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June 23rd, 2009

Adopt a Movie: Bye Bye, Fruit Fly

The movie I'm following is going on well. They are filming in New York City, and all will be done for the end of June... here another pic behind the scene, Jesse Archer (Luke), Adrian Armas, Mindy Cohn, J.R. Rolley and Marcus Patrick

Source: http://jesseonthebrink.blogspot.com/

Behind the Cover: Dave Seeley

"I was born in Boston, and before I was conscious to my surrounding, I was suburbanized for eighteen comfortable years in Andover, Massachusetts. My love and propensity for math, science and the making of art sent me off to colloge at Rice University in Houston where I earned a dual degree in architecture and fine art, and in the provess, became an avid comics and fantasy art collector. For several years I practiced architecture while my desire to make art was subverted into art collecting. In 1989 I tracked down Rick Berry and Phil Hale with whom I began late night collaborative painting over beer and Irish whiskey. Seduced by the charm and glamour of image making, I derailed my salaried full time day job as an award-winning architect to have some MORE FUN and feed my creative spirit making images. You can see printed work in Showcase 23 and 24, The Workbook 23, and in SPECTRUM: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art volumes 4,5,6,7 and 9. So what is it that I'm doing in the world of illustration?... good question... I'm still thinking about that one... daily... and slowly, I think it may be coming together.

James Dean - Tor Books

more picsCollapse )

I live and work in my studio in Boston with my wife and 7 year old son. We love the urban life and walk everywhere.

I'm far more influenced by modern day sci-fi film noir than by illustration in the industry today. I certainly tend toward the painterly in non-digital illustration. I admire the work of Berry and Hale, Kent Williams, John Muth, Dave McKean, and George Pratt. I love the art of Caravaggio, Egon Schiele, John Singer Sargeant, Robert Graham and Odd Nerdrum.

To create photo/digital images, I often tackle a piece from the ground up with photo-collage in the computer. Recently, when time allows, I've been painting on archival digital prints of photo-collaged images for the final piece. I love oil painting as well, and when I have a break, I'm back to my easel. My paint style tends to be far more "loose" than my photo/digital style. I like to "see the medium" when working traditionally. I occasionally work in traditional media and "go digital", largely oils or pencil scanned into the computer where I add photo-source images and work it to some degree with color, filter and lighting manipulations... MIXED MEDIA. I'm finding recently, that the specifics of media are becoming much less important to me." Dave Seeley

Dark Robe Edges: Dark Robe Society 2 by Jason Edding

Again reading this second novel in the Dark Robe Society series I had the feeling to be brought back in time while instead I was reading a sci-fi story... why the apparently contrasting feelings? Since the futuristic world by Jason Edding has a late '60 feeling in it, like those Star Treck television fiction or 2001: A Space Odyssey. There is a war and there are killings, but it's all aseptic, the killings are neat, the dead bodies almost clean... it's like real emotions are extinct in this futuristic world. But then, between the main characters and inside closed bedrooms, those lost emotions come out again, and the sex, and love, between them is very much physical, the details are almost graphic, and all the repressed feelings burst open. The impact is even more violent due to that aseptic environment the characters move around when they are alone.

In this novel Jack and Edge, from book 1, continue their story and at first they are the only real couple. But then two other men start to sniff around each other. Tees is an important officer, another apparently cold man who well adapts to the world outside. But again when Tees is alone in his bedroom he indulges in the pleasure of "real" life, a glass of red wine and easel, brush and colors to paint: how strange it's to see an old-fashioned visual media like painting in a futuristic world... again the author plays with contrast. Another thing that Tees takes hidden in his bedroom are his feelings for Toren, another officer. Toren has a strange relationship with another man, and other than that, Tees has never had an homosexual relationship, and so, for now, he only dreams of the man. But then a sudden event frees Toren of his bonds, and Tees is finally free to love him. Since Toren is more experience than Tees, you would expect from him to take the lead on their relationship, but, in a way, the military hierarchy are respected also inside the bedroom, and Toren unveils to be a gentle and submissive lover.

Both couple, Jack and Edge, and Tees and Toren, are nicely developed, and their personal story is well balanced with the futuristic plot; there is a rebellion to bring on, and a war to fight, and the book doesn't underestimate it... don't blame me if I'm more interested on the personal side of the plot, enough to say that who likes more the other side, will not be disappointed by the novel.

Series: Dark Robe Society
1) Space Escapes: Dark Robe Heart: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/508956.html
2) The Edge of Desperation: Dark Robe Edges

Beyond Duty by James Buchanan

The second book in the anthology is exactly at the opposite in feeling to the first. Beyond Duty has not that aseptic emotion, if I had to do a comparison, Jason Edding is a Stanley Kubrick and James Buchanan is a George Lucas. The world of this second book is full of strange creatures, a melting pot of culture. And due to this melting pot, there are no higher or lower classes, only different shades. Alad is an officer, but he is not exactly a by the book one. During a night out, he is searching for a thrill, from sex or fight doesn't matter, even if he had to make a choice, he probably would prefer sex. And when he meets Hirah he finds both and also something else. But even if an odd one, Alad is a soldier, and at the end of the night he has to partake from Hirah; the hope to see him in the future is a nice one, but unlikely... other than discover that his next assignment is under Hirah's command! Alad and Hirah are soldiers of a futuristic Army, but they behave like today man, when it's time to fight, they fight, when it's time to love, they love, and the sex is fast and dirty, without nicety, since you don't know if you have a tomorrow.

After the first initial surprise, practical Alad understands that it would be useless to deny that he is attracted by Hirah, and proposes the man a pact: outside their bunk, they are superior and subordinate, but inside it they can be lovers. Hirah accepts, but this doesn't mean that he will be fully open to Alad, it's not in Hirah's nature. Again it seems that all the emotions are voiced through sex: it seems like Hirah needs the physical contact, like a thirsty man with water, like it's something that he was deprived for too long. Alad doesn't push, he gives without questions, and their mission allows them to be even more near.

Again there is an adventure plot, an old betrayal ready to come out again, and enemies to find and fight... but again, sorry, I was more interested in the romance side of the story. As I said the sex has a main role in it, and again it's hot and detailed. A thing I noticed in both books, despite the futuristic setting, and the odd nature of some of the characters, the sex remains plain and simple, without any strange device or similar. It's like finding something familiar in an unfamiliar situation.


Buy Here

Amazon: The Edge of Desperation

Amazon Kindle: The Edge of Desperation

Reading List:

http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle

I don't want to cry wolf, but

...I check every week Amazon for the release of new print books, so I can see if there is something new.

Usually I do the following research

Advanced Search with the following filters
Format: "printed books"
Sort Results by: "publication date"

this week doing the same exact research as every week I didn't find my usual result for the following publisher:

Amber Quill Press (24 books available, most recent book Nov 22, 2006)

screen 1Collapse )

Loose Id (4 books available)

screen 2Collapse )

P.D. Publishing (1 book available)

screen 3Collapse )

Torquere (no books available)

screen 4Collapse )

I believe there is something not right in the search filter, if I search for the single books (I did two/three test), I find them.

All the other publishers I use to check (MLR Press, Phaze, ...) are all right.


Bound to Him by Ava March

I don't know, but I have the feeling that Ava March wanted to prove that she can write an accurate gay historical romance... the previous book, Bound by Deception was really good, but, maybe since it was short, or maybe since it was only the starting of a relationship, when all the odds seem smaller, reader actually didn't indulge in wondering if there was historical accuracy.

Lord Oliver and Lord Vincent were in love, Lord Oliver deceived Lord Vincent but only for love, and at the end of the novella they were happily in love ever after... or not? At the end of the previous book Vincent admits to be attracted by men, and in particular to be attracted by his friend Oliver, but a lot of question are still opened; Oliver is still a destitute aristocrat that barely makes the ends meet, he has not the wealth or the means to allow him to be above the law, and he is to proud to accept help from Vincent. On the other end Vincent has the means, but probably not still the willingness; he has barely accepted his preferences for men, maybe helped by the fact that now he can satisfy them easily in the safe haven of Oliver's apartment.

But Vincent is not still at peace with himself, he still considers his desires as a deviance and since him first judge them, he has the idea that everyone around him are judging them. And so if previously Oliver, even if poor and out of fashion, had the chance to frequent Vincent in public as his friend, now Vincent limits their encounters to shabby places or in private. Now Oliver, other than feeling inferior due to his financial situation, feels like Vincent is considering him his mistress. So the happily ever after we thought they found at the end of the first book, is not so happily in the end...

And since this is the second book, the author now has the chance to deal with her characters in society... how they can remain inside the boundaries of the ton even after? The obviously and only answer is: they can't. The author decides to not use the easily short cut of making them both wealthy and noble, and saying that the law is not equal for all, that noblemen are judged with a different parameter; the only concession that the author does to the romance, and the romance reader, is to write that the heroes, and Vincent in particular, are still very young, 24 years old, and so the necessity to marry and produce an heir is not yet so imperative... and maybe it will never be, since Vincent is a second son, like Oliver, and if his older brother does his due, Vincent will have a change to become an old bachelor, with a very special friend by his side like Oliver... but never openly and always with discretion.

And so my final verdict is that Bound to Him is less pink glasses perspective that Bound by Deception, more realistic, and being so, feels truer, and probably will appeal to the more selective historical romance readers. Anyway, again, to be only a novella, the quality standard is very high.


Amazon Kindle: Bound to Him

1) Bound by Deception: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/617430.html
2) Bound to Him

Reading List:

http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle

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