March 5th, 2009

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Eye Spy: A Compilation by Drew Zachary

Eye Spy (Eye Spy 1) by Drew Zachary

DB is a private investigator of not much success. But he has something no other PI could have: his partner is a ghost, Jesse.

They share a pretty simple and quite life: resolve cases not so complicated, play chess and discuss a lot. They have never spoken of the private life of DB, cause Jesse has no private life, obviously, and seems neither DB.

But when DB discovers that Jesse is gay, like him, their relationship changes a bit: sex with a ghost seems a little weird and complicated, but DB can't deny the sudden passion he feels for Jesse. And Jesse wants badly to feels again a physical passion and to have the chance to share it with something else.

In the end the case on which DB and Jesse are investigating slip in second side and the struggle of Jesse to understand how he can have sex with DB plays the main role. Jesse is the engine of the story, DB is almost the let-the-things-flows type of characters. It is also a tender story and not creepy at all; maybe you will be a little sad for the two but you will have an open happy end to image how a ghost and a man can build a relationship together.

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With My Little Eye (Eye Spy 2) by Drew Zachary

Jesse and DB from Eye Spy have to solve two cases: a professional ones, the murder of a 8 years old girl, and a professional ones, the fact that they can't have sex together, since being Jesse a ghost, he has a too "ethereal" physic, and everytime they try to touch, DB passes through Jesse like Jesse does with a wall.

The book is a light comedy: the awful plot, the murder of the little girl, plays only a secondary level role, and almost all the book is voted to Jesse and DB's relationship. The two are like two male cats in the same house, both of them want to dominate and to have the last word. But they are also in love and maybe Jesse arrived to this conclusion before DB, and so now he is the most eager to find a solution.

DB is the classical PI: detached and negative, but also with a big heart well hidden behind his rude behavior. He is always ready to blame Jesse for bringing him "ghost" clients, since they are not paying customer, but then he can't never deny an help.

But as I said, is not the suspence part of the book that characterized the plot: it's more the erotic exchanges between Jesse and DB, and since this is not at all a "normal" relationship, all the erotic scenes have always a funny side, a creepy funny side.

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Something Green (Eye Spy 3) by Drew Zachary

DB and his ghost lover Jesse are coming back with another story where mystery mixes with humor. In comparison to the previous book, Something Green is a little more funny and light: DB and Jesse have finally found a way to be together also in a physical way. They are all in all a couple, and like a real couple, Jesse is starting to get jealous, since he is the "invisible" part of the relationship and he can't stake his claim on DB in a very evident way. Even if the author really never described DB or Jesse in a physical way, I believe that DB is a cute man, and now he has also an admirer, a cop that started to wonder why DB is always in time on the scene of a crime, and one that is willing to believe that is not only lucky or something illegal.

Joe, the cop, has a sad story on his past, that almost makes the reader wants for him to be happy, but in no way he can be between DB and Jesse. But despite this, Jess has to face the fact that he is incorporeal, and that he can't do things with his lover like going out for dinner or chatting in public; things that Joe can do. What I like is that the jealousy stunt is all on Jesse's side, DB never once lets his interest on Joe to become something more than friendship; even if in love with a ghost with whom he is having sex, DB is really a quite normal guy, with simple taste and desires: he accepted the fact that his soul mate is a ghost and now he is passing on, no more doubting of the decision he took; he is enjoying the moment and he doesn't question the future.

As I said the book is more funny, without any angst nor in the mystery case or in the relationship between DB and Jesse, and it's also more "physical", since DB and Jesse are having regular sex, and once they went on the weird thing of having sex with a ghost in the previous book, in this one they are only happy and content with what they have and they profit plenty of the chance. So the sex is only happy, and there is no regrets of "if" pending between them.

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1) Eye Spy
2) With My Little Eye
3) Something Green

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andrew potter

David Thompson: Men in Motion

After a precocious start including, aged 7, a congratulatory telegram from the Queen, on a portrait, and an O-Level in Art aged 12, David Thompson pursued a busy school career selling paintings to teachers and foreign collectors.

Aged 17 he got diverted into illustration joining a renowned natural history illustrators’ studio, thus gaining an agent in London and working for prestigious clients such as the Amsterdam Zoo, Hamlin Books, Country Living Magazine and the Catholic Truth Society.

''Waiting'' by David Thompson (Oil Painting)

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Later he worked as an in-house illustrator for several graphic design companies. Recently he has returned to his first love, with an especial interest in figurative painting.