August 28th, 2009

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Forbidden Love by Carol Lynne

Sex With Lex by Carol Lynne

Why on earth the last three M/M covers by Ellora's Cave are one worst than the other? A Man for Michael by Sedonia Guillone, Finnegan's Promise by Carol Lynne and now Sex With Lex by Carol Lynne. Ellora's is not a little epubs that has no money to buy some decent covers. And I know, you mustn't judge a book by its cover, but guys, if you are uncertain if buy or not a book, would you buy a book with a cover like that of Sex With Lex.

I know Carol Lynne works, and I buy the book. Carol Lynne is young, and her works is not always a constant. But she writes about characters who are deeply in love and put their relationship before all.

Lex is a 44 years old ranch owner wit a 25 years old son. One summer, Sam, his son, brings home his college roommate, Nick. Nick is 26 years old and he is a foster son. He has no family and when he has the chance to live in a real family, he knows he wants to stay there forever. But Lex is not out with his son, and Nick can't live in a lie and so he left. But love is strong and three years later both Lex and Nick have to admit that their feelings are still strong and that they have to find a way to live together.

The story is simple, and a little "all american dream": Lex is a Native American stud with a wealthy ranch who can buy all he wants to Nick. Nick is young but mature, very serious. He is not in search of Lex's richness, he really love his 19 years older lover. Lex's ex wife is a bitch, no one can like, neither her own son, Sam.

As always in Lynne's books, sex is very down and dirty, loud and rough. It's a strange pair, ultra romantic characters with dirty sex... strange but interesting. And the book is also long enough to gives significance to all the story.

Gio’s Dream by Carol Lynne

Gio is the thirty something years old son of an Italian family. From a suburb town of Kansas City he has made a successful career as ad manager in New York, but now he is back home. His widower father needs to take an heart surgery and he probably will be no more able to manage the daily work in his big sport store. And so Gio now has to spend ever more time with his father's business partner and best friend Rafe.

Rafe has been part of the family even before Gio's birth. But since Gio discovered to be interested in men and not in women, his fantasies were fullfilled by Rafe's images. And now at 49 years old, Rafe is still a very handsome man, and someone Gio wants as badly as before. But even if they figure how to tell Gio's father the news, there is someone else who is not happy to this sudden development.

As always in Carol Lynne's story, the men are moving first by their body needs and then by their mind. Sex is a primordial necessity and everything else needs to adapt to it. Here is a book where the erotic part outcome by big lenght the romance one. Both Gio than Rafe behave like teens in heat, and they are almost funny in their eagerness... maybe not very real, but funny.

As I said the sexy scene are a lot and often, but also the little mystery inside the book is dealt in a very good way. I haven't had a clue of the culprit since almost the end, when the author gives us the big input to find out: so congrats to Carol Lynne that even if her book is not a mystery, still she manages to build a good sub mystery story.

Amazon Kindle: Gio's Dream

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Gay Commercial: Impulse

I remember this ad on the Italian television many years ago. I think it was not exactly this one, but the same story with different actors. Anyway the concept was the same. Someone could question that it's not a nice idea for a gay guy to be attracted by a straight girl in front of his boyfriend, but I think the meaning of the spot is that, regarding the gender, the perfume is so "strong" that goes beyond your sexual preferences. And then I like the attitude of the girl when she finds out the real situation: that smile is so wide and sincere.

A woman walking down the street with her arms full of groceries gets bumped by two guys walking in the opposite direction and her groceries go flying.

One stops to help her pick them up and a seduction begins. They catch each others' gaze and -- in an amusing Biblical reference to lost innocence -- they both grab a rolling apple at the same moment. He then picks up a box of condoms and she smiles as a tune in the background sings, "The female of the species is more deadly than the male."

At that moment, the fellow is tapped on the shoulder by his buddy, who motions that they go. The woman stands up and begins looking around her as the two guys walk away. She sees two other guys leaning in close to each other, a British dandy (a cameo appearance by Quentin Crisp) and a tiny dog in a leather outfit. She then looks back at the two who bumped into her and they walk away with their arms around each other.

The one who helped looks back and smiles then shrugs his shoulders. She smacks herself on her forehead (Like the classic "Wish I had a V8" commercials in the US), realizing that she was in a gay neighborhood.

The tagline: "Men can't help acting on Impulse."

This commercial -- considered one of the first in England to overtly show a gay couple -- is a twist on the age-old perfume ad, where men spontaneously give flowers to a beautiful woman passing by.

Commercial Closet Association

Company: Unilever
Brand: Impulse
Ad Title: Groceries
Business Category: Fragrances
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe, Latin/South America
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
Year: 1998
Target: Mainstream
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The Katzman's Mate by Stormy Glenn

I bought this book since I read in another post by a friend of mine of a particularly development of the story that I was really interested in seeing, but since I'm mean, and since finding out that development is part of the surprise of the book, I will not say what it was ;-) Yes, yes, I know that I had an advantage on you, but still I'm incorruptible.

Apart from that first element, the Katzman's Mate has many traits that usually I like in a futuristic gay romance: first of all the "furry" nature of one of the main characters, even more when it's the top of the situation. Truth be told, Chellak, the katzman, has less "fur" than usual, and he has not a tail, only pointed ears and a bit of more hair on his body than a human. And a cat like nose. And long and thick hair like the mane of a lion... said like that he seems not so handsome, but he purrs, so I can accept that.

Chellak is the commander of a small pride who comes back to his home planet to get rid of the usurper who killed his father more or less thirty years before. Having Chellak a bit of feline nature in him, he is all in all the classical "feline" man of a paranormal romance, all instinct and "you are my mate" attitude: when a Alpha Male katzman finds his mate, he gets in a frenzy mating and he has only one thought in mind... well, to be true, not so different from any other male, feline or not. Anyway Chellak finds his mate in Demyan, a small man from an exotic planet who was a slave of the usurper: Demyan is a beautiful little thing and the villain used him as carrot to his stubborn son; if the "Boy" behaved in a good way, he was allowed to play with his "toy", Demyan, otherwise the toy was put in a cage. From that experience Demyan comes out a bit traumatized and also mute, due to an harsh punishment he suffered to have refused unwelcoming sexual advance from his captor.

This is not exactly a yaoi novel, it lacks of some of the main characterizations (big blurry eyes, blushing virgin and so on), but many of the elements that draw female reader to gay romance are there: the Top and Bottom pair, with clear and precise play roles without shifting; the chick with dick bottom, a boy who behaves mostly like a girl, when girl where demure and shy; the exclusive and strictly monogamous couple. In the end the big "why" I was attracting to this book at first, the one I can't say, but that I know it's a big NO for some gay romance readers (especially the "purist"), but that has some fans among other. If I'm to be sincere, I like all of above, true, not always and not in all my books, but sometime I like it; I'm all for a big bad Alpha Male who can pur, and I like Demyan's character, a mix of innocent and teaser, sometime you wonder if he is dumb, but then you realize he is really only very young and not used to deal with strangers.

So yes, I liked it, and please don't take my following comment like a reason to not read it; I feel to write it only as an advice to the author and the editor: being me not English mother tongue, it's hard for me to notice typos, but I found some, one even in the second sentence of the book, first page. They are quite simple mistakes, I believe most due, maybe, to an automatic proof reader that perhaps changed a word in the wrong way. Most of them probably you can find and correct with a second pass from a skilled reader. Since, as I said and want to remark, the story is good and the characters also, I think it's a shame that a reader is distracted by those typos.

Amazon: The Katzman's Mate (Siren Publishing)

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Restraint by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Even if the cover suggests something else, Restraint is a man on man story. So this is not the trouble I found reading it, my trouble was more on the nature of the story, a very deep intake in the BDSM world to its extreme. True, the publisher warned the "innocent" reader, since this short story is part of a collection called "Raw" (and so it's also explained the cover, that is common for all the stories in the collection).

My friends know that BDSM is not my cup of tea. A light BDSM I can read, but as a newbie in the world, I have always said, no blood please and no real pain... So yes, it was difficult for me to read this story since the main focus of it is the "blood sports", Luke, one of the main characters, is into pleasure/pain games brought one with the use of knife. He has always had a fascination with vampires, but more to the aesthetic idea of it than the real meaning of being a vampire. Luke likes to see the blood on white sheets, on pale skin. He has also dreams of having sex with a man who is bleeding to death, and this side of the book left me even more perplexed... I really don't know if I liked Luke so much, I think he is a bit to nut and crazy for my like.

I think the author pushed so much the boundaries for a reason, she wanted to prove that, if these "games" are done by people with a lot of "restraints", then it's possible to enjoy them without danger. She had to describe Luke as a crazy man, to prove that, for real, he isn't. More, she paired him with an innocent looking man, to give a bit the idea of the wolf with the innocent prey, but the innocent was more than willing. It's Evan, the white lamb, who neared Luke and proposed the game. Luke has always behaved in the right way, forcing Evan to face his decision, and being sure that he was 100% willing.

I think that, for a story of less than 20 pages, the author did a good job with the characters and their reason, and there is also space for an unexpected turn, something that reinforces even more the concept that Luke, all in all, is not as dangerous as he wants to appear. But, I still feel to have to warn my friends, if you are not into BDSM things, this one could be a little too far into the world for you.

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