January 4th, 2011

andrew potter

The Temple of Skanda by Roland Graeme

For different reasons, maybe the foreign setting, maybe the male author, I was expecting for this novel to be a bit unbalanced on the adventure side, meaning that I wasn’t expecting for the romance to be of some great influence, of the men in this novel to wait their action basing on their feelings.

True, this is not a bed of roses story, there is not courtship with flowers and champagne (even if Murray will dote a bit on Conor), and the sex is quick and dirty (dirty with a positive meaning, a sex that is more from the gut than the head), but in any case this is more a love story than anything else.

Murray is a man that was hurt by love (and by an ex lover) but not for this reason he has stopped to believe in it; he only needs the time for his heart to heal and then he will be again a perfect lover, and attentive partner and a good friend.

Conor is a man who made mistakes, and paid for them, and now he is ready to start again. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his second chance, not even for the sake of good sex, but if with the sex there is also love, then it’s something important he can risk for.

This is a very manly story, all men involved, not only Murray and Conor, also Spence, James, even the estranged Derek have a direct and frankly attitude towards sex, sex is something good, and more is better, but Murray, and I think also Conor, know the difference between sex with or without love, and they know what is worth to fight for.

The setting, especially when the men move to India, is quite detailed but not boring, this is not a “postcard” novel, where the author drops here and there “touristic” details to prove he did his homework; I felt a love for the culture he was writing about, and the details are carefully chosen to give you an idea of the contest and to entice the reader in continuing following his heroes.


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