March 27th, 2009

andrew potter

Gay Commercial: Aids Hilfe Wien

Since someone recently said that it's still a sin to use condoms, I thought that this commercial was a good way to reply.

I like it since, even if really erotic (so be aware if you click), it has also an esthetic beauty, the beauty of the human body. I believe that beauty is always a good way to bring on a message.

Commercial Closet Association

Company: Aids Hilfe Wien
Brand: AIDS/HIV Awareness
Ad Title: Aids Hilfe
Business Category: Public Service Announcements
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Austria
Region: Europe
Agency: unknown
Year: 2006
Target: Gays & Mainstream
andrew potter

Their Lover by Barbara Sheridan

Since I'm not enough M/M focused and I LOVE to go against the preconceptions :-) here is a book to improve that 2% of my feminine side...

All right THIS is a menages, no dancing around the matter, no trying to find some hidden meanings, this is a pure and simple polyamour menages. And probably I wouldn't have read it if, first it wasn't the fifth story in a series I already read all (and one of the stories it's even an erotica M/F), second it wasn't from an author I like. For me these two very important details since even if I like to try new authors, I'm also a faithful reader and like to follow the things, so really, it would have been impossible for me not to read it. Said like that, it seems almost that reading this book was almost like take a bitter medicine, and instead I have to say that it's a nice surprise.

And the nice surprise is not determined by the fact that this is a menages where the M/M side of the couple is stronger than the M/F, but exactly for the opposite thing. Sasao and Kyoru have a very good marriage, two children and a good life; Kyoru's career in the ChildsPrey group is steady and fruitful and Sasao's career as actress is taking a dive toward success. Always would be perfect if not for the fact that Kyoru is bisexual (yes, great taboo, a bisexual man!) and after years of monogamous relationship he is starting to miss something. He always likes to have sex with his wife, but he misses that edge he had while having sex with a man. And the problem is that temptation is there in the house for him, in the beautiful and sexy body form of their bodyguard, Ken.

After being hired to protect Sasao from a stalker, Ken remained with the family as factotum, from security to nanny services all in once. Why a man with his credentials accepted to do that is quite clear: Ken was banished by his family when he admitted that he was bisexual, loosing not only his family support but also his work in the military Corps. And now he probably enjoys to be near a real family, even if he is not part of it. I believe that Ken is not particularly drawn by one of the two, Sasao or Kyoru, he is attracted by them as a whole. They represent what Ken wants but he is not willing to break them as a couple to reach what he wants.

And then there is Sasao. Sasao loves Kyoru, point. She can admire Ken as a beautiful person, both in body than soul, but she do that as if she was admiring a piece of art, she will never even consider to betray her husband. But loving him as she does, she comprehends that her husband has needs that she is not able to satisfy, even with sex toys. Since Kyoru loves her back, and Ken respects her, it's up to Sasao to be the pointer for their relationship. It's a subtle play of balance in this story, and probably it wouldn't have worked, if, as I said, the M/F part of the menages was not so strong. Another thing that allows things to work is that Ken isn't inclined towards one of the two more than the other.

Another warning to the readers (I need to give that since probably there are more M/M minded people between my friends than not), most of the sex scenes are between Sasao and Kyoru (and it's obvious since I said that they are the stronger in the menages), there are then some solo, and only a polyamour scene. But my opinion is that all of them are very nice and well done.

Series: ChildsPrey
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3) Under a Silver Moon:
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5) Their Lover

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