June 18th, 2008

andrew potter

Romance History: Fran Wilson

Among the first books Silhouette Romances released when they started their line of novels in 1980 was Fran Wilson's Where Mountains Wait, edited by Leslie Wainger. The heroine of this contemporary romance, Hensley Travis, bears a name (in reverse) known in early day Oklahoma newspaper circles. Fran's grandfather was Travis Hensley, publisher of the El Reno paper, second in the state.

Fran liked to write in the sunny, southeast bedroom of the home. "We converted it into a study-workroom," she explained. "I require quiet to write and therefore I do my writing in the mornings and early pan of the afternoon, never at night. I write my first rough draft in long hand sitting in a comfortable big lounge chair. I write every day for the most part and 600 to 1,000 words that I keep is a good day for me for I am not a fast, nor abundantly prolific writer. Reading good books of other authors is vital to me. I read both men and women," she added. Fran was also instrumental in a growing organization of Tulsa women writers, many of whom were publish in category romances. "We help one another," she said with a smile. 

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andrew potter

Man Candy Day: Farhad Z

All right, I like younger man, but well, when I find a man older than me that is also gorgeous... I can be an happy (old) woman! And even if I'm not fond of hairy men, well, for Farhad I can reconsider my opinion!

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Farhad is a 36 years old artist from New York City. After spending over 10 years behind a motion picture camera, Farhad Z. decided late last year to go ahead and explore the world of modeling, meaning being in front of someone else’s camera instead of being behind. It kind of was a rule breaking though, but that isn’t completely alien for the Iranian-American born New Yorker. Having Godard, Resnais and Bunuel as his cinematic heroes, Farhad has always been some sort of a rebel, someone who likes to express himself through imagery in unconventional ways. An interesting notion if you consider that Farhad always has had some kind of creative control, which he gave up by standing in front of the camera, or, as he describes himself, “be the brush stroke in the painting as opposed to the artist.”

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andrew potter

Come Together by Clare London

Will and Mitch first appear in Mr Right Now anthology. They are neighbors and about the same age, but for the rest they are totally at opposite. Mitch is a party man, always out with the last boyfriend and his apartment is less than perfect. Instead Will is a prim and proper gay man, with a regular job and perfectly timing days, and when he is not working he prefers a quite night at home with one of his friends.

But now Will and Mitch are an item and they need to work some of their differences, from the day-to-day things, till the most intimate, like coming together during sex! Inspired by a "how to" book to improve sexual life, Mitch pushes Will to try something new, but Will maybe is not so glad to have underlined that they are different, since this may means that Mitch wants something more, or someone else.

The story is very short, 30 pages, it is part of a series that the publisher call nap-size dreams, but I should say that, even if short, it's good and enjoying. In few pages, Clare London is able to give a personality to both Will and Mitch, and also to entice the reader to want to know more about these two characters. A lot of sex, actually all the book is about sex, but it's funny.

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andrew potter

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Vic Winter

Jaiden is just out a bad relationship and his friend Shane thinks he needs a weekend of rest and relax. But the B&B with ocean view he books, is not the usual choice for Jaiden: it's an all gay men establishment of high class.

When they arrive, Shane makes Jaiden promise that he will enjoy his time and the possibilities around the B&B. Jaiden is not sure he will be able to take up the promise, but when he sees Paul on the beach, perfect surfer with blond hair and six pack set of abs, he changes his mind: why not take full advantage of the opportunities? does it matter that it will be only a weekend flirt? Jaiden is willing and Paul even more.

A very short tale, 15 pages, sexy and enjoyable. I'm not usual fond of no string attach flirt, but Vic Winter gives us a little sweetener to sugar the pill.


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