March 29th, 2009

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Excerpt Day

Here in Italy it's 12.01 and I'm starting to post the excerpts for Sunday... after that I will let you alone and in peace at reading them while I will have my beauty sleep.

So go check the following link:

in the next 30 minutes more or less you will see appear other 12 excerpts, and be ready to grab the goodie that one of the author has offered!
andrew potter

Excerpt Day: Rodeo Mafia by Julia Talbot

Animal Attraction 2 edited by Vincent Diamond with stories by Jane Davitt, Kiernan Kelly, Sean Michael, Aaron Michaels, CB Potts and Julia Talbot
Release Date: Mar 25, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60370-662-9
ISBN (10): 1-60370-662-3
Publisher: Torquere Press
Publisher Link:

Amazon: Animal Attraction 2

Blurb: From the jungles of the Amazon to the snow-capped mountains of remote China, animals of all kinds are in Animal Attraction 2, a new anthology of short stories from Torquere Press. A follow-up to the first anthology in the series, Animal Attraction, (released in 2007) these six long stories have a way of making men come together-in all sorts of sexy ways.

Editor Vincent Diamond (Rough Cut, Men of Mystery, Hot Cops) is donating 10% of the editor's proceeds to Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue based in Maryland ( and Florida Draft Horse Rescue ( based in Florida. These non-profit charities provide rescue and rehab efforts for the draft breeds of horses: Belgians, Clydesdales, Percherons, Shires, and other heavy breeds.

Animal Attraction 2 is available in e-book and print formats from Torquere Press; In addition, Animal Attraction 1 is also on sale!

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Excerpt Day: Missing the Ocean by A.J. Wilde

Moment of Truth - Love changes everything 3: Missing the Ocean by A.J. Wilde
Release Date: Mar 28, 2009
Publisher: Torquere Press
Publisher Link:

Blurb: As Gary Carson continues to struggle with the emotional fallout from his past, Dan tries to be not only a lover, but a friend. When the normally straight-laced Dan Mason's secret kink brings Gary's ex, Kim Resnick, back into their lives, Dan may end up regretting his actions. When Kim reveals her own secret to Gary, the realization spills over into anger against Dan. Dan has to face some hard choices and realize that his own selfishness may end up tearing him and Gary apart forever.

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Excerpt Day: Apple Crisp by Kate Hill

Yummy Love: Apple Crisp by Kate Hill
Release Date: Mar 26, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60521-086-5
Publisher: Changeling Press
Publisher Link:

Blurb: Cass is a gardener at a magical museum near Hot River. He takes loving care of all the trees and plants and is pleasantly surprised when Fidel, a Transcendent apple tree sprite, decides to show his appreciation. Cass quickly learns that Fidel is harder to resist than his favorite dessert. Since his Transcendence Ceremony, when he changed from an ordinary tree sprite to a shapeshifter, Fidel has stood silent and alone. Hurt by his former lover, he thought he'd never fall in love again, but Cass has lured him out of hiding. Cass finally believes he can put his dark past behind him and find a new life with Fidel. Then a killer begins stalking Transcendent sprites. Fidel suspects his old lover of the crimes and he and Cass must risk everything to stop him.

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Excerpt Day: A Fostered Love by Cameron Dane

A Fostered Love by Cameron Dane
Release Date: Mar 24, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59632-902-7
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher Link:

Amazon Kindle: A Fostered Love

Blurb: Christian Sanchez never thought he would see Jonah Roberts again. Foster brothers for a short time as teens, Christian developed a massive crush on Jonah, his tough, older roommate. That all ended when the cops came and arrested Jonah, stealing him from Christian’s uncertain world. Jonah never forgot Christian, even though he cut off all contact with the boy. Jonah knew the kid with the crush on him would be better off forgetting that Jonah ever existed. Jonah stayed in contact with his foster mother Marisol, but refused to hear stories about Christian, and made the woman promise never to tell Christian anything about him. Upon her death fifteen years later, Marisol leaves a request that Jonah come home and help Christian renovate her house. Jonah can’t refuse, even though he knows he will have to face Christian once again. Although they haven’t seen each other in years, neither man has forgotten the other. Neither man will deny Marisol her final request…even if it means facing their past, working together, sharing the room they had as teens, getting to know one another now as men, and discovering that the brief friendship they shared has altered into a consuming, abiding love.

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Excerpt Day: Affair in Paradise by Matthew Haldeman-Time

Affair in Paradise by Matthew Haldeman-Time
Release Date: Mar 28, 2009
Publisher: Torquere Press
Publisher Link:

Blurb: During a tropical vacation, Adam meets Brett, who's young, hot, and newly single. Adam spends his days flirting and his nights sweating, but Brett isn't responding. Only on their last night together does Brett reveal that he's been waiting for his new master to make the right move. Brett's a sub looking for a strong dom, and while Adam's never been into domination, he discovers its appeal in Brett. But by the end of the night it's Brett who's learned something about the freedom of expression.

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Excerpt Day: L.A. Mischief by P.A. Brown

L.A. Mischief by P.A. Brown
E-book Publisher: Maine Desk LLC
Release date : 8 July 2008
ISBN : 978-0-9817464-7-0
Paperback Publisher: Cheyenne Publishing
Release Date: April 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0-979777318

Amazon Kindle: L. A. Mischief

Amazon: L. A. Mischief

Blurb: In L. A. Mischief, a fast-paced novella that details the early months of the relationship between David Eric Laine-a LAPD Homicide Detective, stubborn, proud, and barely out of the closet and Christopher Bellamere, blonde, smart, out and proud. As the story opens, David is struggling to find the balance between his intense feelings for Chris, the urges of his newly liberated libido, and the demands of a job where bodies pop up on an all too regular basis. Chris faces his own set of challenges, including helping his best friend cope with his ongoing grief after the brutal murder of his lover. Life events conspire to bring David and Chris together while at the same time keeping them apart-will they be able to push their way through and find a common ground for happiness and their shared love?

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Excerpt Day: Bashed by Rick R. Reed

Bashed by Rick R. Reed
Release date : March 27, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60820-028-3 (print)
ISBN: 978-1-60820-029-0 (ebook)
Publisher: MLR Press
Publisher Link:

Buy Here

Amazon: Bashed

Amazon Kindle: Bashed

Blurb: Three haters. Two lovers. And a collision course with tragedy. That October night, Donald and Mark had no idea their lives and love were about to be shattered by fag bashers, intent on pain, and armed with ridicule, fists, and an aluminum baseball bat. Bashed charts the course of a journey that encompasses suspense, horror, and--ultimately--romance.

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Excerpt Day: False Colors by Alex Beecroft

False Colors by Alex Beecroft
Release Date: Apr 13, 2009
ISBN: 9780762436583
ISBN-10: 0762436581
Publisher: Running Press
Publisher Link:

Amazon Kindle: False Colors

Amazon: False Colors: An M/M Romance

Blurb: 1762, The Georgian Age of Sail: For his first command, John Cavendish is given a ship—the HMS Meteor—and a crew, both in need of repair and discipline. He’s determined to make a success of their first mission, and hopes the well-liked lieutenant Alfred Donwell will stand by his side as he leads his new crew into battle: stopping the slave trade off the coast of Algiers. Alfie knows their mission is futile, and that their superiors back in England will use the demise of this crew as impetus for war with the Ottoman Empire. But the darker secret he keeps is his growing attraction for his commanding officer—a secret punishable by death. With the arrival of his former captain—and lover—on the scene of the disastrous mission, Alfie is torn between the security of his past and the uncertain promise of a future with the straight-laced John. Against a backdrop of war, intrigue, and personal betrayal, the high seas will carry these men through dangerous waters from England to Africa to the West Indies in search of a safe harbor.

Collapse )Excerpt:

“I feel... I am such a burden to you,” said John, watching Alfie open the shutters of their lodging house on Castle Street and stand for a moment outlined against the fragrant sky. He could tell from the set of Alfie’s back that the man was sighing; whether in relief at the end of another anxious night, or in pleasure at the view and the fresh early morning air, John wasn’t sure.

He hadn’t been able to see the view himself – carried ashore in the grip of high fever, the axe wound badly infected and wrongly treated by a terribly apologetic Dr. Harper. Alfie had made the arrangements, banned Harper and brought one of the local physicians, applied the salves, changed his bandages, held him tight as he shook and raved, soothing his fever with cool cloths. Somehow he had also managed to make sure the Meteor’s men were fed and housed, given such shore leave as they could be trusted with, and the ship herself careened and scraped.

He was owed more than a moment of standing and admiring the harbor; more than John could very well say. Yet though he knew he was being selfish by speaking, cutting short Alfie’s moment of contemplation, John still felt weak and prone to tears, and he wanted the familiar presence back by his side, not all the way over there across the room, inaccessible.

“Not a burden but a joy.” Alfie returned, just as he’d hoped, to draw up the room’s single, black Spanish chair beside him and take his hand. At the touch, John closed his eyes and smiled, comforted.

“You are…” he said, for the lemon sharp sunlight touched only the end of the bed, illuminating bare plastered walls, ancient floorboards and the faded red coverlet, leaving the further end of the room, where he lay, in deeper darkness by contrast. A warm, private darkness in which things could be said which could never be said in daylight. “You are the best man I have ever met.”

The morning crept over Alfie’s face and made his eyes glisten, softened his slightly coarse features until his face seemed as fair and oval as one of Joshua Reynold’s idealized portraits. When he licked his full lips they glistened too, turned up and inwards, in a self-depreciatory smile of great sweetness. “You can’t have met many then, Sir.”

His warm hand held John’s, reassuringly, and if a part of John wondered whether hand-holding was still in order, now he was getting better, he was not willing to give it up just yet. In fact, watching Alfie sitting there between light and shadow, elbows planted on his knees, with his coat off and his cravat undone – shirt gaping to reveal the strong column of his throat, the dip and ridge of his collarbone – he felt almost as though he witnessed something holy. As though he saw through flesh to glimpse God’s work in its pristine, unfallen condition. He wanted to reach out and touch it; to explore it with his fingertips, to properly appreciate the artistry of it.

“You awe me,” he said, trying to express something of this. “I never yet met a man so tempestuous and yet so…” but he couldn’t say ‘tender’, not even in this animal-smelling little world they had shared together for so many days. “Loyal,” he said, instead.

Alfie’s smile untucked, his lips parting to show his fine white teeth. “You don’t ask me what I see when I see you.” He raised his free hand and unstuck the limp hair that stuck to John’s forehead, pushing it away from his face. “It might surprise you.”

John, who hadn’t noticed the tickle of hair loose on his face, before, nevertheless sighed with relief to have it gone. But the gesture reminded him once again of the musty sickroom smell of the place, and his own smell, having lain a fortnight abed, sweating through the hot Spanish days. “Well, your hours of nursing should soon be over,” he said. “I mean to sit up today, by the window, perhaps. Can you see if our landlady will draw me a bath and change the bed? The stink of me is enough to drop the local pigeons out of the sky.”

“It’s true.” Alfie grinned. “I was watching them plummet past the window when you woke. I’ll do it now, if you’ll eat first.”

Closing his eyes, John let the bed enfold him once more. There seemed to be a little more to him now than mere insatiable desire for sleep – a space for him to become again a rational being. The itchy wrongness of all his limbs subsided, and he probably could eat something undemanding, if he tried. He touched the bandage that swathed him from one side of the body to the other, and it was dry. If he pressed, his hand no longer felt as though it would sink in up to the wrist. “Mm…” he said, drifting into a warm, umber colored mist, on a boat made of eiderdown, and only woke up again when the servants banged the bathtub against the walls as they were trying to get it through the door.

He watched drowsily as the girls scurried up and down stairs with pitchers of water, filling it. White bloused and dark haired, their skin glowed golden from the sun, and their liquid eyes were knowing, amused. Their skirts brushed across the floor, the whisper mixing with pouring water into a sound soothing as rain. The open door let in the aroma of cadereta de langosta cooking, and an acrid rubbish tip smell beyond the back door of the kitchen, where piles of parings were fought over by poor children and mangy dogs.

Closer to him, he could smell the lavender they added to the water. John watched as they set out soap and towels. Alfie brought out his shaving kit from the chest at the foot of the bed, and thoughtfully stropped the razor as he watched this activity with the demanding eye of a good First Lieutenant. John smiled at the thought, for there was a flavor of the military about the whole operation. A flavor he found more reassuring than the fact that when the bath was full, a fire lit in the grate and two kettles of water reserved for rinsing, only one of the girls went away. The chambermaid – a burly creature with very fine eyes, but the beginnings of a black moustache, and the prettiest one, whose wavy hair was bright hennaed red at the ends, remained.

John did not like this so much, nor that when Alfie helped him to sit up, get the nightshirt over his head, the two of them looked at one another and smiled.

“I help you,” said the redhead, with arched, suggestive eyebrows, “on bath. Adoncia, she help your friend.”

A distaste for all things corporeal washed over John then; for loose women and – because he was fair-minded – for the loose men who encouraged them. He was always getting these offers and it tired him. Was it so hard for them to believe there might be one man in this world with some modesty and self control, who didn’t wish to swive the first piece of skirt to throw herself into his lap? He pulled the coverlet tight over himself and leaned into the arm Alfie had put around him, to help him stand, feeling more dirtied than ever.

“Come on now, girls,” Alfie gave her a roguish grin and a regretful look, “give the man a chance! Can you…?” this to John, as he encouraged him to get to his feet. John had no desire to get up and stand naked before the women’s measuring eyes, but he tried, for Alfie’s sake.

Not even pride could keep him on his feet. He would have slithered gracelessly to the floor and lain there, gasping and helpless as a fry dropped on deck by a passing gull, had it not been for Alfie’s strength. There was something deeply comforting, in fact, in being held so, like a child in its father’s arms. Sighing, he let his head rest against his friend’s cheek and closed his eyes.

“You see?" Alfie said wryly. "Nothing standing at present. You’d be wasting your time. Just change the bed today, and come back in a day or so.”

Dimly, John felt he should be insulted by this, but he was too grateful to be lifted over to the bath and gently sat down in clean warm water. The rest of the world went away while he breathed in scented steam, his vision going as misty as the surface of the water.

“I soap--”

“I don’t think so. Listen…” he could hear Alfie spinning some implausible tale about religious vows and penances, and wondered why he couldn’t just tell the truth. Didn’t everyone in this room believe that fornication was a sin? Why then was it so difficult to understand that the thought of it filled him with unease?

“There,” said Alfie’s warm brown voice at his back, after a moment of blankness when he must have fallen asleep again. The sounds of bed-making and scornful Spanish conversation behind him only threw into relief how much John wanted them all to go away. He looked up and found Alfie giving him a sideways look, lopsided and wry, ancient as the oldest profession. “But are you sure you won’t? She’s a pretty, plump little thing, you don’t fancy her soaping you down, with her arms too short to reach around you without her pressing her fine bosom to your back – the water making the white blouse on her transparent as a veil?”

Suiting his actions to his words, Alfie had unwound the bandage and set it aside, and was now soaping John’s shoulders, big hands firm and warm, slippery, but ever so slightly rough against John’s skin. His insides tightened and his belly fluttered with a sudden wash of lust, thin and pitiful in his weakness, like over-watered grog. “Don’t,” he said. “Don’t talk like that!”

“I don’t know many men who would say no.”

“Shame on them!” John hissed. Why, chastity was simple. He didn’t understand why everyone seemed to find it so difficult.

Alfie did not reply to his anger, only bent his head and smiled that damnable knowing smile. He had taken off his waistcoat and rolled up his sleeves, and his own linen was soaked, molding itself to a lithe but powerful chest. Pressing down on John’s head he tipped it forwards, and John found himself sluiced with water which trailed in skeins of silver off his newly shaggy hair into the bath. He closed his eyes against the soap, but an animal sense seemed to radiate from his flushed skin, allowing him to feel the man bending over him as though they were pressed together. Encircled by Alfie’s presence, his body seemed to pull towards the other man’s as one pole of a magnet to the other – and that was before Alfie’s fingers were in his hair, soothing and slippery and very warm. Alfie’s voice was all but inaudible, a velvet touch against the side of his face. “I know few women who would say no to you.”

He couldn’t find the anger this time, floating as if on opium clouds. “Shame on them too.”

“You’re very beautiful, John. Inside and out.”

There was something about being whispered to in that smoky dark voice that made him shift beneath the ministering fingers, discomforted. What did the man think he was doing? Had he made some agreement with the girls that required John to join in? He…didn't know if something like that would come as a relief. Surely it was better that Alfie be a pander than a…. “I don’t think you should say that to me.”

“Permission to say a thousand other things, very much along the same lines, Sir?”

“No,” John’s conscience, never very quiescent, raised its head like a gazelle scenting a lion on the wind. “Permission denied.”
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Excerpt Day: Conflict by Stevie Woods

Conflict by Stevie Woods
Release Date: 01/2009
ISBN: 978-1-59426-672-0
Publisher: Phaze Books
Publisher Link:

Amazon Kindle: Conflict

Blurb: Two men, one war. Can love survive when each takes a different side? Leaving his lover behind to support the abolitionist cause, Piet Van Leyden finds himself leading one of the first all-black Union troops into the heart of battle. Reuniting with free slave and former love Joss brings some comfort, but will his presence tempt Piet into forgetting the love waiting for him at home? Sebastian Cane wonders how he's able to go on without Piet by his side. When a series of unfortunate events lands him a prisoner of the Union, Seb knows he must rely on his wits and his love for Piet to survive...and get home to him.

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Excerpt Day: Year Of The Cat by Selah March

Year Of The Cat by Selah March
Release Date: 03/2009
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-460-0 (Electronic)
Publisher: Amber Allure
Publisher Link:

Blurb: Sweet-natured Etienne LeFevre must give up his birthright and flee into the snow-covered forest to save himself from the murderous greed of his brutish elder brothers. When Etienne ends up alone and hungry, with a ramshackle cottage his only shelter and a feral cat his only friend, he believes himself doomed to a sad, cold death. But out of the shadows of the night arrives a visitor who brings comfort. He presents himself as a servant, but the man called “Jacques” spends the long hours instructing Etienne in the cruel delights of a disciplined passion. Jacques is gone with the morning light, but Etienne thinks he knows the stranger’s secret. Will Etienne tame the beast that lurks within his lover? Or will he find himself a victim of the bitter rage that rules Jacques’ heart? Based on the classic French fairy tale, “Puss In Boots,” this story explores what happens when the servant becomes the master, and the master lives to serve...

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Selah March is giving away an ebook to the first person to email her at selahmarch (at) mac (dot) com
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Excerpt Day: Adder by Ally Blue

Adder by Ally Blue
Release Date: Apr 7, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60504-487-3
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publisher Link:

Blurb: Music. Sex. Fame. What’s missing? Surely not the “L” word… Adder has a plan for his life: play his music for millions of adoring fans, who will reward him with money, fame and as much sex as he can handle. It’s a goal he’s been working toward since his teens and is on the cusp of achieving. The idea of a relationship never entered his mind—until a new drummer joins his band. One taste of Kalil, and all he wants is more. For Kalil, playing drums for Adder is a dream come true, the creative connection he’s always wanted. What he never reckoned on is the deeper connection he finds with Adder. Kalil would rather avoid sexual involvement with a bandmate, but Adder seems just as determined to break through his resistance. Attraction aside, music and sex are about the only things the hedonistic Adder and the increasingly jealous Kalil can agree on. Still, before they know it they’re on the brink of something deeper, something lasting. And it scares the hell out of both of them.

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Excerpt Day: Sursein Judgment by Jet Mykles

Sursein Judgment by Jet Mykles
Release Date: 03/2009
ISBN: 978-1-59632-924-9
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher Link:

Blurb: The innocent have nothing to fear from Surseine… Rynn made a mistake in taking the drug hextasy with his fiancé. It was supposed to be the ultimate sexual high, except that you have to sleep with the one you desire most. If you don’t, your body won’t be satisfied and you’ll die. Rynn lived, Lynnette didn’t, and now her parents want someone to pay. But either luck or Surseine, the god of justice Himself, takes pity on Rynn by putting his trial in front of one of His judges. Sursei are graced by the god they represent with the power to see truth and Sursei Shasertai finds Rynn innocent of murder. But the drug is still out there and Shasertai and the people who travel with him are determined to root out the drug lord responsible for its existence. Shas invites Rynn to join them. He goes willingly, fascinated by the judge who gave him a second chance at life. Shas is drawn to the naive farm boy at every point in their journey but he’s promised Rynn not to force him into anything. It is his soothing innocence that draws Shas to him, but the delectable judge makes Rynn feel things that aren’t so innocent.

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Excerpt Day: Reckless Behavior by Amanda Young

Reckless Behavior by Amanda Young
Release Date: Apr 14, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59632-926-3
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher Link:

Blurb: After six months with his lover, Cody yearns for monogamy. The threesomes he and Dante engage in are fun, but he needs more from the man he loves. Although Cody longs to tell Dante how he feels, he fears love and fidelity are two words missing from his older lover’s vocabulary.

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Excerpt Day: March 29, 2009

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Affair in Paradise by Matthew Haldeman-Time

I have some authors in my auto-buy list, for different reasons. Matthew Haldeman-Time is on my auto-buy list since I love his young, beautiful and hot characters, their easy-to-go way of life, the joy of life they always have, their positive attitude and the inner innocence they maintain even when they are doing the most naughty things.

Matthew Haldeman-Time is one and trine: he is the amazing author of Off the Record, a lost pearl he self-published on Lulu Press and that I highly recommend; he is the fantasy author of the continuing series In This Land, a weekly appointment you can subscribe for a small monthly fee, and that now is also available in print book; and finally he is the generous author of many short stories, you can read for free on his website, or sometime you can buy from some epublishers. Affair in Paradise enters in this last category, it's a very nice short story, a new release from Matthew Haldeman-Time that I was eagerly waiting and my only regret is that it's only a short story. But even in a short story I can find the author I know, and again two characters who are innocent and naughty at the same time.

Both Adam than Brett are the odd participants to an organized tour in a tropical island. Adam joined a female friend who at the last time was dumped by the other woman who had to go with her, and Brett decided to go on the tour even after he brought up with his partner. So now Adam and Brett are both gay (I believe the only gay in the group), without partners and available for a nice affair in paradise. But there is something that didn't click right for them.

Adam is nice and forward, he teases and makes clear his interest in Brett, and Brett seems to enjoy all this. But more Adam pushes and waits for Brett's answer, and more he is frustrated since Brett welcomes the attentions but never makes the counter move. On the other side, Brett is frustrated like and maybe more than Adam: Adam teases him on every chance he has, always bringing him to the edge, but never taking the final step to finalize all the teasing. What is the final brick on the wall? what is the magic word to open the door to Brett (no pun intended). The reader is along with Adam to try to understand what he is missing, and clue after clue we arrive to the realization and to the final climax, that is even more strong due to all the teasing we endured with Adam in the days before.

It's always difficult to judge a 30 pages long story, and it's always difficult to write something without giving out the story. What I can say is that as always Matthew Haldeman-Time managed to write a really nice and enjoyable story in "only" 30 pages, a story that is complete like it is, but that I wouldn't mind to see developed in something longer if the author fancies to play again with these characters.

Amazon Kindle: An Affair in Paradise

Reading List: list&view=elisa.rolle
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It's that time of the year again...

... when my wander lust kicks in and I'm starting to project my next travel. I was really thinking to not doing anything of complicated this year but the I thought, what the heck, you are young, without bonds, and so... yesterday night I talked to my "travel" friend, and I almost convinced her.. a bit of more persuasion and maybe next September I will be there:

- Boston (2 days)
- Provincetown (1 day)
- Providence (1 day)
- New Haven (1 day)
- New York City (3 days)
- Princeton (1 day)
- Philadelphia (2 days)
- Baltimore (2 days)
- Washington DC (2 days)

probably two weeks, already to decide if we will go and where we will go, but more or less, that is my idea ;-) As always suggestion and advice are welcome.
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Times Have Been Better (Le Ciel sur la tête) (2006) directed by Régis Musset

Director: Régis Musset

Writer: Nicolas Mercier (writer)

Release Date: 11 April 2007 (France)

Genre: Comedy

Plot: When a 30-something gay guy comes out to his ostensibly liberal parents, things don't go according to plan.

Jeremy excels at everything. He's only 30 but has just been promoted to an executive position at the bank. In his parents' eyes, he's the golden child, much to the chagrin of his younger brother, Robin, who has been the only one in the family privy to Jeremy's sexual predilections.

But when Jeremy unexpectantly stops by for Sunday Brunch and announces that he's just moved in with, well, his boyfriend, things begin to percolate: Jeremy's parents always fancied themselves as progressive and liberal.........after this piece of news - not so much. They embark on a comical quest to find out what caused Jeremy's homosexuality. Mom and Dad accuse one another of knowing their son's secret and never having shared that knowledge. Can this lovely family ever come together again in peace?

Charlotte de Turckheim stars as Rosine, Bernard le Coq is Jeremy's father Guy,and a trio of irresistible men round out the cast.

Awards: 2007 New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Award as Best Foreign Narrative Feature

@Amazon: Times Have Been Better
@Wolfe Video

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Cast (in credits order)
Arnaud Binard ... Jérémy
Pierre Deny ... Marc
Charlotte de Turckheim ... Rosine
Bernard Le Coq ... Guy
Olivier Guéritée ... Robin
Franck de la Personne ... Yvan, le directeur du journal
Stéphane Boucher ... Pascal
Thierry Desroses ... Serge
Chantal Ladesou ... Nicole