March 30th, 2009

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Gaydar by Kim Dare

Matt is a nice guy who always meets the wrong men. And this didn’t help his self-esteem; he is not able to see what other men can see in him, and so, in a way, he is blind to most of the right guys he meets, and is able to see only the worst one. Matt is passing from a bad one night stand to the other, always trying to please the other man, always hoping to find the right man, and not knowing that in that way there is no chance for him.

Then one night Flynn, the bartender of the club where Matt is used to share his bad luck with his friends, steps out from the wall and pretends Matt is his property; he wants to be called Master, he wants for Matt to be his boy in the open, in front of the entire club. Matt is confused, he is not at all against the idea to be with Flynn for the idea, the man is handsome and perfect, but he doesn’t understand why Flynn is speaking of a future time, how a man like him could be possibly interested in something more than a one night stand with a guy like Matt?

That’s basically the story, the most interesting thing is Matt’s character, he is so cute and tender, with puppy eyes and sweet behaviour, that it’s almost impossible to believe that someone could hurt him. Matt is too sweet and kind to be left alone in the world, he is not able to care for himself, he is like a puppy that would follow the first person who shows him a bit of kindness, even if that kindness is only a passing thing. Matt alone is destined to be kicked again and again.

Flynn probably understands it, and he probably understands way more of what Matt imagines. Matt can have past experiences with men, but he is not “experienced”; he is a newbie when speaking of relationship, he has never had one, and he doesn’t even know how to pursue for one, let alone with the right man. Flynn has to lead him step by step, and he has to do that with kind words and soft touches, since Matt is only used to harsh words and rushed encounters. To show him the difference, to convince him that happiness can be behind the corner, Flynn has to be more careful than ever.

I’m already used to the “slight” BDSM flavour of Kim Dare’s books; they are probably among the few stories of this genre that I always read with pleasure and without trouble at all. They are more sweet and tender than anything else, and the D/s’s relationship is usually only a way to show to your partner how much you care for him. There is no pain at all, more or less the domination is of words rather than of acts, and this is exactly the way how I like it.

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Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (March 30, 2009)

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andrew potter

In memory of Virginia Coffman

Virginia Coffman was born in San Francisco on July 30, 1914, and worked in the Hollywood studios during the Golden and Silver years. She has worked on many TV scripts as well as doing some acting herself. She began writing in 1959 and since then has had over ninety titles published. Virginia Coffman passed away on March 30, 2005.

Someone once asked Virginia Coffman how long it took her to research her first book. "It took me thirty years to research," she replies. "That's all I was doing in my youth and young womanhood; constantly reading, because history is something I love." Although Virginia never married, there was nothing of the spinster image about her. "It is my personal opinion that single people have more fun," she said, though she didn't deny having been in love at various times in her life. In one romance, at least, the object of her affection was a combination "Don Juan, mother's boy, and gigolo."

Virginia loved to travel and did so almost exclusively by ship. "I believe in going first-class all the way," she admitted pleasantly. Travel also seemed to nourish Virginia's imagination and satisfied her appetite for history and the macabre. "In Paris, people will say, 'Don't you see the magic beauty of it?' And I say, yes, of course I love it. But then I tell them, that's where they cut off the head of so-and-so, and this is the place where so-and-so was stabbed! In other words, to me it's all bloody and horrifying and dramatic. It's the drama that intrigues me. That's the magic"

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Man Candy Day: Bryan Slater by Kim Hanson

I love all my Men Candy, but truth be told, I have my favorites, for different reason. Bryan Slater was not only among the first men candy I posted (, but he has also a body that is a work of art. And he is really generous with it (no pun intended), means that many famous phographers of erotic art featured him in different shot, from the dungeon style to the pirate till the fantasy setting. And when a body like that is couple with a fine mind and a more than 40 years old man (and as he himself said "Who says you can't be sexy over 40?"), I know that many of my friends will enojy this man candy post.

Bryan Slater by RT Photography

When I first posted Bryan, he was quite a mystery; like many of the models for erotic art pictures, he was more a body than a name, and so I was glad when he wrote to me to thank all the people who left a comment on his post. And since we were nice with him (see, being nice always leads to other nice things...), Bryan promised me that as soon as he had new photos, he would allow me to publish some in exclusive. And he is a man of his word:


as promised, here are three exclusive preview photos from my recent shoot with photographer Kim Hanson. The full series will be posted on my blog tomorrow."
And more, he also gave me a little more info about him, so we can combine a face to the beautiful body ;-) In the last 12 months, Bryan Slater has worked with many talented photographers such as Walter Kurtz, Dylan Rosser, Kelly Grider, Steven Vaschon, Stanley Stellar, McKenzie James, Thomas Synnamon, Paul Reitz, and Brian Mills to name a few.

Bryan Slater by Kristopher Kelly

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He has also completed 10 scenes for studios such as Dark Alley, Hot House, D/G Mutual Media, and Titan.

Never one to sit still for long, he would like to share a preview of his latest series of photos for the amazing Kim Hanson ( On March 31st, be sure to check out the full series on Bryan's blog:

Bryan Slater by Kim Hanson

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