January 21st, 2010

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Submissive (Screen Shots 4) by Willa Okati

There is very few of submissive in Skyler, the new twink of 20Something. He is arrived to the professional porn firm with a single mind purpose, to conquer Thom, producer and lead cameraman, but also former porn actor. Skyler can’t believe he has retired for good, but most of all, he can’t believe what people is saying, that Thom is now like a “priest”, he is like an asexual “father” for all the pretty boys around, but he doesn’t touch anyone.

But as Skyler says, what he wants, he gets, and even if he pouts and mumbles, his patience is big almost as Thom’s, and so, after a right period of observation, Thom is ready to give Skyler a taste of what he so much wants, and if, at the end of the day, he will be not on his way out of the place, then maybe Thom will be sure that the man he is waiting for six years is finally arrived.

It’s almost a torture what Thom does to Skyler, almost a Tantalus’ torture, since, while he, Thom, never once gives up to the urges of his body, Skyler instead is on a rollercoast, each time reaching an higher apex to then falling down to an apparently calm, to then, almost immediately reach another higher level. More Thom gives to Skyler and more Skyler is there to ask for more.

There is a light difference between this story and the others in the series: even if Skyler is working for the firm, doing scene with other men, this is not part of the story. It’s not “important” and the focus has to remain on the particular relationship between Thom and Skyler. As proved in his “torture”, it’s not important for Skyler to be abstinent, it’s important for him to understand that, if he obtains Thom, then he will be an exclusivity only of him. And I’m not referring to his body, the body for Thom is not important, this is a question of will and how much Skyler is willing to let his will be lead by Thom. It’s not even a question of pleasure / pain, even if the plug Thom uses with Skyler doesn’t seem so comfortable, aside that Thom doesn’t use anything else to “play” his will-power game with Skyler.

Not denying release to Skyler, not using anything tangible to force him, when Skyler will let it go, when he will surrender to Thom, it will be a total surrender, something he has decided with full conscience, and so even more satisfying.


Series: Screen Shots
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4) Submissive

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Jorn Moibus: Through the Drapes of an Exquisite Attire

Danish design and style permeate these ravishing paintings by Jorn Mobius. Superbly executed in brilliant colors, they place stunningly handsome men in the most elegant surroundings. The men are fully clothed, but the sex appeal of their toned bodies still seeps through the drapes of their exquisite attire.


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Jorn Mobius has worked as an artist in Denmark, Germany and the United States. His paintings are in many collections including those of Billy Joel and Jeff Bridges.


More Artists at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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Lift Me Up by Rayne Auster

This is a very nice novella with a good push on the light and funny button. Soon after having a bad experience with best friend Kayden in the elevator, so bad to leave Avery traumatized and unable to take again one, Avery meets new neighbour Dylan. Actually more than a meeting it’s a clashing, Dylan stumbles over Avery breaking his ankle. The only right thing at this point is to take Avery to the ER and at the same time, trying to extract as much information as possible from the little man, who seems to have some trouble to form a coherent thought.

If the reader is thinking that Avery is shocked, by the bad experience and the accident, it will soon realize that it’s not, Avery is like that in his ordinary behaviour: while Dylan is asking him something, Avery is always thinking and planning something else in his mind and it’s too much concentrated on his goal to let his mind pays attention to the question on hand.

Dylan and Avery agree on one thing from moment one: there is no doubt that they have now a relationship, and a simple and ordinary thing like asking someone out or spending some time to know each other before embarking in a relationship, is not something that is worth to spend time on. Avery is coming out from a dry spell of more than 2 years and so, maybe, having the unexpected luck of an hunky neighbour who seems as taken as him, it’s not something that he will let it go.

There is no big drama on this story, even the little one, like a former twink boyfriend of Dylan and Avery’s phobia of elevators (better of one elevator in particular, his own), are dealt with a light and funny hand. Basically this is a comedy more than a romance, and its purpose is to bring a smile on your face, something that for me worked perfectly.

On a side note, I found really strange but interesting the writing style of the author, that was more like a brainstorming of Avery’s mind more than a linear development of a plot. Since we are basically inside Avery’s mind, Dylan’s character is maybe not so much development, but it’s all the same really good, I wouldn’t mind to read the story also from his point of view.

Side note: it's the first time that I find a character who does exactly my job, and the explanation he gave, even with the preface that it's not easy to explain, and even what he does more than his specifically skills, is exactly what I do.


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Cover Art by Anne Cain
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Kelsey’s Present by D.J. Manly

When you buy a season short story, for sure you are expecting to read a all around good feelings type of story and Kelsey’s Present delivers it.

Des is a small town gay doctor who devoted himself to his niece Kelsey 10 years before, when the then 6 years girl lost her parents in a car accident. Now Kelsey wants to give something back to her dear uncle, and what is better than cute young fiction actor Victor, in town to shoot some scene in the local high school?

As I said before the mood of the story is all sweet and sugar, there is no drama, no sadness, and the main characters are almost too good to be true: Des, nice doctor, good step-father, just the right dose of handsomeness to have a bit of self-esteem, but paired with a bit of shyness that makes him even more cute. And what about Victor? An actor who has not lost the allure or the small town boy of before, and who is more interested in having an home made dinner than to live under the lights of success.

If someone is wondering how is it possible for a big star to be happy in small town contest, truth be told, Victor is a “low-profile” star, for a tv fiction show and not for movies, and I had also the feeling that, all in all, he is neither so much interested in remaining low-profile: Victor has no desire for being a famous movie star, he has not the attitude of the big movie star, and a small town doctor as boyfriend is his perfect choice.

In according with the seasonal mood of the story, even if there is sex, it’s more romantic than sexy, more nice than naughty, something not usual for this author.


Amazon Kindle: Kelsey's Present

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