July 10th, 2009

andrew potter

Gay Commercial: Folha de Sao Paulo

Two men walk up the sidewalk to the house of one of their parents. One asks if he should have brought a present and if his shirt is okay, as snaps to Madonna's "Vogue" song begin playing in the background. As they walk in the front door, the son is warmly greeted with a hug from his mother and father. Then he says, "Mom, Dad, this...is Marcos." Mom shakes his hand and then he turns to dad, who leaves Marcos' hand hanging in the air.

After a pause he accepts it and Marcos exchanges a nervous glance with his boyfriend. It ends with the announcer saying, "In a quickly changing world, you can't afford to miss The Folha," the daily newspaper. Rather than making a joke about gayness, this commercial effectively leverages the subject for its message in a dramatic

For people unfamiliar with the gay community's political climate in Brazil, it is by far the most advanced in Latin America and in some ways more progressive than the United States. Brazil's national government has already considered the question of same-sex unions, while many states across the US instead have passed so-called "Defense of Marriage" laws that define marriage as only between a man and woman.

Commercial Closet Association

Company: Folha de Sao Paulo
Brand: Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper
Ad Title: Casual Gay
Business Category: Media Outlets: Broadcasters-Publishers-Online-Games-Music
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Brazil
Region: Latin/South America
Agency: DDB Needham Worldwide
Year: 1994
Target: Mainstream