June 25th, 2009

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Cattle Valley 4 by Carol Lynne

Bad Boy Cowboy (Cattle Valley) by Carol Lynne

As I just said in the past, the Cattle Valley gay soap opera is a mix of full angst, medium angst and totally funny books. In the fictional gay town of Cattle Valley, every possible type of romance is represented, and this time is the bad boy - good boy play that is on.

Logan is a tattooed, biker and handsome cowboy. He actually is more fond of bikes than horses, but he has also a crush on Jax, his best friend's older brother, and since the man is a born cowboy, Logan chose the same path to be near him. But during the time he spent to grow up and close the 8 years age difference, Jax had a very bad love experience and now he is cautious when he deals with love. And loving a bad boy cowboy is probably not a good choice if he wants a steady relationship.

The book is all spent reading on how both men try to behave in the best possible way to please the other, only ending to make the worst possible errors. There isn't much drama, and also the problems are not so huge to not be easily overcome. The mainly is Logan's trouble with school and his struggle to obtain a GED.

This one could be considered a passage book, a relaxing story between some more exciting and fundamental events happening in Cattle Valley.


Amazon Kindle: Cattle Valley: Bad Boy Cowboy

The Sound of White (Cattle Valley) by Carol Lynne

Today I want to claim a merit to me, the fact to have called for the first time the two on going series by Carol Lynne, Campus Cravings and Cattle Valley, "gay soap opera". After two or three books per each series, they started to remind me a soap opera, with all the characters mixed together, with all the unbelievable events a mind could possible imagine, happening in small town barely able to have a diner, a theatre and a school. But despite the territorial limitation, in Cattle Valley, and its twin small college community that hosts Campus Cravings, you can find former professional football player, Olympic gold medals, wealthy men, war heroes, rodeo champions... try to imagine a dream lover and you are sure to find it in Cattle Valley, the paradise for every gay man.

In this last novel, we have not one, but two stories mixed together: Chad and Richard, respectively the hotel manager and the bar manager of the new mountain lodge which will be inaugurated on New Year's Eve, who spend all their free time arguing and launching lustful gaze to each other, and Collin and Abe, the shyest man on Cattle Valley and the former top-model turned lonely bear in a mountain isolated cabin.

Richard is an old acquaintance for the readers, the man Ezra and Wyn saved from a abusive Master in Oklahoma. Despite his stud body, Richard is a romantic at heart and a submissive for nature. He would do everything for the man he loves, but he learned that dying is a bit extreme. And so now he is wary when coming to love. Chad instead has the classical Napoleon complex: small in height but with a bigger than ever will, he learned that a full frontal attack sometime saves him from the necessity to prove his physical strenght; he reminds me a Chiuaua that wants to control a Danese.

Collin instead suffers from the middle son complex: his big brother was the sport star, his little sister the genius, and Collin was only the good boy, the one to whom everyone smiles to soon after looks up to one of his siblings. He has a lingering crush on Abe, a man who lives in an isolated cabin in the mountain, but even if Abe is not the socialite of the city, Collin thinks neither him could be interested in the shy man he is. On the other hand Abe has chosen a self inflicted isolation, almost a prison to make amends for an horrible sin in his past, and how can a good man like Collin being interested in him? A snow storm that strands Collin to Abe's cabin will help the two to see how much they have in common and how much they were mistaken about each other desires.

As often in the series, there is no drama, no angst (maybe a little in Abe and Richard's past history), a lot of sex and an obviosly and unavoidable happily ever after: if not like this, the reader will now in the next chapter on the soap opera how its charaters are behaving!


Amazon Kindle: Cattle Valley: The Sound of White

Amazon: Cattle Valley Vol 4: Bad Boy Cowboy / The Sound of White
Paperback: 262 pages
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (June 25, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1907010858
ISBN-13: 978-1907010859

Series: Cattle Valley
1-2) Cattle Valley 1: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/211609.html
3-4) Cattle Valley 2: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/285655.html
5-6) Cattle Valley 3: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/326486.html
7-8) Cattle Valley 4

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Cover Art by April Martinez
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America's Gay Bachelor Contest 2009

Adam Bouska, a photographer I like very much, shot the winner and finalists of the America's Gay Bachelor Contest 2009, a contest holds by a gay matchmaking website, MyPartner. What made me smile is that the presentation of the website says "Gay Long Term Relationship" and the first question on the member's profile is if they are "family guys"... probably there is much less behind, but at least I like the cover!

For the enjoyment of my female friends and to give a tip to my "more romantic" male friends, here are winner and finalists:

Winner: Mr. California

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I have to say that, all in all, Mr. California is nice, but my favorite is Mr. Massachusetts.
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Steven Clayton Corry: Gay Impressionist Painter

Steven Clayton Corry is a 59 years old erotic artist from Valencia, California.

"I am not old, I am just vintage.

Full-time gay impressionist painter, pacifist, pot head, atheist, gardener, lover of dogs, trees, flowers, water, Trader Joes, cats that live at other homes, Pro-choice, feminist, ex-postal clerk that went postal, Democrat, anti-war, anti-hate, anti-trash, anti-christian hate, pro - animals, clean air, mountains, beaches, warmth, Spring, nice people..."

Lust Out by the Dumper

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Behaving Badly (Action! 4) by G.A. Hauser

With this last book, G.A. Hauser pushed a bit the boundaries between romance and erotica, and also between reality and fantasy. Her characters are actually behaving badly, walking even more on the border, edging on the verge of a nervous breakdown; if before her characters were "bad" and too emotional, in this last book they reach the final step, they go all crazy, but it's a craziness for love, and so, again, I can forgive them. I actually don't read a G.A. Hauser to have a true and accurate book on gay life, I read one of her books for the glitter of the show business, for the hotness of cops in uniform, for reading of a man that is unsteady and emotional like and more than a woman, who makes mistake, and cries, and in all his craziness, can admit that he is a wrench, but his man loves him all the same, or maybe right for that reason.

Mark has made a descending parabola from the first books in which he appeared. He is still handsome and loved, but he starts to feel the weight of his age. First he had to prove himself having first a threesome and than a foursome with his partner and two very young actor (Acting 2). The he had to be sure of Jack's undying love for him, and to do so, he involved Jack and his partner Adam in another foursome with Steve (Action 3). Actually, this last experiment, other than confirming him that he has a lot of men loving him, served to Mark to convince him that he is still desirable, same reason why he started to modelling at the age of 38. After a youth and young age spent trying to force himself to love women, Mark now seems to not have boundaries, he is becoming all gay, and a bottom, arriving to refuse to top in bed. He has still big issue of self-esteem, and sex is the only way for him to bond people to him. It's not a chance that everytime he fights with Steve, he then enticed him to bed parading himself all naked in front of his lover.

Mark has barely started to regain a bit of self-esteem and stability with his partner Steve, than another brick falls on his head: a 18 years old boy knocks at his door claiming to be his son. And since Alexander is the spitting image of his father, there is no doubt of it. For Mark is both a dream and a nightmare: he is fiercely protective of his new found son, he wants to give him everything he lacked, above all the love of a father, even more when he discovers that also his son is gay, but at the same time he is scared; Alex represents everything he is losing, youth and beauty, and having him in the same house with Steve is a torture. On the contrary of Mark, Alex retorts to his stepfather's refusal of his sexuality flaunting it, emphasizing all his twinky trait... in a word, Alex is a born teaser and a sex fiend.

If at first Alex comes out like an unpleasant boy, with all his teasing toward Steve and Jack, little by little the reader understands that he is really very young and in deep need of love. And that probably he has not the right perspective on sex; in the past he used sex to "buy" love, now that he doesn't need it to gain the affection from the people around him, Alex is lost. But he will find a young boy, a virgin, that will teach him that sex without real love means nothing. After all, this is a romance ;-)

Amazon: Behaving Badly

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14) Behaving Badly (Action! 4)

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