December 24th, 2010

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Man Candy Day: Happy Christmas from all over the world

From me (and from Dylan Rosser who was quite generous in stuffing the stocking) a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

This week Man Candy post is quite a mix! We have Dmitry from Moscow, Ajay from London, and Chase from NYC.

Chase Hostler is a "little" boy in the Big City.

You can find info on Chase here:

Dmitry was born 30 years ago in the Soviet Union and was about 10 when the Iron Curtain came down and opened a window towards a whole new world full of opportunities. Dmitry is one of that generation who can still remember life under a regime of oppression and censorship and who can therefore probably enjoy his new found freedom as no other. And so he does, in every sense of the word.

During his early life, he enjoyed two educations, technical and economical, in order to prepare him for his future. Besides school he also liked sports and was a fervent tennis player. Which he practiced for about 5 years. During the last 17 years Dmitry spent an extendable amount of time in gyms as well as with practicing yoga and reading philosophy. And so he worked on both his physical and mental well-being. Professional-wise Dmitry has worked most of the time in the restaurant business. He cooked, he waited on tables and he managed restaurants.

Story just added about Dmitry here:

No info about Ajay if not that he is from London ;-)

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Dragon Mine by Joyee Flynn

The male pregnancy (also knows as MPREG) theme is my kinky secret passion. There are not so much non-fanfiction stories out there, and not so many publishers willing to release them, so it’s possible for me to read and enjoy almost all the available novels and author who “dare” to write about it. But friends, remember that I’m a woman, a romance reader, and so what I like is not what everyone like; if you ask me, is the male pregnancy a mainstream theme, I would answer, absolutely not; is the male pregnancy a theme that can appeal to the gay reader, I would answer, probably not. I know of only one male author who wrote of a male pregnancy (and the book is in my reading list), but from what I gathered, it’s more in a horror contest than a real “I want a baby” theme. Actually I’m not even sure the pregnancy in that novel will end in the male character having a baby.

So coming back to Dragon Mine and Siren Publishing. Siren Publishing, with Noble Romance Publishing, Changeling Press and Liquid Silver Books, are, as far as I know, the only publishers with male pregnancy books in their catalogue. Moreover, Siren and Noble Romance share also an author, Stormy Glenn. I read some of the Stormy Glenn’s novels, and they are all on the trend, Alpha Male meets cute (and bratty) omega male and they build an happy little family. Is the Alpha Male strong, sturdy and passionate? Of course. Is the omega male little, spoiled and pretty? Of course. Are they real? Of course not. Like a spin off of those novel, Joyee Flynn, who started her writing career as co-author of Stormy Glenn, launched her own series, the North American Dragon. In an alternative contemporary reality (meaning that we are still in the 2010, but this is not our ordinary contemporary society) shapeshifter Dragons are living among us; 40 years before there was a spread of violence directed to the Dragons and humans tried to exterminate the breed; apparently the Dragons were clever and not so much interested in the “little” fights with humans, and what people achieved was simply to drastically decrease the number of human females. Basically Dragons are only men, and when they mate, they impregnate each other, no need of women at all. Due to the lack of women, among the human population the split between Alpha males and omega males is even more striking, and feminine men are more and more substituting women and their traditionally roles (yes, yes, this is quite a male chauvinist sentence, but it’s to give you the whole idea).

This is basically the story of Dragon Mine, what probably will appeal the romance reader is the interaction between Ryan and Neil and their big bad dragon, Gabriel: they are like little puppies and their Master, Gabriel is a gentle giant, tenderly taking care of his little men, and Ryan and Neil are plenty enjoying to be spoiled; from a difficult past of abuse and violence, when they arrive under the protective shielf of Gabriel, they flourish; they are joyful and happy, and Gabriel doesn’t want for them to change, doesn’t matter if they are not responsible or independent, Gabriel can allow them to be spoiled brats.

A little complain on the use of the Italian word "piccola"; maybe since I'm Italian this is something that bothered me but many of the readers will not understand it. In the novel is explained by Gabriel that since he calls Neil "baby", he has to find an equal nickname for Ryan, and he decides on "piccola", telling him that is basically the Italian translation of "baby". True, but it's the "female" Italian translation, "piccola" (A in the end) if for women, "piccolo" (O in the end) is for men. Problem is that, while "piccola" in Italian is indead a sweet nickname, you can use for you female lover, "piccolo" is not the same, on the contrary, piccolo can be even an offense. See how strange and difficult is the Italian language? I would prefer for it to be used in the right contest. And by the way, I'm not sure the author knew the difference between piccola and piccolo, I'm fine if she used "piccola" for a man, if there was a reason, but that was not explained.

Amazon Kindle: Dragon Mine (Siren Publishing Menage Amour ManLove)

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The Cure for Sodomy by Ken Shakin

The Cure for Sodomy sucks you into the story from the first chapter and doesn’t let you go until the last word. It’s one of the oldest stories of the world, the story of a life. Actually is the story of two lives, but it’s not like that classical novel where the young learns from the old, since both men are old, only that one is older than the other, and both men are on the descending phase of their life, only that one is ahead of the other. And no, even if I was hoping for an end where there was hope for at least one of the two, no, it’s not like that. And so why people should read this novel? Since it’s your story, our story, the story of the next person you will meet on the street, the neverending story in the eyes of the bum you avoid on the street. What is the moral of this story? That maybe you have to let that bum tells his story, before he dies and no one remember he was. That maybe that man has to allow him to listen, to understand that, even if he doesn’t see it yet, his life is not ended, he has still plenty to live. Maybe he will not be happy, but he will be there to experience the change in the world, and to be able to pass it to another man. He will be a storyteller, and that bum will die in body but not in soul.

This is basically the story of a very handsome man, a stud, who was born when being gay was a crime. Despite everything they did to him, from electric shocks to AIDS, he is still here, and he is still dancing, even if now he is dancing alone. He had the courage to love, two men for real, and a lot of men for fun, and he saw the changing in the world. When he was young being gay was a crime, not that he is old the crime is to be old and poor. Apparently this man was never right in the world, and so why he has not ended his life long ago? Because despite everything it happened to him, the longing to see yet another dawn was always too strong, the hope that the morning after would have been better. Does is matter that perhaps it was not like that? In the end, he lived, and he lived a lot, way more than many other men who denied who they were. And he loved, he loved a lot, and all his men, Jack and Tim, are still alive in his memory, while the narrator, with all his friends and former lover, has no one he wants to remember.

The Cury of Sodomy is history in form of narration, spanning from the pre WWII world, to the McCarthyism, to the ’70, passing not unscathed through the ’80 and the AIDS plague, to today. More than 70 years of being gay with all that it means. It’s not a pretty story, it smells and it’s sad, but in the end I think, that bum has lived for ALL those years, and he has LIVED, not survived.

Amazon: The Cure for Sodomy

Amazon Kindle: The Cure for Sodomy

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