August 26th, 2009

andrew potter

Scarred by J.M. Snyder

In an post apocalyptic world, Dae owns a diner in an almost abandoned city. No law reigns unless the regulators' law, biker gang who patrolling the zone.

Dae must protect his younger sister and so he takes on him all the brutality of the gangs member, in particular of the leader. So now Dae is alive but his body is scarred, like his soul. He no more has hope.

But one day a new regulater arrives in the city: Coby is younger but he is also a born leader. But when he is with Dae, he has a gentle touch. He promises not to hurt Dae. He says he will return to Dae every night, and every night he returns. So maybe Dae can find some hope inside him.

This is a wonderful story, of a love who blossoms among the pain. Cody is so tender and caring, Dae, even if he is older, is like a baby who reborns with the gentle touch of Cody. It is also an over romantic story, and of passion, even if you will not find the mere act of sex: the passion is all in the magic touch of Cody, and a kiss will be the ultimate gift.

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Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (August 26, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1440494460
ISBN-13: 978-1440494468

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andrew potter

Conflict of Interest by J.M. Snyder

One of my favourite stories by J.M. Snyder is Power Play, a story about two teens who fall in love despite the different social status and the young age. Another one is Scarred, a story where a young man, brutally and continuously raped by a gang, preserves his kisses, the only thing he could freely give to a lover.

Conflict of Interest reminds me of both these stories. Alex accepts to serve as volunteer in a youth shelter; he has to play as big brother for a kid in need, and Father Nate thinks he can be a good example for Jamie. Alex is a  20 years old college student with a part time job and he is gay; but he isn't the type to search for one night stands or to go cruising at the clubs, instead he would like a steady relationship and a simple and comfort life. Jamie is 18 years old and he thinks that sex means acceptance and belonging; he has not friends but only boyfriends, young guy like him with whom he shares sex and let the time pass without scope. But none of them means something to him, and he has still a dream, to find a boy only for him, someone to give his kisses, that he doesn't want to share with others.

When Alex sees Jamie, he immediately falls in love, but Alex can't be like all the other, he can't pretend to have sex with Jamie and at the same time convince the boy that he is more than a quick rub in an alley, that he can have a real life and a future in front of him. But maybe what Alex doesn't see is that Jamie needs someone that loves him more than a "big brother".

The story is not very long, little more than 100 pages, but it's very romantic. There is no real sex, but well, you don't miss it, since there is an erotic tension building all along the book that it's all the same satisfying. This is a very classic story, the bad boy that can be reformed by love. I like all I read, but I'd also like to read more: how happens to Jamie? will he see his dreams come true? how will be Jamie as an adult? And what will happen when Jamie needs to return to his day-to-day life, like college and work? when he can't be all the time with Jamie?

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Amazon: Conflict of Interest
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Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (August 26, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1440486247
ISBN-13: 978-1440486241

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Enrico de Giuli by Marcello de Giuli

Only from the title of the post I can smile. Do you remember Enrico and Marcello? They were Men Candy on my LJ some months ago ( and their was a quite controversial love story with a particular happy end: when Enrico met Marcello, he was still underage; to whom question this, remember that Marcello was not much older, barely legal. Anyway they decided to leave Italy, where Enrico lived, for more permissive (apparently) countries, and their chosen profession was high level (and high class) male escort. Now it seems they are happy together, and very enthusiastic in everything they do, like this new field for Marcello, who tries his hand with photography and obviously the muse is his boyfriend, Enrico.

Enrico wrote to me yesterday night asking if I would have liked to post the first part of the shot they did in Mykonos... well, my friend, how could I say no?


Collapse ) 

The photos were taken this summer in Mykonos, Greece. Soon Marcello will post more images of Enrico and also some self-shots.

andrew potter

Man's Best Friends by P.A. Brown

The last novel by P.A. Brown surprised me in a good way; it's true, it's not that I read many novels by this author, only her famous L.A. Heat, but from that one I had the idea that she was a good mystery / thriller author, who wrote very good characters, out of the ordinary and original, and good love story, even if not particularly sexy. In L.A. Heat there was sex, but it was not the main course of the story, and the story between the two men was intimate without giving so much details on their private moments.

So you can imagine my surprise when, just from the first pages of this new novel, I realized that I was starting to read a sexy and funny romp. Todd is an hotel assistant manager with a passion for dogs; he has two German dobermans, quite impressive animals, but they behave more like puppy than threatening dogs. Todd is also a old-fashioned gay guy, he is searching for the right man, but in the meantime he doesn't mind a bit of eye candy. And so when he meets the new young vet, Keith, he is open to the chance of love at first sight, even better when the feeling is mutual.

Like Todd, also Keith is more the old fashioned guy than the animal party. I also had the feeling that he is also a bit less experienced than Todd, and this, being both virgins at least in one way, makes them quite the naive couple. But Todd would have been more willing to accelerate the things between them, and instead Keith is the one who wants to wait and see if what they have found together is the real thing... at least for one day! Yes, it's not that Keith doesn't put out for a long time, but at least not at first appointment.

Meanwhile to their new family bliss is added a new element, a little chihuahua named Taco. Everything seems perfect, so good that it was almost pouring sugar from the side, when an unexpected event forced them to take a decision that it was probably on the horizon, but not so soon: they need to decide if what they have is real and forever love, or if it's only a temporary nice fling. Obviously being this a romance, they will take the right decision.

The novel is clearly divided in two part; the first one is more intimate, almost all spent between Todd and Keith with very few interferences from the outside. Even when they have to face that decision, they do that with a bit of drama, but all in all in almost smooth way. There is one scene, quite harsh and disturbing, when Todd takes his "revenge" for Keith's temporary abandonment: he searches for mindless and meaningless sex with a stranger, putting himself and their relationship in danger. It's a brutal scene, but probably necessary to shake off the reader from the blissful he was till the moment before; it's a way to prove how bad life can be for both of them, Todd and Keith, if they are not together. Strange to say, to me was also a way to prove how much stronger and tougher Todd is in comparison to Keith.

It's not that Keith is not a negative character, it's only that I have the feeling that he is a bit soft and not tempered by life. Everything was quite easy for him, and yes, maybe now he is struggling to build his career, but it's a little struggle, nothing serious. At the first real trouble in his life, he reacts in a very bad way, closing off Todd, who was instead supporting and willing to help. Todd's reaction to this attitude was maybe drastic, but he realized soon his mistake, and was ready to make penance. He also behaves with honesty towards Todd, an honesty that was all willingly given, since there was no way Todd would have found out otherwise.

The following part of the novel is more smooth and easy, at least for what regards the relationship between Keith and Todd. The trouble this time are not between them, but we see them against the outside world, even if, truth be told, is a very little fight. In this second part the author introduce another couple, Charlie and Tyler, a couple I wouldn't mind to have a deeply insight: they stood out in a way that makes me think they are not merely supporting characters, that maybe there is a story planned also for them: but what I would be glad to read is not what will be of them after this book, but how they met and arrived to make their appearance in this story.

What at first appeared to be a simple and funny sexy romp, in the end is a complex romance all bore by the characters more than the plot, characters that have unexpected layers, positive but sometime also negative. The story flows smoothly only to be shaken by three dramatic events that serve to the author to not let the reader falls in the sugar feelings of the romance. To top all like a cherry on the cream, there are a lot of sex scenes, sexy and detailed.

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Damn Gorgeous by Jaye Valentine

First of all this post about Damn Gorgeous will be as mysterious as the book itself since I can't really tell you who the characters really are, it's the main interest and the most original part of the book to find out by yourself. Enough to say that I read a lot, and all you know how much, and in the last three years I saw every imaginable paranormal being, but Damn Gorgeous introduced me to a new and unexpected one.

Spencer is a paranormal reporter for a national tabloid. Maybe at the beginning he believed in what he writes, but after all the fake paranormal events he "witnessed", now he is a bit skeptical. When he arrives to Falls River, Massachusetts, to write of the Lizzie Borden's haunted house, he didn't expect to fall in love. Virgil is the bed&breakfast owner from whom Spencer rents a room, and from the first night he becomes also Spencer's lover. All in all Virgil is a very good boy, he is honest with Spencer from the first, not hiding him anything. If Spencer wasn't a willing and predisposed soul, he would have run that first night.

I have to pay Jaye Valentine a lot of compliments, since, for the second time, with a slightly different mood of the story, he impressed me with the ability to make me like something that prior I wouldn't have thought possible to like. The first time was with the first book in the Starcrossed series, where the paranormal beings are not these misunderstood noble souls, but they are really demoniac and not at all penitent for their actions. Nevertheless they have a glamour that is almost impossible to resist.

The same feeling I had with this last story, but this time the mood is at the opposite, all funny and less "glamour". All right, Virgil still has his little secret, but all in all, he is a next door good boy type, gentle, caring, and the author has an intake in Virgil's otherworldly nature that turn something "ugly" in almost "sweet". Another feeling that I found recurrent in this author's work, is the young nature and attitude of the main characters: they are more boys at play than boring adults, they still face life with that irresponsibility that usually I find only in teenager characters, and instead these ones are nearly thirty years old man, more or less. Maybe it's due to the fact that these men have never stopped to dream, and doing so, they are young in soul if not in age.

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