April 15th, 2009

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Best Writing Style (3° place): Angels of the Deep by Kirby Crow

The best word to describe Angels of the Deep is "dark"; it started in the dark, both literally than figuratively, to continue always in the dark. Even when it's daylight, the darkness is there, and sincerely I always had the feel, reading this book, that there was like a cloud covering the sun, and even if the events take place during the day, no real sunlight was allowed in the story. The only light I perceived was the artificial one of neon, a light that was cold, in this way reinforcing the darkness and also the coldness. No sunlight means no natural warm. All in this book was dark and icy.

I realized that I concentrated more on the feeling it left me than on the story, but it's also hard to give you a short summary of the story without giving up the end, but I will try. At the beginning of the book Beck is an orphan, a ward in the hand of a priest; unfortunately Beck is suffering an unspeakable hell living with the priest, a pedophiles who calls Beck his Angel. As expected in this situation, Beck is escaping reality building a world of his own, till the day an ancient woman appears and "frees" Beck from his hell. Jump ahead in time, Beck is now an adult, married man and soon-to-be divorced. It seems that he loves his wife, Cat, but not in the way he should love her; Cat is a good woman, but when Beck is near her, I feel more friendship than love passing between them. On the other hand, Beck is feeling something strong for someone he should not, Sean, his partner in the police facility they both work for.

Also Sean is aware of the feelings between them, and he would be willing to try, but Beck is unwilling. He finds all the right excuse, he is married, he can't do that to Cat, Sean is a co-worker... strange enough one of the excuse is not that he is not gay, as if the gender of them is not important... Anyway I had the feeling that the real reason was that Beck is still traumatized by what happened to him when he was a child. Beck is the exactly profile of an abused child, unable to tighten real bond with a lover, reluctant to speak of his problem, ready to lie to  therapists when they near the real problem. The only thing that I will not add to the other typical thing is Beck being gay, since, first of all it seems not to be one of his "trouble", and second, as I said before, his relationship with Sean is strange, and being both men seem not to be the real problem between them.

All right, telling you these things, I covered more or less 50 pages of the more than 300 pages of the book, and I can't say more, since from this moment on the reader is plunged inside the story right in the middle of the event and will resurface only in the end. The author don't prolong the broth with water to make it last, but serve the main course and let the reader to deal with it in full play mode. The story takes is direction and goes straight to the end without hesitation and not leaving to the reader neither the time to breath. I was turning the page hoping to find a moment to stop, and instead there wasn't neither one. The book is 300 pages long, but no one of these pages is an embellishment, they are all center stage events.

Kirby Crow is not famous for being sexy, she is more famous to be a teaser (she will never be free of that title after letting me suffer for one very long book, Scarlet and the White Wold 1, for a kiss, and for another even more long book, the second in the series, for a sex scene...), and Angels of the Deep confirms it; even if, truth be told, there is sex in the book (and not only in the last chapter) and there is also a continuous running of eroticism in all the pages, all the characters, not only Beck and Sean, are all very physical, and their body reactions are pretty clear and described. So the only moment that the icy cloak I felt on the story is raised, is when that sexy running surfaces here and there.


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Reckless by Amanda Young

Reckless Seduction by Amanda Young

When I read a story like this, I always feel a bit guilty, since I was enjoying an erotic story where one of the character is a 19 years old, so he is still a teen, and teen means very very young. But then I think that it would be sweet if every young man (or woman) could have the chance to be initiate to love in a so wonderful way, and if there is the possibility that the first love is also the one and true, even better. So put aside the guilty and enjoy the story.

Cody is a 19 years old pretty friendly and open boy. Raised by an uncle after the death of his parents, he has soon had the chance to "know" what sex is, since his uncle owns one of the most hot gay club in the city. Know but not see, because his uncle is worst than a mother hen, and treats Cody like a victorian virgin maid: no one is good enough for his nephew and there is no way that he will allow to Cody to enter his club, no matter that now Cody is legal.

But Cody knows what he wants, and in a way he is also responsible: even if he has long ago realized that he prefers men, he never got serious with someone, since he wants that his first time is special. He sets his eyes on Dante, friend and employer of his uncle, and he would do anything to have him... and if that is not the case, well, he will find a good substitute. And here comes out the "young" and spoiled Cody: true he believes to be in love with Dante, but he is also an horny teenager who wants to have a taste of forbidden. He is really not old enough to take a cool decision, and he is really lucky to have around people who care for him.

Dante is not a perfect man. True, he avoids Cody since he is the nephew of his best friend, and a virgin too, but he has no qualms to enjoy the company of guys of the same age, but more experienced. He is not a bad man, but it's not a moral matter that take him far from Cody, is more a question of the too much heavy baggage that arrives with him: explain to his best friend that he had sex with his nephew, deal with a first time experience of an impressionable young guy, admit that maybe he is aging and Cody is too young for him...

The story is not very long, less than 80 pages, and pretty erotic. There are four scene, and in two you have sex, so you can imagine how much there is in the book; but it's enjoyable and more sweet than anything else, very fresh and young like one of the man involved.


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Reckless Behavior by Amanda Young

All right, this book was quite a challenge; I will not give up the story saying that Cody and Dante, the main characters in Reckless Seduction, are now having a good relationship, six months after the end of the previous book, but promiscuous. Here is where the author pushes one of my sorrowful button, I don't like promiscuous relationships... even more since Cody, in the previous book, even if a bit slutty in behavior, it was not so in the reality, he was on the contrary a virgin that practically seduced the much older Dante, a family friend, and at the end of that book I was expecting for them to walk toward the sunset in blissful harmony. And instead here they are, having threesomes like eating candy... and as almost to add weight to my "pink glasses" perspective on love, they are not happy. Since both of them seem to be unable to voice their discomfort, they continue in that path, but Dante is weary and he is begun to "feel" the age he has, and Cody is tired, at the beginning the novelty was nice, but now he would be content enough with only Dante in his bed.

The novella starts with a live threesome, to continue with the memory of the first time Dante proposed to his young lover Cody to "experiment"; probably this serves to the author to prove that Cody had the chance to "taste" everything and so he is now able to consciously decide that he wants only a lover and a monogamous relationship. Deep down I know that this is right, thinking that young and virgin Cody was in a monogamous relationship with Dante since the beginning, and never ever in his life would taste something different, was really a too much "pink glasses" perspective; a relationship like that was fated to fail, since probably Cody, sooner or later, would have questioned if what he had was really what he wanted, and if not maybe outside there was something different and better.

So yes, my gut says that I don't like how the book starts, but my brain says that it's right and I like how it ends. Other than all my speculation on the almost "educational" behavior of Dante in regard of Cody's good, the book is also a way for Amanda Young to write a really naughty book, full of detailed sex scenes (3 long sex scenes in a novella lenght), so, if you like your sex hot, down and dirty, and a bit kinky, you have a reason more to read this one. Plus there is always the factor that this is a sequel, so if you read the first one, and liked it, probably you should read also this one. Be warned the readers with pink glasses like me, and take in account that, in the end, this is not a bad turn in a romantic story, only a temporary derailment ;-)


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