August 22nd, 2009

andrew potter

Around the World: Passignano, Cortona & Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

This morning I went to visit first a little medieval stronghold, looking over a lake, Passignano; it was almost empty, all the tourists were at the feet of the town, near the lake. The I went to Cortona... it's a nice medieval town, but too full of tourist, I almost ran away. Finally the nice discovery of the day, those discoveries that make a whole trip worth the travel: Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. It's basically an old castle, XI century, a renaissance palace and an old church. Those three building are on top of a mountain and around them there is the village, made of little narrow steps street, where you can wander up and down only by foot.

by Elisa, Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, Italy, 2009

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My mother can't walk, and so she remained near the car, at the main entrance of the castle. While she was there, she started to talk with a lady on a window, and when I came back also the husband of the lady started to talk. In the end they told me to come up, since they wanted to show me a painted ceiling: their home was originally part of the castle, and in their ceiling there was still the coat of arms of the mister of the castle.

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