November 23rd, 2010

andrew potter

Event: Readings from Boys & Girls and 33

Date: Thursday, November 25
Time: 18.30 - 20.30
Place: The Bookseller Crow
50 Westow Street
London, United Kingdom

An extra special evening of readings from Boys & Girls and 33. Join Karen Mcleod and Paul Burston, who will be reading from his hilarious story The Unbearable Bear for the very first time, and Debi Alper and Emma Darwin, who will be reading from her excellent story The Sugar House.

Definitely one for all you south east Londoners.

Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: Glasshouse Books (July 15, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1907536094
ISBN-13: 978-1907536090
Amazon: Boys & Girls

Stories of young love featuring writing from new and established Gay and Lesbian authors. The book also tells the heart rending and heart warming true stories of young men and women helped by the Albert Kennedy Trust, and published with a unique double cover.

Includes writing by Paul Burston, Stella Duffy, VG Lee and David Llewellyn.
andrew potter

My LJ's birthday: Thank you all!

4 years ago I opened this LiveJournal. A lot of things happened, some good, some bad, but mostly good. 4 years ago I had to browse the special line of some epublishers to find the books I wanted to read, now it seems that most of the newfounded epus are for Gay & Lesbian novels. Now I know that my perception is distorted, that I'm living in a small niche and if I go out there, in the big sea, I would be eaten alive by the sharks, but I like my little niche. I would like to use some of the gifts people sent me in the last months to party:

And now a bit of numbers, you know I love numbers... In the last year, from December 2009 to today, I received/bought 1255 ebooks (without considering the print books), this means more than 100 LGBT releases per month.

At todat my LiveJournal counts 1636 reviews:
- 896 contemporary fiction

- 321 paranormal fiction
- 156 fantasy fiction
- 144 historical fiction
- 119 futuristic fiction

The most common theme is "Virgins... at least in one way" (387 tags): ok, the myth of the blushing virgin, or the allure of the first love is still something, apparently, people like, otherwise there would be not so many books.

The most reviewed publisher is Torquere Press (353 tags): well, truth be told, it was also the first publisher to enlist me as official reviewer, way back in 2007 I believe, so I think it's normal.

The most reviewed author is Willa Okati (46 tags): aside from the fact that yes, I like her style very much, again she is one of the first author I "met" years ago, so, again, I think it's quite normal.

Following the monthly statistics for my LJ from January 2010 to today:

as you can read the best month was January 2010 with 63.210 monthly visits (and only 2% was from LJ users) and 155.081 pages views: that means an average of 2.104 single hits per day. Honestly the worst month was June 2010 with 19.043 monthly visits (6% was from LJ users) and 76.584 pages views: that means an average of 635 single hits per day.

And now a big thank you to my Top 10 Commenters:

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Thank you all guys (and girls) for making this LJ more interesting.
andrew potter

Making Promises by Amy Lane

With this book I did something that usually is a no-no for me, I read book number 2 in a series without reading book number 1. Truth be told I have a good reason: when I realized it was a book 2 I had already fallen in love for Shane and didn’t want to wait for read his story.

First of all let me say, that yes, you can read book 2 standalone, but indead the supporting characters are so good that is clear they have a story of their own; that is the reason why I realized there was a book 1, it was impossible that men like Deacon and Crick were only a nice addition to a background picture. But I’m able to fall in love at first sight, and even if I’m sure Deacon and Crick have a wonderful love story, and I will try to read it as soon as possible, big but shy Shane had my heart from moment one.

Shane wants to be an hero; that was his dream when he was a child, a lonely child not enough wealthy to be classy, not enough athletic to be cool, only a lonely child whose father’s job as businessman was not enough heroic and the cops he saw around were like real hero. Problem is that at that age Shane didn’t know that L.A. cops can be also very homophobic, and when the suspicion that he is gay arrives to the ears of his chief, Shane is suddently in a very dangerous situation without a back. Even if big and shy, Shane is not stupid, and he is clever enough to call Internal Affairs before going out in what is most likely a suicide attempt. He survives and he has now enough money to live without problem, but the dream to be an hero is still there and he tries again as cop in a small town. Things at work are not better but he makes friends with the odd enlarged family of Deacon and Crick.

While out visiting his sister Shane meets Mikhail, a Russian immigrat leaving with his mother and teaching classic ballet. To Shane’s eyes Mikhail is perfection, from his little tight body to his skill on a stage; but Mikhail has a past that is far from being perfect: former heroine addicted and street hustler to pay for the drugs, Mikhail is still alive only thank to his strong mother, a mother that is now dying from cancer. Mikhail is right there to loosing everything again, and he is not sure he will be able to cope, when Shane enters his life. But Shane is really way to perfect for damaged good like Mikhail and he is reluctant, and cinic, to let him enter his life.

It’s a wonderful love story, Shane will unveal as a strong and stubborn man, true with some self-esteem issue, mostly arriving from his childhood and unloving and uncaring parents, but all in all a sure mainstay for the people he loves. Mikhail wants to be cinic, but he has all the temperament of Russian people, stubborn and proud, but capable of immense love and passion if you manage to go behind their hard shell.

This is a novel that mix smushy moment and heart, in the right moment to make you smile or shed a tear, even if it will not arrive to let you completely in tears, the funny moments will be always right there, to lift the mood.

Amazon: Making Promises

Amazon Kindle: Making Promises

1) Keeping Promise Rock:
2) Making Promises

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Cover Art by Paul Richmond