October 13th, 2010

andrew potter

Eric Raspaut: Sailors and Bars from the Slums

Eric Raspaut (Vendome, France, 1955) lives in Paris and graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts.

His works, oil on canvas, acrylic on jeans or digital painting, tell exotic and dreamy atmosphere and is inspired by sailors and bars from the slums, Jean Genet's style.

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The digital works are more explicit content.


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andrew potter

A Russian Bear by C.B. Conwy

This is a D/s story that doesn’t take itself seriously. Mischa thinks to be a badass Dom, but he is more a big teddy bear waiting for his owner; 41 years old and independently wealthy, Mischa apparently doesn’t need anything and anyone, but he is alone. One boy, one scene, no names was always his rule until he doesn’t meet Tom.

Tom is a virgin 26 years old graduate student; gay but inexperienced, but he meets Mischa by accident, he takes the chance to experiment some of his wildest fantasies; after all Mischa, as I said, is not at all the dangerous man and Tom has the impression he will be safe with him, and so it’s.

Now when I said that this story doesn’t take itself seriously, I was not implying that the BDSM side of the story is light; on the contrary, that is probably what sometime put me off. I’m not really a huge fan of the lifestyle, and more or less, I can find it intruiguing if there are not much pain/pleasure games. In A Russian Bear the pain/pleasure games are what the story is all about: Mischa likes to inflict pain on his sub, through the physical pain of the sub he receive his pleasure. Even if it’s not the “usual” pain, whips, wax or similar, it’s maybe even more intense; no blood involved, but the type of pain that goes directly to nerve endings.

But if they can go in deep and itense during the scenes, they are mostly private show, to be performed inside the wall of their home, and once the scene ends, Tom and Mischa go back to be a balanced couple, where Mischa maybe is wealthier than Tom, but not for this reason he is the one in command. Tom is a perfect example of top from the bottom, he has Mischa wrapped around his little finger, and it’s even worse, since it was not even Tom’s intention, Mischa did everything by his own.

There is plenty the idea that BDSM is a way to release stress, Mischa has an important and stressful job, managing big sum of money for other people, and he needs something to relax; in his less payed, but nontheless important job, also Tom needs a way to release stress: while Mischa likes to be still in command, Tom instead wants to let it go and being taken care of. I think that, even if better payed, Mischa’s job is mostly a one man show, and Mischa resents the loneliness of it; when relaxing he also needs the human contact, and more time goes, more this contact has to be personal, and a “one night stand” sub no more fit the bill. On the other hand, Tom is a College TA, people depend on him, young students seek his lead and advice; when the weekend arrives, Tom wants to let it everything goes, and being again a carefree young man who only seeks pleasure.


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