September 6th, 2010

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‘Til Kingdom Come by Evangeline Anderson

In a recent polemic I said that I have hardly read 10 books with a rape in it and only 1 where the rapist and the raped become lovers after that… well now I have read 2.

‘Till Kingdom Come is a perfect example of savage romance, more it’s a perfect example of bodice rippers, and since here the two main characters are both men, this is a breeches rippers (and there is really a breeches ripping event). Actually this savage romance is respecting so much the rules of the genre that it reminds me a lot of The Wolf and the Dove, one of the first example of this genre and one of the most hated romances due to the “rape” factor; but since this novel by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss is also one of the first medieval romance women of my age read, it’s also one of the most loved.

As in that novel, here we have a dark and storming night during which Elias, the young heir to the queen, a powerful sorceress, is raped after having witnessed to the conquer and destruction of his own lands. In this novel it’s even worse since the one who rapes Elias is also the man who then takes him far away from his home and in captivity in his bedroom apparently as a sex slave. Thrain is indeed trying to protect Elias from his own brother and father, who have always wronged him, in the worst possible way. To “protect” Elias, Thrain has to subject him to the same violence he suffered when he was only 12 years old to the hand of his own brother; a violence that his own father didn’t stop.

Thrain knows, since it’s in his future, that Elias has the power to destroy his enemies, but this power can only be freed through Thrain himself. Thrain has not really desire of power, he wants only vengeance; he is not exactly an hero, his actions are not unselfish, actually he is willing, and ready, to sacrifice everyone to the purpose he is following. When he takes Elias, it’s true that he is trying not to have him killed, but he is not doing so since he is in love with the young man, but more since he doesn’t want to loose his chance.

Love arrives later for Thrain, but indeed it arrives. There is for sure the feminine-man/masculine-man pair here, but while Elias, with his almost annoying innocence is perfect in role for the first half of the pair, Thrain doesn’t really fit the second half. Actually, if not for the violence he suffered, that made him build an emotional shield around himself, probably Thrain would have been more similar to Elias, hence an innocent prince waiting for his knight in shining armor to free him from his ivory tower.

For sure ‘Till Kingdom Come is not a novel that can appeal everyone; there are a lot of points that are “risky” to everyone liking: the rape, the incest, the naivite of Elias. On the other hand, if you are of the old school, and you liked the bodice rippers, then this novel is exactly like that, and you will probably like it.

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Rainbow Awards: Cover Contest - Round 2

Round n°2, 13 rounds to the end, 416 covers still in contest to arrive to the last week with the 10 finalists.

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Last week winners are:

fearlessfirefly  --> Chosen ebook: Simple Men by Eric Arvin, Dreamspinner Press

mercedes791  --> Chosen ebook: Mute Witness by Rick R. Reed, MLR Press

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Best Gay Coming of Age/Young Adult (3° Place): Curse of Arachnaman by Hayden Thorne

Little superheroes are growing… but they have still to respect curfew and take out the garbage.

After last books adventures, Eric is trying to have a normal life, at least as normal it can be if your boyfriend is a superhero. The fact that Eric is gay is not part of the problem, his family is accepting him and he is growing up self-confident and loved… the main problem is that Peter, the boyfriend, want to “wait” for the right moment, and Eric is tired to do his own laundry to hide all those towels…

While in the previous three books Eric had to grow pretty fast and beforehand, here he is almost going back; his mother is pretty vigil, he has no pocket money to spend as he wants and he basically has to study since his own boyfriend doesn’t want to go out during the week and also in the weekend he is pretty busy. Basically Eric has to behave as a good boy since he has no way to be bad, even if he would like much so.

In this story, Eric is not directly involved in all the superhero adventures of his friends, and I think that he is very much bored; he searches in any way to “waste” time, he even arrives to buy a journal, a real paper and ink journal, believing that he will have a lot of things to write, and discovering that, in the end, is life is pretty ordinary, and that he prefers to spend time fantasizing about his boyfriend. He also tries to find a job in the local LGBT bookstore, again, I think more to find a way to spend his time than for a real need of money; he even fancies the idea to do a supporting action for the small business, to soon realize that he is only a kid, not a superhero, and as a kid he prefers to enjoy his carefree way of life.

I really enjoy all the attempt of Eric to convince Peter that it was time for them to loose their virginity, and Peter apparently dullness, that I instead think is hiding his firm belief that they are still too young. As Eric in the previous book rushed beforehand in his search of adventure, now he is doing it again with their sexuality; Peter understands that and he is able to stop Eric when it’s time, without letting him understand that he is doing so. After all, Eric has the coolest boyfriend of the school, and by league, he is so himself.

Curse of Arachnaman has less the “fantasy” feeling of the previous books (something that in the third book was pretty heavy) and it’s more a sweet coming of age story about two young boys in love.

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4) Curse of Arachnaman

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