April 1st, 2010

andrew potter

Waterways by Kyell Gold

How I like when I find a book, a real long and complex book, which takes me tied up from the first page to the last with the eagerness to read faster to know what happens and the hope to slow down to make it lasts a bit more. And when I finish the book, I wish to start it again to convince me that, yes, I just read a very very good book and that yes, I found another author that will gift me many beautiful stories in the future...

Kory is a seventeen years old guy. Middle-class family, private school, every gadgets a guy his age could want. But Kory is not happy, he was dumped by his girlfriend cause he wrote a beautiful poem for school paper and he didn't dedicate it to her. Worst, lately he prefers to spend his spare time at home, on line or reading, rather than with her. Probably he would finish dumping her, but still it hurts that she takes the decision from him.

So Kory decides to spend sometime in the municipal pool, and not in the usual private pool where all his friends gather and where he has to suffer the sympathetic smiles... And he meets Samaki. Samaki, same age like him, but from the poor side of the city, is a very nice guy, someone he could talk to. Kory is happy to find a new friend but still, when they part, he has the feeling to have missed something, to have not answered some untold questions by Samaki. And when he recalls all the time spent together he finally understands... Samaki was hitting on him, Samaki is gay...

How can he tells to Samaki that he is not gay? cause he is not gay... but if he is not gay why he has these dreams on Samaki? dreams that he has never had of his former girlfriend? And maybe he is so happy with Samaki cause he feels for him... But what he felt is wrong, Kory is from a strictly catholic family and he knows that God will not love him if he is gay. But when he cofesses his sin to Father Joe, he is surprised to not find a condemned glare in the priest eyes, but instead Father Joe tells him to see inside himself and to ask help if he needs. Not image of hell in front of him, not eternal damnation. And more he opens himself, more people he finds who accept him.

Waterways is the coming age journey of Kory. It's a three part story: Aquifers where Kory discovers what he feels, Streams where he has to take some decisions, and Oceans where he strengthens that decisions and starts his adult life. All along he will have Samaki and along the path he will loose some people and he will find new friends.

Waterways is a pretty intense, very romantic and utterly beautiful novel... so, does it matter if Kory is a otter and Samaki is a fox? Does it matter if this is an anthropomorphic book where all the characters are of different animal species? Someone said to me that people freak out when they are put in front of a book about love between "animals"... I replied that maybe this is a book where it's more problematic the "furry" thing than the gay theme, but that I would read it anyway cause I have no problem at all. And I'm very happy to have done so, cause Waterways is an huge discovery. I find really interesting how Kyell Gold deals with the furry theme, converting all the human world in a melting pot of breeds: usual expressions like "on the other hand" become "on the other paw", the different animal scents can be a problem, but also an arousing thing when Kory dreams of the musky fox scent of his boyfriend, the patch of white fur on Samaki's groin could be arousing like no other else for Kory's young body...

I will treasure Waterways among one of the best book I have ever read and for sure this will be not the last book by Kyell Gold that I will read.

Beautiful cover and interior illustrations by John Nunnemacher.


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Cover Art by John Nunnemacher

andrew potter

William Cash: The Provincetown Series

"My latest body of work, The Provincetown Series, represents the perfect marriage of my conceptual and technical concerns as a painter.

The town is undoubtedly one of the most liberated places in America--men feel a greater freedom here to express themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. And, the beautiful light of Cape Cod plays perfectly on the male form, illuminating their actions.


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It is not enough for me to simply depict the physical beauty of men, their internal lives must also come into play. I try to invest all of my figures with an emotional and spiritual life beyond the confines of the painted canvas." William Cash


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