March 16th, 2009

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Missing: Amy Elizabeth Saunders

Amy Elizabeth Saunders lives in the Seattle area with her husband, John, children, Kate and Connor, and an eighty- pound basset hound named Spike. A former romance reader, she has been writing for Leisure Books since 1992. She loves reading, her family, growing roses, and Mozart (not necessarily in that order).

In 2000 MISTLETOE AND MAGIC (with stories by Lisa Cach, Stobie Piel, Lynsay Sands, and Amy Elizabeth Saunders) won the Pearl Award as Best Anthology.

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Man Candy Day: Andres Velencoso Segura, Jon Kortajarena & Oriol Elcacho

Today I exceeded myself and as man candy I will feature not one, not two, but three beautiful men! Is it a threesome? well, not exactly, even if in the photo shot in which they are featured together, by Karl Lagerfeld, this three handsome spanish men are dressed and maked up more than women. But from what I read around, Andres, Jon and Oriol are women's men, and so, girls out there, enjoy them!

Kark Meets Gareth, V Man, by Karl Lagerfeld

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Jon Kortajarena, born May 19, 1985, in Bilbao, Spain, is a Spanish model best known for his ad campaigns for "GUESS?" Kortajarena made his debut in 2004 at the fall Emporio Armani and John Galliano shows in Milan and Paris. In the same year, he became the face of Just Cavalli for spring. His pierce stare, pout, masculine cheekbones looks led to more bookings and photo shoots. In 2007, Kortajarena received the opportunity of a lifetime: he signed with "GUESS?" With the heartthrob handsomeness of a young Adonis, Jon leaps directly to the head of the modeling class. 200 pages and the cover of L'Officiel Homme. Five campaigns on the stands at once (Bally, Trussardi, Etro, Guess and the new Tom Ford). With the heartthrob handsomeness of a young Anthony Delon, Jon leaps directly to the head of the modeling class. FW07: Guess with Yu Tsai SS08: Bally, Etro, Tom Ford, Guess with Yu Tsai, Trussardi F/W08: John Richmond, Jean Paul Gaultier Jeans, Tom Ford Menswear with Solve Sundsbo, Guess, Carlo Pignatelli. When not modeling, Kortajarena is into photography, independent films, and reading books by Paulo Coelho. His latest adventure is the new Brian Atwood Spring / Summer 2009 ad campaign alongside the sexy cougar Rene Russo (she’s 55!!). The ads were shot by Tony Duran.


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Andrés Velencoso Segura was originally from Tossa de Mar — a small, gleaming-white Mediterranean little town with old medieval forts right on the Costa Brava of Spain, some ninety miles from Barcelona. He was born on March 11, 1978. One of Kylie Minogue’s boyfriends, don’t know if he is still since I don’t follow the gossip ;-) He was a superb athlete in his early twenties and readily admits he's nearly obsessed with soccer. He has Andalusian origin, his father is from the center of Spain, near Madrid, and his mother is from Andalucia. He is the oldest child and has two sisters. The tattoo above Andrés' heart, "Lucia", is dedicated to his mother's memory. His father has a restaurant in a castle, an old castle from the fourteenth century: when young he went to school in the winter and helped at the restaurant during the summers. He first started shooting with the really great photographers in New York. He did an editorial with Matt Albioni, and that shoot led to the Banana Republic campaign with Michael Thompson in 2002. That was his first big campaign in the U.S. and he loves those pictures. After that campaign, he really started to understand how it all works. And when he went to castings they already knew him. Calvin Klein was like: "Oh! So, he is the Banana Republic guy." Then a year later he was in Valencia shooting nine pages in French Vogue with Inez. Then he shot with Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot for the Louis Vuitton campaign with Jennifer Lopez. He shot also with Matthias Vriens for Japanese Vogue. Last September Elle Magazine gave him an award in Spain for Best Male Model. It was the first time ever that they gave this award to a man. In November 2008 in Munich he won the German GQ Model of the Year 2008. Recently he was on L’Officiel Hommes editorial by Milan Vukmirovic.


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Oriol Elcacho was born August 8, 1979 in Barcelona. He has worked for several designers such as Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Valentino, Missoni and Perry Ellis as well as appearing in several fashion magazines. He is signed with Why Not, Wilhelmina, View Models.


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Primal Red by Nicole Kimberling

Peter is an aggressive reporter... well, not exactly... he is a wanna-to-be aggressive reporter and in the meanwhile he is also a wanna-to-be porn screenwriter, means that he is really good in imagining himself involved in torrid relationship with men that he barely knows and that probably don't even remember his name.

And so Peter is outside a building after finishing his sleuthing "nightly" work to uncover the secret of an illegal russian brothel (sound pretty daring, isn't it?), fantasizing about Nick, a reclusive artist who has a studio beside the one of his best friend and roommate. Peter is trying to find the courage to ask Nick out on a date, when he hears screaming and entering the building finds Nick above the body of a dying artist, Shelley. Peter has no doubt that Nick is innocent, even if he is caught "red handed" (literally), and his past is not so "clean".

I like Peter, he is the classical example of unwilling hero; but he has also an "innocence" in him that is charming. When asked by the police, why he was outside the building he has no problem to say that he was daydreaming on the main suspect of the murder. When asked by that same man, Nick, why he is snooping around the building after the murder, he has no problem to admit that he was trying to find a way to ask him out: pay attention, actually Peter doesn't ask Nick out on a date, he says that he would like to find a way to ask him out... speaking of talking your mind.

Anyway Peter has some integrity on his work, but he is not the classic strong and pure reporter who would sell his mother for the truth: Peter has a crush on Nick, and so he is not willing to write something that can harm him. Yes, Peter is really convinced that Nick is innocent, so he is not hiding the true, but still, a "real" reporter would first publish the news and then ask to himself if he has done the right thing.

On the other hand, unfortunately the book is too short to give us a clear idea on Nick. He is an interesting character, very fascinating and mysterious, but not all his hidden secret are unveiled in the end... maybe this is a choice of the author, to preserve his mystery aurea, but still I wouldn't mind to know something more about him.

The love story between Nick and Peter is sweet and romantic, and really "easy"; I believe that the disarming behavior of Peter in a way draws Nick onto his trap: Peter is so open and without defense, that Nick couldn't believe him able to do any harm, and so Nick is more willing to let Peter near him than any other men in his past.

The mystery is good, there are a lot of possible suspects, all of them with a plausible reason, and so, till the end, everyone could be the one. Truth be told, I don't pay many attention to the mystery, since I was more interested in knowing if and when Peter's work would be clash with his relationship with Nick, or if, due to his inner innocence, Peter would escape without harm.

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Cover Art by April Martinez