March 4th, 2010

andrew potter

David Kawena: The Sexuality of the Asexual Disney Heroes

I found this artist on DevianArt thank to madam_minnie. David Kawena had a very original idea: to use as models for his art the characters of Disney movies.

In a series of portraits he reinvented (or discovered), with a bit more of realism than the original characters, the hidden sensuality of those heroes who steal hearts of the princesses in fairy tales.

Peter Pan


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David Kawena is a from Israel and he was asked what it means to be a gay artist there:

"Actually being (a) gay artist, or straight artists who deals with ‘gay’ issues is pretty much a cool thing to be in Israel! Israel is very open minded and very narrow minded too - it's (a) mix of a place. We have a lot openly gay artists here, most of them are on prime time television - actors, fashion designers - and many singers who are openly gay are at the top of the national charts all the time. I do most of my work outside of Israel, but that's a different subject. I could very well be categorized as a straight artist who dose gay
work, or vise versa... You know?!”

Kawena’s work is primarily digital media.

More Artists at my website:, My Ramblings/Art

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andrew potter

Hot Damn! by H.C. Brown

This is a nice short story, so nice that probably it would have been better a little more long.

Mike is coming back home after 6 years of absence: his father is dead but he was the same father that kicked him out when he was 20 years old and gay. Mike has found his path in life without his father’s money and he is not to change it.

I like that, when Mike discovers that to inherit his father’s money, 26,5 million, he has to marry, he never for a moment thinks to do a fake marriage. As 6 years before, Mike is too proud of being gay, and too comfortable with it, to even consider the idea. And then, coming back home, Mike has also found again Jess, his old best friend, the same boy he had a crush on but never did something since Jess is 2 years younger than Mike and at 18 years old he was too young for something serious.

But now Jess is grown up, and how much!, and so nothing is preventing Mike to find happiness with him, neither the possibility to be a millionaire. And truth be told, it’s not that the alternative is so much bad, his father’s winery, that he has inherited nevertheless, is some millions worth.

Mike and Jess’s relationship is quite easy and simple, maybe even too simple: when everything seems perfect, Jess’s past comes alive, and it threats to tear them apart. That is probably the point when I realized that having some pages more wouldn’t do bad: there was a moment when everything happened in a blur, so many events and so little explanation for it. But if you consider that, indeed, it’s a short story, it’s almost surprising to realize that so much happened other than the sex that usually is the only thing you manage to enjoy in short stories.

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andrew potter

Dead Men Get No Tail by Misty Malone

Well, I’m always kind to college boys stories, since the guys are so young and cute that it’s difficult to not enjoy their story. At that age, they are no more teenagers, but they are not yet adult: the world is still in front of them and everything can happen, even that you fall in love for your man-whore and straight roommate and, in the end, that love is not either without hope.

Clay and Jack have spent the first years in college together trying to bed as many girl as possible, and now that the last months of permanence in their shared dorm room are approaching, Jack seems to have increased the effort and instead Clay is at a junction: to be or not to be an adult? To be or not to be gay? To love or not to love Jack? Yes, since in the last weeks it’s not beautiful woman that stars in Clay’s wet dreams, but it’s his roommate Jack, and Clay has not heart to tell Jack that he is mistaking in changing woman each day since first, he, Clay, would like to be one of that women, and second, not having Jack a steady girlfriend is the only consolation Clay has.

Clay is so stuck inside his brainstorming mind that he is not even able to realize that Jack is giving him hints that he could indeed been interested in him: if bringing him in a gay club didn’t do it, well Jack doesn’t know what else it could. More than fear Jack’s refusal, I think that Clay is afraid of admitting that he is gay. Being gay will change too much the simple life that Clay is having, college, girls, friends… admitting to being gay in a way it means being an adult, and Clay is not yet ready to be that. I like Clay, but he definitely is not the usual mourning gay in the closet too clever for his age; Clay is, indeed, a simple college boy, like so many others like him, and for this reason he has all the insecurities of his age.

Jack is maybe a little more self-conscious, but it’s not really that he is a lot more grown up than Clay. I’m not sure to like him as much as I like Clay, but that is probably due to the fact that, in the end, Jack is bisexual, he is really a man-whore, for women and men alike, and he is totally unrepentant: he takes his pleasure when and where he finds it, no matter the gender of the partner. So, probably, for romantic Clay, Jack is a bit too much, but maybe, as Clay admitting to be gay will grow, so Jack, starting a relationship with someone that he actually knows, will understand that there is something more in life than a notch on the bedpost.

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