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Dylan Rosser and tMF's three months updates (NWS)

Dylan Rosser is a good fellow and very generous with this journal, always sending me updates, but these past three months were a chaos, and so I realized I haven't posted all the wonderful pictures he sent me :-( Due to that this post is huge (and Not Work Safe so open it in a private venue ;-) ). Enjoy them, as always Dylan and his collaborators did a WONDERFUL job collecting male naked beauties all over the world.

Joshua by Ian Fraser

New Year’s Day at www.themaleform.net came with the addition of two brand new sets from guest photographer Ian Fraser, using two unbelievable stunners, JJ and Joshua. These can be found exclusively on TheMaleForm.net. For those unfamiliar with Ian’s work he is a UK-based photographer with over 20 years experience, a great addition to the site.

Cameron by Murray!

Donato by Dylan Rosser

From the lens of Murray! comes a shoot with Cameron and one from Dylan Rosser himself with Donato, a sexy new porn star from Madrid you will want to discover immediately.

And don’t forget that besides the tasteful full frontal photography, TheMaleForm.net has constantly updating hardcore content from Lucas Entertainment, CitiBoyz, and BelAmi.

Dallas by Ethan James

Ethan James photographs Dallas, a 21 year old dancer from Ohio

Nigel by H2H-images

H2H-Images photographs Nigel, who has been modelling since he was 19 and has collaborated with various photographers and artists. From fashion shows to art class modelling and burlesque.

Pup by Murray!

Murray! photographs Pup, who recently moved from Colorado to Detroit.

Simon by Dylan Rosser

Dylan Rosser photographs Simon, and young model with a BIG talent, in London.

Moreover ISSUE 7 & 8 of tMF are OUT NOW

Start the holidays early with 120 pages of the world's hottest men, both the naughty and the nice, as Dylan Rosser’s tMf magazine launches issue #7 to celebrate the season!

Vasa Nestorovic by Rick Day

Seven is definitely lucky for tMf. Cover model Vasa Nestorovic was shot exclusively for tMf by pre-eminent New York photographer Rick Day.

by Rick Day

Vasa Nestorovic by Rick Day

Inside Issue #7, you will find more of Rick’s work with Vasa, an interview with the photographer by tMf features editor Tye Briggs and 15 incredible pages of work from Rick's newest book, All Players.

by Michael Stokes

by Justin Monroe

Dylan Carlen by David Wagner

Simon Boulton

Gerrit Bender


Also spread out for you within the magazines 120 pages are photos and articles featuring 'Masculinity' by Michael Stokes, Justin Monroe’s 'Rock Bottom', David Wagner’s shoot with 19-year-old model Dylan Carlen as well as photos and interviews with Simon Boulton, Gerrit Bender, Mason and model Michelangelo Dinapoli.

tMf Magazine is an ONLINE ONLY magazine and is not available in print form.
ISSUE #7 is out now and priced at just $5.95

Dietmar by Mark Henderson

Winter is just about over and that means it’s time for the SPRING issue of tMf Magazine! As always, the issue is jam packed with 120 pages of the world’s hottest men, all naked and all ready for your viewing pleasure!

Dietmar by Mark Henderson

After seeing our cover, you won’t be able to resist getting your hands on the issue and to see more of the incredible Dietmar! Shot by photographer Mark Henderson EXCLUSIVELY for tMF. Inside you will find 16 glorious pages devoted to revealing just about everything about the Austrian model.

by Desi Arnaz

Peter Le by Desi Arnaz

Issue #8 also features Zedneram’s Desi Arnaz who shares some of his favourite images in a spectacular portfolio piece which includes the sensational Peter Le!

by Eros 3000

by Graham Martin

Kieron Knight by Graham Martin

Guillaume by Tom Saint Clair

by Sean Martin

by Louis LaSalle

Each of the 120 pages features some of the hottest men, shot by some of the world’s best photographers of the male form. Also in this issue; Eros 3000, Graham Martin, Tom Saint Clair, Sean Martin and Louis LaSalle.

By bringing together so many astounding artists and their visions in one place, tMf brings you page after page of the male form at its best. tMf is almost a ‘coffee table book,’ itself with beautifully presented hi-resolution images and fun behind-the-scenes information. tMf provides a platform for photographers, models and artists to gain exposure from a wider audience, while giving viewers the best of male nude photography.

tMf Magazine is an ONLINE ONLY magazine and is not available in print form.
ISSUE #8 is out now and priced at just $5.95

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