August 17th, 2009

andrew potter

Before the Show by J.M. Snyder

A short tale, only a scene, but really interesting.

Devin is a drag queen, in art Devine. He is 20 years old, young and happy to be. He is also quite in love with himself, he likes his looks and he likes to on stage and let people admire him. But Devin is not a Narcissus, he is not content to love himself in the mirror, he also wants to be loved by a real man, and his choice is Chuck, the bouncer of the club. Chuck is at the opposite of him, where Devin is thin and grace, Chuck is stock and strong. And he is totally stuck with Devin.

This is really only a sex scene, we can suppose that Devin is not wealthy and that he hardly ends the months, and probably the night club where he works is not top level entertainment, but Devin seems to be happy doing what he does... I wonder if it's only his young age that makes him happy and what he will be in ten years or so... maybe if Chuck will go beyond his boyish look, they can be still together.

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Publisher: JMS Books LLC (August 17, 2009)

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andrew potter

Man Candy Day: Anthony Gallo, Brian Shimansky & Cory Bond

The trio of this week is made up with all men candy from the same model agency, Major Model Management, and the common thread is "hands up". Joking aside, I think they are three different beauty, I'm really intrigued by Anthony, a dark beauty with an Italian name; little info on Brian, but I'm sure we will hear about him; and finally Cory, who is so refined when dressed and so sexy when he is not.

Anthony Gallo, born May 3, 1981, in New York City, New York, is an American model of Italian and African descent. Standing 5-foot-11, Gallo began his modeling career in 2007 by signing on with "Ford Models" and "Next" in Miami. His first modeling jobs were ad campaigns for big companies such as "Phat Farm" and "Sean John." Soon after, Gallo became one of the first African-American faces of "Abercrombie & Fitch," which gave him the mass exposure that secured him another big campaign for "Pepe Jeans." Gallo also appeared in Rihanna's 2008 pop and R&B video, "Take A Bow."


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Hercules magazine brings the hotness with the editorial ‘Live Flesh’ featuring Major Model Brian Shimansky captured by photographer Giampaolo Sgura with fashion editor David Vivirido. Brian was also shot by Milan Vukmirovic for L'Officiel Hommes.

Brian Shimansky by Saverio Cardia

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"In 10 years I see myself hard at work with a home outside NYC. I see myself focused on fitness, nutrition, playing/coaching baseball. I got scouted by Major Model' scout back in Summer 2008, in New Jersey where I'm from, outside a concert of John Mayer" - Brian Shimansky

Cory Bond, Major Model, is married to model Bekah Jenkins. Cory Bond and Bekah Jenkins, a true Tennessee couple, recently purchased a hunk of land down there, with a few horses and a couple of pooches to decorate the place. The biggest attraction, however, is Cory’s gun, which he picked up in just 20 minutes at the local Bass Pro Shop. He manages to actually hit the Coors Light cans decorating his makeshift range. “This is what living in the country is all about,” Cory said, adding that the ribs around the corner aren’t bad either. Cory has worked with photographs like Arnaldo Anaya-lucca, Vincent Dilio, Matt Albiani, and Gregory Vaughan.


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