January 14th, 2011

andrew potter

Man Candy Day: Danny & Zavier

After the needed break for the holidays, and the Christmas pack (pun not intended) Dylan left us under the tree ;-) he is coming back bearing new gifts.

In an effort to move TheMaleForm.net to the next level Dylan decided to start inviting guest photographers to submit work and showcase some of the amazing talent that is out there. There really isn't many ways for photographers to showcase full frontal male nudity. If you are shooting fashion there are many magazines you can submit to but how many great full frontal images are lying around on photographers hard drives without the opportunity to be seen.

So Dylan decided to start buying exclusive content from people who focus on "The Male Form".

He has been lucky enough to get the very talented Thomas Synnamon on board and recently updated the site with his photos of model Danny.


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Danny Weiss (http://www.modelmayhem.com/dweiss), 24 years old, is from Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, and Thomas Synnamon is from New York City, and Dylan would like to build up a team of great photographers from different parts of the world so that eventually TheMaleForm.net can include models from every possible location.

Off course the site will still be primarily for Dylan's work and so here is the new full frontal exclusive by him, Zavier (NWS picture after the cut).
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Zavier (http://www.modelmayhem.com/zavierc) is 21 and currently studying in Europe. Dylan shot him when he was in NYC last year and he came down from Boston to shoot with him.
andrew potter

Law and Ardor by Jack Greene

Jack Greene is specialized in sexy short stories with twink characters. In this case the match is between a nice and handsome cop who answers the dispatch for a home burglary. When he knocks at the door a very young, very pretty and very scared man answer and James, the cop, is immediately infatuated of the tiny little man.

Nicholas is a student and part-time model who has no problem to admit that he likes his men bigger, stronger and protective. As soon as he realizes that James is the protective type, Nicholas is more than willing to let the man lead him, if possible directly to the bedroom. Both Nicholas than James well know what they want and like, so there is no hesitation but plenty of satisfaction waiting them.

Good naughty short story, just that tad of romantic to make it sweet and a good sex scene (with double performance) to make it hot.


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ISBN: 9781606599310

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