December 17th, 2009

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Man to Man by G.A. Hauser

Man to Man is probably the most traditional gay romance by G.A. Hauser I have read. There is still some of the elements that I usually find in one of her romances, like men who like sex for the pleasure of sex, and who are incredibly outrageous, but all in all, these two men are two romantic at heart.

Tanner, a lifeguard, is just out from a bad divorce and he doesn’t want to have a committed relationship any time soon. There is also the little problem that Tanner doesn’t want kids, that is the mainly reason for the failure of his marriage, and at 30 years old all the women who buzz around him seem primed for pregnancy. So basically Tanner is avoiding any relationship at all, and things work just fine at least till the day Josh enters his life.

Josh is 25 years old and in searching of a change in his life. A business degree on the shoulder and a year of work as white collar left him with a desire for something different. With the summer approaching, Josh decides to enlist to be a lifeguard and he is also very good at that. At first Tanner takes him under his wing thinking to have found a good work partner, but he doesn’t expect all the trouble Josh is bringing on.

Even if Josh behaves like an “easy” man, he is for real thirsty for love; all his previous relationships, three in totals, have always left him with a bitter taste in his mouth, and in the end, his partners have always taken advantage of him. Josh has never been the one in control, he was always the one who begged for love and only received sex. Just before meeting Tanner, Josh was considering the idea to try to have next a sex relationship instead of searching for love, and then here it’s Tanner, sexy and single. The little detail that Tanner is straight it’s not something Josh considers important, two of his three previous boyfriends pretended to be straight, and used Josh as hidden boy toy.

The problem is that Josh is totally unable to prevent to his heart to be involved and on the other side, Tanner is not a bad guy like his previous partners. Both men realize that they are venturing in dangerous waters, that their hearts are on stake, but the temptation is too much. There is a bit of "gay for you" in this novel, even if it doesn't bring along the usual angst; yes, Tanner is scared to "come out" as gay, he is still stuck with the definition of what is straight and what is gay, and he is maybe considering the option of bisexual, but all in all, he is not resisting so much or so strongly to the idea.

Usually I like the G.A. Hauser’s men since they are not likeable characters, they are whining, spoiled, vain… and they are adorable. Josh and Tanner have not the negative traits and all the positives, they are handsome, generous, devoted to their work and unable to have a relationship without commitment, even when they are both willing to have it. In a way they are so perfect that they should be unrealistic, but I was more in the mood to hug them, at least when they were not bad mouthing the women around them! Yes, that is another thing from the previous novels by G.A. Hauser that comes back again here, women don’t come out exactly in a positive way, even if, in the end, the author gave them a moment of redemption.

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andrew potter

David Mendelsohn: Harmony and Melody

David Mendelsohn is a photographer based in southern New Hampshire (near Boston), yet working worldwide for design firms, ad agencies and corporations. There are very few airports he hasn't seen.

"All things must be considered. Harmonies must be present for the message to be fluent. It must come together symphonically. If there is too much noise, it is difficult to hear the melody." --Professional Photographer


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As a former designer, his work is characterized by a unique and highly graphic style. David is hired by his clients for his ability to see things in a certain way, a talent to work with people on all levels and the experience to bring home the images, no matter what the circumstances.

"Though the pictures are composed with a studied desire for simplicity, I found my eye darting around the paper as though I was looking at a medieval, illuminated manuscript, trying to better penetrate the veil of the arcane, intentionally mystified vision." --ZOOM Magazine

"Within the frame, if I can say things in a simple vein, with the fewest possible distractions to the mind and eye, I am finally satisfied." --Communication Arts

Both his commercial and personal work have received innumerable national awards and honors. Additionally, his images are represented in many private and corporate collections and his prints have been exhibited in galleries as far away as Tokyo, Paris, Hamburg, Cologne and the Philippines. For information about obtaining any of the work in either of the portfolio sections, select prints. A selected client list is also available.

"I like to impart my work with a certain grace, some order and balance. If you don't prepare your canvas, the paint has nothing to adhere to." --Nikon Product Guide

"I have been fortunate enough to be involved with photography ever since my Dad passed me his weary Argus C-3. Although it became another one of my interests, it evolved into a passion while engaged as a graphic designer for UNH and discovered that I preferred being behind the camera rather than my straight edge. While tenured there, my work began getting published by serious venues such as Print Magazine, Communication Arts , received an NEA grant , collected by the likes of Polaroid and invited to join Magnum. At that point, I decided it was time to migrate, to change career directions and pursue photography on a dedicated basis. That was approximately 25 years ago.

Photography has allowed me to see the world and enjoy an entree to people, locations and enriched by encounters which would normally be inaccessible. It has also helped satisfy a certain wanderlust , which is still, and likely will always be, nipping at my heels.

I've never quite lost my design background and seems to manifest itself in my work. I am attracted to the crisp and clean and strive to eliminate any unnecessary information, intentionally distilling my work down to fairly basic elements. I am also a large fan of formal composition and compelled to keep a certain visual harmony within the frame.

In a sense I work in abstractions, condensing a fairly complex world into small, digestible portions. I gravitate toward what might be described as a visual economy and in the end, I am most content when a viewer is left with few distractions and little doubt about what they are looking at." David Mendelsohn

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A Christmas Carl by Ryan Field

A Christmas Carl is the retelling of the Dickens’ seasonal story A Christmas Carol, and so, yes, most of you already know what will happen to Carl during the Christmas’ night, he will be visited by three ghosts, of the Past, Present and Future Christmas, and he will learn from his own mistakes. But this is the “gay” version of the story, and so Carl is not an old a bitter man, he is a young and bitter gay man. Carl hates Christmas since 15 years before, on a Christmas night, he lost the love of his life, Victor. From that moment on, Carl has denied all his old self, closing his heart in a cold safe, and little by little changing in a man that Victor would not recognize.

The most interesting thing of the novel is to read of the little “gay” details the author manages to fit in the “classical” Christmas tale. Carl is fit and handsome, Able, his employee, is a young man who dresses well his low waist jeans, the Ghost of the Christmas Present has high heels red shoes, and the Ghost of the Christmas Future is Quentin Crisp. Moreover, Carl not only enjoys sex with his past lover Victor, but we also read of different other sexual encounters he has in the next future, that more or less serve to prove that Carl is slowly descending in the darkness of loneliness, but in one of them, he is with high knee black boots and black leather long coat… Carl could be descending in hell, but damn it if he is not doing it in full black leather style!

So the story is a mix of naughty and nice; all the Christmas feelings around, the bells ringing and the people doing good action is the nice part; the use of very graphic details to describe Carl’s sexual life and even his intimate body part, is the naughty one. And the “naughty” word has here the joyous connotation of Christmas time, since even if detailed, I always felt like the author was blinking his eye to the reader, he was never really “bad”, he was more like a child who was stealing a cake under his mom’s nose.

Basically the story is a romance, but again it’s not a romance with a too much pink clouded perspective. There was a moment in the story, while Carl was reliving his last Christmas with Victor, when he says that after Victor, there hasn’t been anyone else in his life. Me, as an obtuse romance reader (and yes, as a female obtuse romance reader, and yes, I’m joking... don’t take me too seriously…) promptly jumped to the idea that Carl had no one else in his life since Victor, that he was always faithful to his first and only love, that he spent his life alone mourning his lost lover… only to find in the next chapter Carl, with the above said black leather boots, cruising for anonymous sex! It made me think, really. I though on Carl’s words, “There hasn’t been anyone else since then”… for Carl they meant that no one else has been in his heart since Victor! For absurbo, me, the romance reader, was thinking to a trivial thing like sex, and instead Carl was speaking of something more deep and romantic, like his heart. Carl was really more romantic than the romance reader that was me.

Again the author manages to write a light romance that it’s not light at all, it has a lot of hidden layers and each reader will find the one he/she is more interested in.

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Elisa's Top Posts of the Year

People around is making list on list, I have already done my share with the Rainbow Awards for books and covers ;-) so now I'd like to do something different, I will post the Top Posts of the Year, month by month


Man Candy Day: Chris Fawcett:

Chris is for sure one of the best looking models I have ever featured. I love tall men, even if, maybe, he is still more a boy than a man, I feel like an old woman cradling the cuddle when I'm looking at him ;-) But he is for sure a very promising new face in the fashion industry and I'm glad to have seen him in more than an editorial in the past year.


Pretty Man by Ryan Field:

At the time I didn't know but this was the beginning of a wonderful online friendship, that was also "tested" last September when I visited Ryan. Ryan is always supporting of me, and I now list him among those authors who trespass the definition of "authors" to become "friends", like William or Victor.

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I'm sure I forgot someone and something, and if so, forgive me. You can obviously point out something you liked, and I will update the post: in the end, without my friendlist, this year wouldn't have been the same!

Merry Christmas you all my friends, all over the world, and nearer than I believed last year.