November 22nd, 2010

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Man Candy Day: Sleepless by Thomas Synnamon

Coming soon to TheMaleForm (, Dylan Rosser's photography website, is the very talented NYC photographer Thomas Synnamon. His 1st set will be of a model called Eddy and it will be soon available.

Thomas Synnamon published SLEEPLESS with the German publisher Bruno Gmünder in July 2010.

Never has there been as pleasant a reason to stay awake at night as the new photo book by Thomas Synnamon.

Hardcover: 80 pages
Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag Gmbh; Bilingual edition (May 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3867870500
ISBN-13: 978-3867870504
Amazon: Sleepless

For the past few months, Thomas has been searching for exceptionally beautiful men and doing whatever it takes to keep them awake--so that he can photograph them. The result is Sleepless, a magnificent collection of portraits, each one rendered in the intimate, signature style of this emerging, self-taught photographer from New York. As if peeping through a keyhole into a bedroom--a man’s most private space--Thomas captures the restless, midnight moments of men who are exhausted, yet wide awake. Some of these men seem to be waiting, perhaps for you; they return your gaze with haunted, seductive looks in their eyes, full of desire and expectation. Others are tangled in their sheets, so alluring that all you want to do is reach out and unwrap them.

Sleepless is Thomas’s first book, and he has approached its creation with the same objective that he sets for all his projects: to create something beautiful. Thomas challenges himself to resolve the tension between creativity and technique with imagination and boundless energy. His primary subjects are the male form, fitness, and fashion, expressed with an edge, and he enjoys experimenting with lighting to create drama. His passion for simple, yet bold photography has been inspired by such artists as Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Paolo Roversi, and Steven Klein. Sleepless shows that Thomas Synnamon belongs in the company of his idols.

Sleepless will keep you awake at night.

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Thomas Synnamon has also a new 2011 Calendar: leather and lace fun, sexy, pin up boys

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More Photographers at my website:, My Ramblings/Art

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andrew potter

Stardust (The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay 4) by Claire Thompson

Stardust goes a bit against the flow of the previous 3 books since it’s not a story of a first love never forgotten, but it’s more the story of a man that has to realize that a teenager love sometime is not the same when you are an adult.

Gordon is in love with Ben, the first boy he had sex with when they were in high school together; but it’s a feeling that is not mutual, even if Gordon doesn’t realize it: Ben left New York City for Los Angeles to pursue his acting career and he is not a big shot name in the movie industry with a starlet after the other on his arm. He is also an egoist and a selfish bastard, since, even if he is not interested in Gordon, Ben has never told so, feeding Gordon’s crush with nothing more of what an actor would give to a unknown fan.

Dennis is Gordon’s colleague and silent admirer: he is in love qith Gordon, but he has never had the courage to admit it; another thing that stop Dennis, other than Gordon’s obvious infatuation with Ben, is that Gordon professes to not believe in love, he is one of the Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay, a group that claims real love is only a fairy tale. And instead Dennis, even if older than Gordon, at 42 years old has not yet given up to the idea of finding Mr. Right, even if, unfortunately for him, he has the strong feeling that Gordon is his owm Mr. Right.

This is only a short story, but I really liked the easiness and the sweet love story between Dennis and Gordon; maybe it’s not a starry eyed love, maybe Dennis and Gordon are more you average guy than a romance hero, but they are so good together, that I was really cheering for Dennis against Ben: in this case, I was against the idea that your first love is your true love, the initially theory that is at the basis of this series, that to be happy you need to go back to the ONE you first loved, in this case is not true, and Dennis was for sure the right man for Gordon, even if he arrived later in his life.

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Amazon Kindle: Stardust (The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay)

Series: The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay
1) Finding Chandler:
2) A Test of Love:
3) Switching Gears:
4) Stardust

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