March 7th, 2009

andrew potter

Around the World: Bective Abbey

The visit at Bective Abbey it was the classical example of how I am when I'm travelling. It was late afternoon, and we were heading for our stay that night, but I wanted to visit this abandoned abbey as my last thing of the day. I was sure that it was around but it was not easy to find. And it was raining; then along the road I saw a signal and the only possible entry to the ruin of the abbey was an hole in an high wall... yes an hole! My friend said no way she was passing through a narrow hole under the rain in a deserted road, and so me, with my camera an hand, went through the hole alone. The abbet was there, behind the hole, with its fashinating ruined walls under the dark storming sky. It was wonderful. Pity that I had only the time to take some pictures before having to return to my friend that was waiting me in the car.

by Elisa, Bective Abbey, Ireland, 1999:

I like the play of dark and pink on the sky and the deep green of the grass. This is something you can only find in that places, thanks to the abunding rains... at least there is something good in the rain!

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