July 19th, 2008

andrew potter

Secrets Given by Chris Owen

Kris has a middle age crisis (middle age since Dante said that the middle path of life is 35 years old... and Kris is 37 years old so...). He was a famous fashion photographer, but he quitted, disgusted by the all too glittering world without real "feelings". But he is in debt with a friend and so he agrees to do a late assignment for a jewelry advertisement: all "red" photos, shiny red details which will be associated to ruby jewelry. On the site, Kris makes his good without feelings work, till he sees a young man among the crew: he is not model type, too rough and simple, but he is exactly Kris' type. And so during the last hour he takes some pics also of the man in shiny vynil red pants. Weeks later he is stunned when the firm decides to use the photos of the man as main theme for the ad campaign: it's almost like they steals his soul, the secrets he shared with a man he has never seen again and that haunts his dreams. It's time for Kris to give up and starts fresh somewhere else...

The story is very short, less than 30 pages, and more than a romance is the selfdiscovery journey of a man who realized that what it's on the top of the world is not what he wants and he needs to find a way to climb down. More than a mere photographer, Kris is an artist and like all the artists he is almost jealous of his art and doesn't like to see it commercialized. Plus he feels something for the model, Lane, a man he couldn't have, and maybe see him splattered on every glossy page, is almost like if all the others can have him rather than he.


Amazon Kindle: Secrets Given
Publisher: Torquere Press Inc (July 17, 2008)

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andrew potter

In the Closet by Clare London

Doug and Simon work together in the same office but they are not "friendly" to each other; every chance they have to argue, they take, and sometime they also create the chance if it's not there. Their colleague are tired to see them bite and growl and so they think to stuck them in a janitor closet for an indefinite amount of time: if they don't kill each other, maybe they will find an agreement. But the agreement they find is not of working type; they realize that the sparks between them have a sexual nature and decide to go with them.

A short story of less then 40 pages, smooth and enjoyable. The classical office affairs plot, where two handsome men have mutual attraction but seem to never find the way to reveal it openly until mutual "friends" give them an hand. Maybe the friends didn't expected that the outcome of their actions would be an intense sex session in the closet.

To read during lunch break, preferably at work to guess what will happen if you manage to be stuck in the closet with that handsome guy in the near office...


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andrew potter

Frosted Hearts by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks

Reading a Christmas romance in July, when outside the sunny shines is strange, but well, maybe you can find refreshment... even if an hot D/s erotic romance is not the likely place where to find coldness.

Joke apart, this is the sequel of Collared Hearts. Anthony is an Italian-Irish painter and various artist who is leaving since ten months (from Valentine's Day) with his lover and agent Josh. Before their cohabitation, Josh and Anthony were lovers, but the relationship was more of the type rich daddy and kept man, with Josh in the role of the snobby wasp who found themself a pretty lover, who happened to be also a good artist which works he sold in his gallery. Always feared to be passed as sissy by his brothers and friends since he was small and pretty, Josh behaved in a cold way with Anthony, who felt like a sexual toy rather than an equal partner.

Now they have reached an agreement, they switch role, using the help of a collar to decide who is the pet: who is wearing the collar has to behave as a good pet, and the collar is also a tool which allows who is wearing it to be free from the duties and the demands of everyday life; who is wearing the collar has to obey only to one Master, and not to the obligation of common society.

A funny and relaxing D/s short story, less than 50 pages, not too angst and compelling, with a sweet and romantic side.


1) Collared Hearts: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/100747.html
2) Frosted Hearts

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andrew potter

Bar Back by J.J. Massa

A little scene, two unnamed characters, a top and a bottom. Top works as bartender and sometime he needs a bar back; Bottom is his bar back for the night, but he is late. Little Bottom has problems with his boyfriend, who wants him more manly, but he likes to be dominated; Top is more than happy to satisfy every his desire.

Can't say more than that, since this is really only a scene, less than 15 pages, but J.J. Massa always writes very clear role play; she doesn't mix the role and her bottoms are always cute and pretty, almost feminine.


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andrew potter

Stay Tape by Alex Draven

Dirk works as fashion designer for a little firm specialized in corsets, Kit is a bartender in a fancy bar; they are young, in love and very gay. Both of them like to "dress" during their spare time, but unlike Kit who is not against the idea to play model here and there, Dirk likes to dress only for his lover and preferably in the intimacy of their little and cozy apartment.

But Dirk's boss, a very dictatorial woman, wants that her designers pose with their creation for the next catalogue, and Dirk hates to having his pictures taken. And he doesn't find support in Kit, since his boyfriend doesn't understand why an handsome man like him should have problem... but then he likes Dirk dressed and naked... he likes Dirk point.

All the blurb is there, nothing more, but it's the setting that is interesting. I can really imagine these two guys, with their alternative jobs, with enough money to be happy but not so much to be considered rich, with their love which is enough. Both cute and pretty, similar in body and longings, still young enough to not worry about tomorrow, happy to enjoy today.. They are like thousand of young men who live in some big American cities, with big dreams and no family obligations.

Short, less than 50 pages, but enjoyable, a very good reading for a lazy afternoon.


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andrew potter

The Soldier And The Unicorn by Helen Louise Caroll

Ed is a simple farmer in a rural american small-town. But he is not a "normal" man: Ed saw an unicorn. Even if his family believes him nut, Ed is sure of what he saw and he treasures the memory. A soldier during the World War I in a battle field in Germany, mortally wounded, he was rescued by an unicorn. And when the unicorn lets Ed ride him in a safe place, the unicorn turned in an handsome man, blond hair and blue eyes like a prince charming and made love to Ed, only to disappear the morning after. Since that night, Ed, survived to the war and again at home, dreams of his unicorn man, and he feels himself estranged from his family and his land, he only yearns for his fairy tale man.

Michael is a German noblemen. For century his family hid their secret nature, of shapeshifter unicorn and leader. During the war he was an officer, like all the men in his family before, but when the war ends, he can't forget the enemy he rescued and made love to. With the aid of a forgotten book, Michael tracks down Ed in America.

Here is a story I for sure regret a lot that is so short, less than 50 pages. The setting is original, the World War I, the characters unbelievable real in their unreality. The first encounter between Ed and Michael has made me felt almost a pervert, with Ed sudden arousal for an unicorn, that, let us said, all in all it's an horse... imagine of cheeky porns appears in my mind struggling with the fairy tales of my youth... And then the unicorns have always had a certain reputation among the damsel in distress...

After overcoming my naughty mind, I actually enjoy a lot the story. Ed's character is very well written, it has a very good development, I have enough elements to like him and to want to know much about him. Instead Michael preserves a bit of secretiveness, actually he only "spoke" almost at the end of the book. Still I like him, since I feel that also him has a story and one I would like to know. For all this reason I almost screamed in frustration when the book abruptly ends, without telling me more on these two heroes.

One plea to the author: TELL ME MORE. What happens next? We are speaking of an American hero in love with a German one, we are speaking of a period between the WWI and the WWII, when America-German relationships were not so good, we are speaking of two male lovers at the beginning of the Twenty Century when homosexuality was still a crime. All right this is a fantasy romance, maybe I haven't to expect too much reality from it, but the author chose to setting it in an even too much real environment and in a very delicate period, so now, I want to know more.


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