October 13th, 2008

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Halloween Angel by J.P. Bowie

Halloween Angel by J.P. Bowie takes place in the same world of the previous vampire tales I read by the same author, My Vampire and I and My Vampire Lover, in the gay friendly environment of West Hollywood and the near by distance, but so far in wealthy, up-class neighbor of Hollywood Hills. Actually the story is a bit similar to My Vampire and I, with the same starting point for the main characters, a posh masquerade party.

Eddie is an hairstylist... I believe this is the first time I read a book where one of the main character is an hair stylist, and this is not a small detail, but it's something that characterizes J.P. Bowie's work: he puts together simple guys, with ordinary life, with wonderful and unbelievable vampires. Obviously the simple guy of the time is overwhelmed by the stunning vampire's world, and can't help to madly falling in love for the vampire: the lure of wealthy is as much powerful as the lure of sex... between a huge mansion in the best neighbor of Los Angeles, and an handsome naked vampire in a satin sheet covered bed, how can the simple guy resist? And why he should?

So, come back to Eddie. He is just out of an abusive relationship with a unworthy boyfriend. One of his customer, a movie star, invites him to his Halloween party, and Eddie decides to dress as an angel. With some help from friends, and some paranormal events, Eddie arrives to the party to find there Joshua, an handsome man he met in a bar some day before. From that moment on, Eddie's quite life is no more the same...

The story is not very long, 72 pages, but it's sweet and romantic. All in all, I was almost as interest in Eddie and Joshua than in Sam Peterson, the movie star who invites Eddie. I'd be happy to read a story about him, maybe also a "normal" story, without vampires and co: a boy meets boy type of story, with the allure of the movie industry setting.

There is not a real link to the previous vampire stories by J.P. Bowie, even if it's only a detail. The world is the same, Joshua, the vampire, hints that he probably knows the other Los Angelos vampires; so I will not consider this as part of a series, but you know that this story has the same feeling and setting of the others.


Amazon Kindle: Halloween Angel
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (October 13, 2008)

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Virgin Special (Del Fanasma) by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Another of my error due to the fact that I click the buy button too fast! This one is part of Del Fantasma series, short story setting around the Del Fantasma night club, managed by Cody, a vampire matchmaker, a series I like very much. And it's written by Sharon Maria Bidwell, an M/M author not such prolific, but among my favorite. And so when I saw the book, and the genre M/M on the Aspen Mountain Press website, I click on the buy button without even read the blurb... and it is a menage! (sob)... I don't like menage.

But well I had the book and I know that Sharon Maria Bidwell is good, so I thought "why not? give it a try". I'm quite happy of my decision, but I have to say that in this M/M/F menage, for a time, the stronger pair is the M/F one.

James is a suicidal man; he lost his beloved girlfriend even before they had a chance to savor life. Both from very conservative upbringing, they decide to wait for sex after marriage and they never reached the time. So James now is alone and virgin and without a reason to live.

Seth and Hannah are centuries years old vampire. Seth loved Hannah and Hannah loved Seth but also Seth's best friend, Edward. And so Hannah convinced Seth and Edward to share her and after sometime, she convinced them to start also a M/M relationship. Both men loved Hannah and so they agreed, but probably the real love of their life is what they felt for Hannah. Then Edward was killed and Seth and Hannah lost their balance.

Cody thinks that Edward is the answer to their need: a man without attachments, someone who can be forged to become the perfect balance for Seth and Hannah. But it's Hannah who seduced James, it's Hannah who convinced the man, it's her who introduces him to sex. Seth is almost a detached spectator, waiting for his woman to obtain what she wants. Seth and James' relationship exists only in relation to Hannah, much like it was with Edward.

So if you decide to try this one, as I did and I'm not regretting it, be aware: it's not a classical M/M romance (how strange to use the "classical" word for a M/M romance), it's more an heterosexual romance with a twist.


Amazon Kindle: Del Fantasma: Virgin Special

Series: Del Fantasma (m/m)
1) A Slow Fuzzy Screw by Sharon Maria Bidwell: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/161239.html
2) Black Wolf by Jade Buchanan: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/219302.html
3) Undertow by J.M. Snyder
4) Virgin Special by Sharon Maria Bidwell

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http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle
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Darragha Foster: Shape-shifter romances with a twist. Or a fin.

Darragha Foster writes shape-shifter romances with a twist. Or a fin. After the success of her first shifter tale, "The Orca King," she's enjoyed adding her own bizarre touch to what could have otherwise been straight paranormal romances. The Orca King, II, is slated for release into the wild on October 20th from Liquid Silver Books. Although Darr has incorporated several man-love elements in her previous novels, The Orca King, II is her first full M/M. You can learn more about Darragha and her books by visiting her site at www.darragha.com.

THE ORCA KING, II: Made impotent by a shadow born of his own poor choices and godly misdeeds, whale-shifter Big Tom, The Orca King, takes on the challenge of a lifetime to make amends to the women whose personal histories he's abused after leading too many of them on needless sensual vision quests. To restore and renew his vitality and ability to shape-shift, and to save the life of his true love--a man infested with the breath of the serpent demon--he must confront his shadow head-on--not with force, but with love. The Orca King was named in the top-twenty five most unusual paranormal characters in the last twenty-five years by Romantic Times Booklovers Magazine.

Darragha Foster will provide to two among who will leave a comment the choice of an ebook from her backlist.

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The Hostage by Josh Lanyon, Laura Baumbach & Sarah Black

Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon

The book begins abruptly: Will and Taylor are hiking and arguing. They are FBI special agents and Taylor is recovering from a shooting and they have taken a vacation. Taylor resents Will for something, we at first don't understand and Will wants both to take care of Taylor but also hit him to instill some common sense in him.

Little by little we understand that other than partners they are also friends and maybe something more: both Will than Taylor are gay, but between them there wasn't nothing more than teasing and glaring until the last fatal night, the night before Taylor's accident. And then there wasn't a right moment to face the argument, until now: in the open space of mountains all seem to be free from restrain, words and thoughts. And Will and Taylor seem to not be able to do other than yell to each other and offend each other.

When they only want to understand how they can go on or move on on their relationship, real world interposes between them, in the guise of a cold case: a robbery to a casino, ended with the lost of the spoil. And now the thieves want it back.

The book is not very long, little more than 100 pages, but I think it's more sexy than previous Josh Lanyon's books. There is actually only one real sex scene, and it's hot, but since as I said the book is not very long, and the building tension that promises the real scene and the simmering ashes that follow are both long and detailed, the scene is the apex of the book. And it's also very good, very... erotic.

Taylor and Will are both strong characters. I think this is the real problem: they fear to give a chance to their relationship since both fear to lose independency and the alpha male role in the match. But they are not equal in their dominance: Taylor is an hot head, a man of action and someone who is pretty driven by instinct; instead Will is more caring and a thinker, he likes to analyze everything before taking a decision. So maybe, if they manage to balance their powers, they can find a common path.

Dangerous Ground is not a mystery, is more an action romance. And the romance is a big ingredient of this book. But even if they talk about feelings and love, not Will or Taylor lose their masculinity.


Amazon Kindle: Dangerous Ground
Publisher: Just Joshin (April 12, 2012)

Burn Card by Laura Baumbach

Cody is a CSI officer for the Las Vegas PD. What he lacks in body, being small and lithe, he makes up in cleverness. Cody is a very prim and proper East Coast guy, but inside he is a romantic guy, who likes to cuddle the teddy bear his lover Gil gave him as birthday present. Gil is a big and strong badass, former football player, former wrestler and now owner of a very exclusive security firm. His primary business is to provide skilled bodyguard to celebrity. Gil is also a high tech lover, and likes to surround him and his lover with all the latest tech gadget.

Cody and Gil are at the opposite in body, Cody small and pretty, Gil big and rough, and at the opposite in behavior, Cody always perfect and impeccable, Gil a bit of a slob and impulsive, but they are equal in feelings, they are deeply in love and love overcomes all their differences.

When Cody is kidnapped, Gil has only 12 hours to find his lover. And some of that tech gadgets he likes to give him could be of help.

The story is very short, less than 70 pages, and it felt almost like one of that "what happens after" type of story. It almost like if Laura Baumbach just wrote the main story, when Cody and Gil met, and where she gave us all the details about them and their story, and this one is only a welcome back story... a bit strange.

Anyway as usual in a Laura Baumbach's book, there is the strong contraposition between the two main characters, even if in this case is more physical than anything else: Cody could be little in body, but he is not at all a dependent character; he has a strong and independent personality, and it's a good match for Gil. Actually this time, it's the apparently submissive character, Cody, who has the main role in the story, and we know very little about Gil.

I'd be glad to read a little more on these two, above all the beginning of their love story.


Amazon Kindle: Burn Card
Publisher: MLR Press,LLC (August 16, 2011)

Amazon: Hostage
Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher: MLR Press (April 26, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 193453126X
ISBN-13: 978-1934531266

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle

Cover Artist by April Martinez
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Rock Haven (2007) directed by David Lewis

Director: David Lewis

Writer: David Lewis (writer)

Genre: Drama

Plot: The coastal California community of Rock Haven is the perfect place for cute eighteen-year-old Brady (Sean Hoagland) and his loving mother Marty (Laura Jane Coles) to begin a fresh start. Their mission: to spread the word of the Lord. But while roaming the beach one day, Brady meets Clifford (Owen Alabado), a young man who is the complete opposite of him: outgoing and athletic as well as incredibly handsome. Their initial encounter stirs up feelings of homo desire that Brady has been suppressing. Once Clifford makes it clear that their attraction is mutual, Brady's conflicting feelings of religious obligation and natural impulse go into overdrive, and the two young men must navigate their confusion, lust and beliefs in order to come to a mutual understanding.

@Amazon: Rock Haven
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Cast (in credits order)
Sean Hoagland ... Brady
Owen Alabado ... Clifford
Laura Jane Coles ... Marty
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Erin Daly ... Peggy
Katheryn Hecht ... Angie
David Lewis ... Rev. Brown
Johnny Yono ... Doug