March 9th, 2009

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Romance History: Mary Ann Gibbs

Mary Ann Gibbs, also known as Elizabeth Ford, real name Marjorie Bidwell, wrote several books set in Victorian times, in which the heroine fell upon hard times and rose by her own efforts. The father of one heroine was ruined, proved an embezzler, and killed himself. She couldn't stand the relatives who took her in as a poor relation and wound up as an apprentice to a milliner, which caused her family to cast her off completely. She wound up with her own business and later married a wealthy man--self-made.

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andrew potter

Jake's Regret by Shawn Lane

Eleven years before Damian and Jake were lovers; but there were a lot of obstacles to their happiness: they were professional football players in a period when gay football players weren't even considered to exist; Damian was an African-American man and Jake a white man, and they lived in deep south Alabama... actually I don't know if it is worst that Damian is gay or that he is African-American...; nor Damian or Jake were out of the closet and Jake came from a very bigot family. And so Jake took the easiest solution and gave up their love.

There is quite a justice after Jake's cowardice, since he went back home to live a life in the closet without really being the son his father wanted, and instead Damian, even if still mourning his lost lover, found another nice man and built a good life together with him. But now Jake's father is dead, and so is Damian's new lover, in a car accident. And Damian maybe thinks it's time to give a second chance to true love and comes in search of Jake. But old habit are hard to die, and even if he hasn't the weight of his father's inquisition on his shoulder, Jake is not really ready to welcome Damian back in his life.

The story is really short, less than 60 pages, but I found both characters interesting since they are not the strong and pure heroes; Damian probably is the one who is more near to the image of an hero since he is ready to bet on their love, not once but also two time; but he is not a mourning hero, he didn't swallow in sadness when Jake dumped him, he probably suffered for some time, and then went on with his life. Deep inside of him, he probably knew that his real love was Jake, but if he didn't loose his new partner by accident, he probably would have never searched Jake again. And even when we had a glance in Damian and Jake's past together, I had the idea that their was a great sex relationship, but probably it was not real deep love, and this is the reason why Damian could move on with another relationship.

On the other side there is Jake: I actually can't say that I like him so much. He is not a fighter, he always abandon the field. When his relationship with Damian started to give him problem, he left; when he has problem at work, he leaves (have you never heard of unfair discharge?)... actually I believe that he finally gives a chance to Damian, only since it's his last chance, and I don't know if this is so right for Damian.

Anyway, as I often said, it's not important if I like the characters as "person", it's not me that should have a relationship with them!, these characters are right for their story, they are likely, I like the fact that Damian didn't spend 11 years pining for a man he couldn't have, and I like that Jake, if not forced by fate, probably would have spent his life alone in his small town USA (as someone else did in the book...), it's probably what would really happen in real life; but this is a romance, and so, to the real life, the author adds a bit of sugar and gives to this two imperfect heroes another chance at love.

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andrew potter

Man Candy Day: Parker Gregory

Well, the man candy of today is quite a Dark Horse, since till this morning it was not him I have in mind to post. But then I read a nice news in a blog, and Parker was in the stables since a bit, I noticed him before for his nice mix of Italian and Irish origins which produced dark hair and clear eyes, as I like, and so, I decided to post about him. Well the other guys (since they were more than one), I will post next week... maybe... since I saw that my last man candy post went out without notice, and so maybe you are tired of them ;-)

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Parker Gregory was born 20 years ago in Houston, Texas. He is of Sicilian and Irish descent. He is currently one of the most sought-after models, ranked Top 50 male model in the world in 2007. Thanks to his girlfriend, also a model, who introduced him to her agent, Parker entered the world of fashion through the agency Click. He has done numerous ad campaigns with stellar clients such as V Man, Mario Testino, Adidas, POP, Arena, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

Parker is an easy-going, down-to-earth guy. He likes to sleep, do sports, drive cars and spend time with his family and friends. According to Parker, the five words that best describe him are: energetic, boisterous, sociable, ironic and affectionate. In the past he works with Bruce Weber for Abercrombie & Fitch (photo 6) and with James Houston (photo 7).

A couple weeks ago an image for the new Armani Exchange (A/X) campaign featuring Kerry Degman (one of my past man candy, and Parker Gregory, along with model Rianne ten Haken, was submitted for a massive billboard in New York's trendy meatpacking district, but the image (photo 3) was rejected by billboard co. Van Wagner because it's a bit too “meaty”… Parker naked bottom was displayed in all his glory! The campaign was shot by Tom Munro on the beach at Islamorada in the Florida Keys (behind the scene photo 4&5)

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