December 3rd, 2010

andrew potter

Man Candy Day: Hugh Plummer and Dylan Rosser's Limited Edition Prints

Here is Dylan Rosser's latest addition to His name is Hugh (even if Dylan Rosser suggested Huge ;-) but to know why you have to go to his website and open an account!) and here is some info: "As a former personal fitness trainer I have always taken pride in my body, and trying to look good. I aim to set an example. Inspiring others towards the benefits of fitness and a healthy life style is a big part of my life. Through the years leading up to modeling I have been self employed in a variety of different roles and pursuits including entrepreneurial ideas such as online poker and dating websites, event management, and an auction business. I have also managed and run a nightclub as well as a bar/ restaurant. All of these experiences have taught me a lot about business. Working and communicating with people of a variety of backgrounds has been a large part of this and something I really"


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Height:6ft3.5in (even .5 of an inch counts)
Where were you born: Oxford UK
Where do you live: Oxford UK/ Carmarthenshire UK
Occupation: Model, Personal trainer.
Favourite TV shows: Usually factual, Historical, Period drama
Favourite music/band/artist: Many types. David Guetta
Favourite Food: Paella
Interests/hobbies: Yoga, Archaeology, Also doing some chainsaw sculpture.
Goal in life: Stay healthy, be successful at everything I do.
How long have you been modelling: 5-6 years
What you wear in bed: Wearing any clothes in bed makes me uncomfortable.
Your best feature: ... my arms or chin dimple..

Moreover, with few weeks left to Christmas Dylan Rosser thought to remind us about his new website featuring a selection of over 100 Limited Edition Prints. These collectable prints are sold unframed and limited to 1 of 20 prints (i.e. only 20 will ever be printed at each size). Each print will be signed and numbered by the author and printed on the finest Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a life of more than 100 years. Orders need to be placed by today to guarantee delivery before Xmas as Dylan Rosser has to inspect the prints, sign and number them before sending them off to the customer. And here are a selection of images:

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Here is direct link to album of LTD Editions:
andrew potter

Rainbow Awards: Cover Contest - Round 15

Round n°15, this is the FINAL round! 15 covers still in contest and you need to choose your 3 winners.

This is the only rule: you have to choose 3 covers, not more not less, and you have to comment on the post listing your 3 covers. Comments with less or more than 3 covers will not be considered.

Other than the poll, there will be a special jury voting in the cover contest. It will be a jury made all by external guests (no authors, no cover artists, no publishers): they will be of course people with an interest in the art and communication field, but they will be impartial. Their vote will be added to the poll, it will have an higher weight but it will be an addition not in substitution, so the people voting in the cover contest will still have an huge influence in the final result. They are:

Dylan Rosser, one of the most famous male model photographer out there:

Jesse Archer, actor and screenwriter, whose movie "Violet Tendencies" I adopted last year:

Jack Mackenroth, athlete and fashion designer, former contendant in Project Runaway:

And now please look at all the amazing covers:

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and vote!