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October 4th, 2009

Today I had to ponder the question of the fairness of this award. People are voting, and I didn't expect such response. There are votes from people I absolutely don't know, people that are way out my field. I'm glad, even if I don't know if they will reach the limit of 5 nominations per category, that I have submission also for the Lesbian and Transgender, that were my worries.

I had to face an issue with jurors / authors. It was questioned their credibility if their books were also in the Categories. I asked to all the authors in the jury if they would prefer to be on the jury or being in the contest. I really hated to do that, but probably it was better for the award. You don't know who they are, well, now probably you know who are the authors who decides to be on the jury, but be sure, it was not an easy decision for me.

Then I had a problem with the voting system... I'm monitoring the thing, I don't see so many "odd" votes, and the votes are varied, in different genres and for very different authors and publishers. But all right, I understand the perplexity of whom see this as unfair for authors that maybe are not so visible online or without the right connection.

My decision is this one: said that from the polls (popularity contest) we will arrive with 15 books, first books in each category, I will leave the chance to the jurors to nominate other 15 books (still try to understand how). Other 2 jurors have to vouch the nomination of a juror, and if I have three positive votes, the book will be included. It's not mandatory that the book was in the poll, it has only to respect the guidelines the other books did. Don't worry, in the jury there are people that or have a strong background in the field, or gained the right to be since they are valueable readers / reviewers. I have plenty of faith in them.

All the books, 15 from the poll + 15 from the jury, will be read by the jurors, each book will be read by 3 jurors. The books nominated from the jurors have to be read by three different jurors from the ones who nominated or vouched it.

I will have to find other 6 jurors to have a jury of 30 jurors, and I will have to find a way to finance the cost to buy the books that the publishers will not willing to provide, more are the books in the finalists, more it's possible that will be a possibility, but I think it will be something I can manage.


The Rainbow Awards: Phases and Timeline

Since there are so many people that are voting and filling up the categories, I decided to leave more time to people to do so. So here are the timeline, read carefully:

First Phase: Open poll with multiple options (check boxes) from Friday October 2 to Friday (afternoon) October 16. Multiple options (check boxes) means that you can vote more books inside the same Category/Subcategory (example, you can vote 3 books in the Gay Comedy Category and 2 books in the Lesbian Comedy Category, total 5 books in the Comedy Category). You are not forced to vote all the Category/Subcategory (example, you can vote 1 books in the Lesbian Comedy Category and 0 books in all the other Subcategories, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). The prefilled books are listed alphabetically, but you can see how the voting is going. If you don't see a title you would like to vote, there is the possibility to input the title in the input boxes I created for each subcategory. The input boxes are independent from the check boxes, so, for example, you can vote 3 books in the Gay Comedy Category using the check boxes and then input a title in the same Gay Comedy Category using the specific input box, total 4 books for the Gay Comedy Category. The input boxes are able to receive only 1 book, so if you need to nominate more than one book, use the comment section (leave a comment with Title, Author and Subcategory). This means that, using the input boxes and the comment section you can nominate any book you would like to vote for the Category and that is not listed with the check boxes. Every morning I will update each Category/Subcategory with the books people nominated the day before using the input boxes or the comment section, those books will be listed at the end of the poll, since I can't update the poll, and to vote them, people will have to use or again the input boxes or the comment section.

If a Category/Subcategory has more than 10 books, the books are split in group of 10, again in alphabetically order. The check boxes allow you to vote more than one book in the same group. I only suggested to not vote all the books in the same group, but again, if you fill as you have to vote all of them, you can.

In this moment your task is mainly to nominate the books, help in filling the categories/subcategories.

Second Phase: Open poll with single options (radio buttons) from Friday (night) October 16 to Thursday (afternoon) October 29. Single options (radio buttons) means that you can vote only one book inside the same Category/Subcategory (example, you can vote 1 book in the Gay Comedy Category and 1 book in the Lesbian Comedy Category, total 2 book in the Comedy Category). You are not forced to vote all the Category/Subcategory (example, you can vote 1 book in the Lesbian Comedy Category and 0 books in all the other Subcategories, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). The prefilled books are listed alphabetically and they are the first 10 book for each Category/Subcategory voted in the First Phase, and you can see how the voting is going. At this point it's no more possible to enter new books, the popularity phase is open only to the books nominated in the previous two phases. Only the Subcategory with more than 5 books will enter the Third Phase, Subcategories with less than 5 books will be deleted; I will try to compact those Subcategories that didn't reach 5 books, but that maybe have more than 5 books as Category (for example, 2 books in the Lesbian Poetry Subcategory, 2 books in the Gay Poetry Subcategory, 1 books in the Transgender Poetry Subcategory, total 5 books in the Poetry Subcategory).

In this moment your task is to vote the finalist (1 book) for each category that will be the popularity winner for that category.

Meanwhile the Jury will have the chance to nominate books that didn't arrive in the Second Phase, or maybe that weren't nominated before, or that probably will not be the winner of the popularity contest. The Jury can nominate as many books as the categories in the popularity contest, meaning that, if we have 15 categories in the popularity contest, the Jury can nominate 15 books as well. The number of books that will pass to Phase 3 is according to the number of jurors I have for the reading phase 3. If I have 40 jurors, 5 books read per Juror, 40X5=200, each book has to be read by 3 jurors, 200/3=66 books will pass to Phase 3. If 16 books wins the Popularity contest, the Jury has the chance to nominate 50 books (66-16=50).  For a book to be nominated by the Jury I have to receive a positive vote from, at least, 3 jurors. The book nominated by 3 jurors, will be read by 3 other different jurors, not the same who nominated it.

Third and Last Phase: November / December 2009 (more or less, the jury will have one month to read the books, but I can allow some contingency). The jury will read all the books winner of the popularity contest + books nominated by the Jury. Each book will be read by 3 jurors that will rate it 1 to 30. I will ask to Publishers / Authors to provide 3 ebooks (preferable) or print books (acceptable) of each title for the jury to be read. Print books will be send directly to the juror who has to read it, so the juror has the right to ask to change book to read if he/she doesn't want to be directly in contact with the Publisher/Author. Publishers/Authors that will not provide ebooks/print books will be disqualified (I will consider some exceptions, obvioulsy).

Due to the different nature of the Genre, Fiction and Non Fiction will not compete together, so, at the end of this phase, we will have a winner for Fiction and a winner for Non Fiction Category.

I said this before and in different emails in these days, so I will say it again: I'm monitoring the IP address of all people that are voting using the comment section and double check it with the LJ accounts; it's a boring and long task but I'm doing it.

You are a good community, till now I found only some strange cases, and they are more mistake in using the double possibility of nominating a book with the Input Boxes and the Comment Section than real fraudulent intention.

I will double check LJ accounts and IP addresses, in the final voting count, so no, it's not possible to vote more than one time the same book in the same phase (at least not with the same Internet Provider...)

Director: Tennyson Bardwell

Writer: Tennyson Bardwell (writer)

Release Date: 12 March 2004 (San Jose Cinequest Film Festival, USA)

Genre: Comedy

Tagline: Sometimes finding yourself is a matter of checking the closet.

Plot: Witty, knowing, and immensely entertaining, Dorian Blues is a delightfully off-kilter coming-of-age tale from debut writer-director Tennyson Bardwell. Adolescence is proving a pain for Dorian (Michael McMillian). He’s an outcast and the butt of classmates’ fag jokes at high school and his football hero brother (Lea Coco) is constantly rescuing him. But everything finally begins to make sense when he realizes that he’s gay.

Before his arch-conservative dad (Steven C. Fletcher, in a hilarious role) can throw him out of the house, he’s off to NYU where he encounters a new world of cafes, sophisticates and handsome men, but this life proves just as frustrating as his world back home. From the hysterical dinner table political discussions to the serious family moments and less-than-perfect life in college, the writing and acting is directly from the heart and always rings true. Prepare to laugh out loud with this first-rate gay comedy.

@Amazon: Dorian Blues
@TLA Releasing
@Wolfe Video

more picsCollapse )

Cast (in credits order)
Michael McMillian ... Dorian Lagatos
Lea Coco ... Nicky Lagatos
Austin Basis ... Spooky
Cody Nickell ... Ben
Steve Fletcher ... Tom Lagatos (as Steven C. Fletcher)
Mo Quigley ... Maria Lagatos
John Abele ... Ben's Father (as Jack Abele)
Ryan Kelly Berkowitz ... Tiffany (as Ryan K. Berkowitz)
Richard Burke ... Muscles
Chris Dallman ... Andrew
rest of the castCollapse )

Dorian & Nicky

more picsCollapse )

It's not the first time that I read a shapeshifter story by Michelle Houston and that I noticed that she is able to put credibility and common sense in a story that is for definition something else, a paranormal story. Her shapeshifter characters are men living in the society, and they have to deal with it. Even if they are otherworldly creature, they are not excused to abide to the human law.

And so we have Michael, jaguar shifter that, in a moment of distraction, was taken in shifted form by hunters in search of animal for a zoo. Now it's three months that Michael is forced to be in his jaguar form, to avoid people knowing his true nature and in this way, give away his people secret. While he is in that form, he has a lot of thinking to do, he can do only that, and he realizes how he wronged with his partner, Danny, and the stupid fight they had. But other than these "high" thoughts, he also thinks that he misses the simple things of life, like a shower and television, things that, when he was in human form and recreminating on the loss of his lover, he didn't consider enough to distract him.

This is a short story, 20 pages, but I think it's a very good paranormal story, with two characters, Danny and Michael, that are normal men, in their supernatural nature.


Amazon Kindle: Unleashing the Jaguar

Rainbow Awards, The Game is On!: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/807504.html


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