (it was in a very old post, so I was thinking no bad can arrive from it). But today I have found another two comments, always from anonymous: one again in the same post and was a pretty strong accuse to a book I read and the comment is against the author; in this particular case I don't know personally the writer, but I don't like they use my LJ to throw nastiness. The second comment is "pure" spam. So I have deleted all the three comments and signalated them as "spam". I write this post only to assure you that I have never before deleted a comment, even if from anonymous. But in this case I think I'm in my right to do so.


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