March 19th, 2009

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In memory of Faith Baldwin

Faith Baldwin was born on October 1, 1893 in New Rochelle, NY. She died March 19, 1978 in Norwalk, Connecticut. Ms. Baldwin is the author of some 100 novels, often concentrating on women juggling career and family. She apparently began her career writing for "women's magazines" that produced romance novels as six-part serials. Her first published book was Mavis of the Green Hill published in 1921. She also wrote three books with Achmed Abdullah which were published in 1929, 1930 and 1932. In 1935 she was described as the newest of the "highly paid" women romance writers by Time magazine. Several of her books were made into films. In the early days of television, she hosted a weekly Saturday afternoon anthology series on ABC network, entitled "Faith Baldwin Romance Theater." From 1958 to 1965, she wrote a column that was published in Woman’s Day magazine called "The Open Door."

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Ross Watson: Classic De Novo

Ross Watson was born in 1962. He has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions since 1984, including important surveys of Australian and international contemporary art at the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria , and in the Toronto International Art Fair.

- The Spirit of Football Catalogue, National Gallery of Victoria

Untitled #7/08 (after Caravaggio, 1600), Oil on board, 51 x 50 cm / 20" x 20", Private Collection, London

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Corrent Exhibitions:
Sydney Mardi Gras Festival Exhibition 2009, from 24 February to 7 March
Berlin Christopher Street Festival Exhibition 2009: June

Exhibitions in 2008 and 2007:
Silence, Ross Watson Gallery, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Silence, Depot Gallery, Waterloo, NSW, Australia
Overview, Gallery 27, London, United Kingdom
Overview, Ross Watson Gallery, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Overview, Depot II Gallery, Waterloo, NSW, Australia

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andrew potter

ISP by C.B. Potts

I haven't read all the stories in the Games People Play line by Torquere Press, but I have to say that the ones I read are really good. Like this one by C.B. Potts, about the secret fantasies of Graham: he wants to find the perfect domineering partner (who doesn't want it?), but Graham is pretty vanilla, and his fantasies are not hard core or similar. He is a bit like me, I don't mind to fantasize, but probably I would be scared if my fantasies lead to a dangerous path.

Graham is also quite lucky, he logs on a social network site where you can write your secret fantasies, and share comments with other users. When Graham writes his first fantasy, to be mastered by a strong and unknown man, he has his wish granted the same night. It's pretty obvious that Graham was immediately spotted and targeted, but as I said, he is lucky, since the mysterious man pushes him only till certain edge, without really causing him any trouble. Truth be told, Graham is not playing safe, following a stranger in dark alleys and allowing him to enter his house, all of that without even knowing his face, but still, I never felt as Graham was really in danger, this mysterious man always felt safe to me.

I like Graham, he is this mix of nerd and twink, he still has not the courage to display his real self, but he is daring enough to experiment. And when gently pushed toward the right direction, he is eager to follow. And the level of sex in the story is a bit like him: sensual but not all in display, maintaining a bit of secrecy that I like.

I often said that I'm not into too much BDSM and similar, but this novella has the right amount of it for me; some mild blindfold play, a little spanking here and there, and a bit of public display of affection, but never too much. The games remain between the two men, and I prefer the things like that; this story is right for whom likes the sex a bit naughty and kinky, but not too extreme.

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andrew potter

The Dragon's Egg Collection by Lena Austin

Dragon's Egg: Jack, a welsh orphan that made fortune in America, since his late teen years is haunted by strange dreams about a dragon friend who, in the end, becomes his lover. He thinks to be crazy and instead he doesn't know that his lover is real and he is dying to be so far away from his mate. Jack has to learn his real origin and claims his dragon's lover, Aneurin.

Dragon's Stone: After claiming his lover, Jack has to learn how to live in his new world with his dragon's lover and with all a new family around him. He also has to go to school, a school for magic and he will find new friends, first of all Remo, a real elf. But Jack's fate is more huge of what expected...

Dragon's Quest: Remo is happy with his new friends, Jack and Aneurin, but a lover from his past is near: Quenton. Both Remo and Quenton are spies, on opposite front, but love is a powerful weapon and can bond or divide forever...

The Dragon's Egg series is real fun. Jack is like "an American on the King Arthur's court": he lives in a world and era different from his own but he deals with the matter with good humor and positive attitude. And he is like a teenager with his first love when he is near Aneurin, his bond lover. Jack is not a macho man and so is not Aneurin. They are like two children who play to be adult: and like children, even the battles are game field.

If you want to spend some time without thinking, Dragon's Egg is what you can read and enjoy.

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