May 26th, 2009

andrew potter

Behind the Cover: Elaine Gignilliat

Elaine Gignilliat (pron. Jen'-a-lat' ) is one of the foremost romance book cover artists. She has painted covers for over 350 romance books representing more than 150 authors including her latest work. She is also a painter of portraits of adults and children, animals, still life, and landscapes.

In 2003 she built her house and studio, and she decorated it with her book cover paintings, portraits of some of her favorite models and collector plates for which she did the original paintings.

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"I decided to move from New York to Georgia in 1986 so I could have a house, impossible in Manhattan, where I'd have far more space and light (not to mention bird song instead of traffic noise). I've been able to continue doing covers (over 350 at last count) for many of the same publishers and some new ones, thanks to Robert Osonitsch who has done the photographing of the models for all of my covers. The only difference is that now, I write my requests all around the sketch, such as model choices, costumes, color backdrop, lighting, mood, idea of the story to share with the models, and he does a great job as always. I also owe thanks to good old Federal Express - totally reliable and fast. I've also been doing advertising illustrations for clients such as Readers' Digest Music, Guide Post Song Books, Paramount Pictures, Delta Airlines, Dewar's, and others, paintings for editorial use by T.V. Guide, The Washington Post Weekly Magazine, and paintings for Collector plates for The Bradford Exchange and The Danbury Mint.

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