January 23rd, 2011

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Best Gay Erotica Contemporary (3° place): The Wine-Dark Sea by A.J. Llewellyn

This was almost an haunting book, I had the impression that Daniel, the main character, had to go to the hell and back to find happiness, and for most of the story I was not sure he would have been able to in the end.

A series of wrong lovers, no one of them Mr Right, on the contrary men who seem to only take from Daniel and never give back, but in a way or the other Daniel was not able to get rid of them. The only one who had potential was apparently a murderer.

After the first chapter, I really had the feeling that Daniel was trying to punish himself for something, because I didn’t understand how he could accept to live with Francois, who was clearly sucking Daniel’s life source, or to continue to frequent Alain/Alana, a transgender woman, who, when she was a man, treated Daniel like a piece of s…. At one point I thought that Daniel had an Oedipus complex at the contrary that his father was a role model to whom he compared all his lovers, and no one of them was up to the level. Indeed Daniel’s father is probably one of the few supporting characters that I really like, along with his fiancé Lu, probably because they were also the only ordinary ones.

All the story is set in a not so common Paris, meaning that Daniel, as a stranger to the town, is not filling the reader with the usual clichés, Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and so on, but instead he was giving little details (on the account that he is a travel guide writer) that I, as a traveller, would have liked to try (such as the hotel into the hospital, or the odd art exhibition around the city).

I cannot really say much on the love story, since it’s part of the appeal of the book, there is a turn on the middle of the story that can surprise, but I can assure you, it’s a good surprise. What I can say is that what sex Daniel is having is good, even if he has issues to resolve with his partner, sex is not one of them. Or maybe, at some point, sex is the only reason why Daniel sticks to that specific partner. There are three men in his life, a former lover, that would like to remain in Daniel’s life even if he cannot be what he was for Daniel, a present lover, that is claiming Daniel is his life and he cannot live without him, and a future lover, who is not asking anything to Daniel, and probably for that reason is the one I like the best. Alana and Francois are really needy and obsessive, always involving Daniel in something they have no right to: if they have done specific choices, they have also to have the strength to pursue those choices.

In the end, what probably surprised me was that The Wine-Dark Sea was not at all a light book, and it was everything other than simply erotica, something that is not common in the Ellora’s Cave production.



Amazon Kindle: The Wine-Dark Sea
Publisher: Ellora's Cave (June 25, 2010)

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Carey’d Away by J.M. Snyder

I have already said it before, I really like when J.M. Snyder plays with her boys, meaning that when her stories are about boys not yet men that are playing with life. This is the feeling I have of Carey’d Away, even if it’s not specifically said, I think all the characters in here are really young, probably young men just out of college or maybe even little more than teenagers.

The story is about a group of friends, a gay couple, Tyreese and Bill, a lesbian one, Shonda and Jan, and the black sheep, Carey. Carey is the only one who is still single, who plays the field every night, but lately the game is no more funny. Carey wants a boyfriend; oh no, he doesn’t want the serious thing, home, family and stability, he wants the cute thing, a boy to kiss, someone to play with, someone to fill his mind and flutter his stomach. Actually he is not even a likable character, he is lazy and bratty, maybe even careless, but he is so cute and full of life that the reader is willing to forget all his faults.

Pat is a shy guy, even a bit nerdy; he is the guy who no one looks in high school, for sure no one like Carey would. That is a feeling I had for all the novella, the feeling of reading an high school story, even if the characters are older and already out of school; but there was that innocence, that joy of life that usually you only find in a story about teenagers. Anyway Pat is both happy and scared when he realizes that Carey is interested in him, he is scared to not being up to Carey’s expectation. Carey is easy and free, Pat is careful and shy. Carey wears his gayness like a bow; Pat takes it hidden away from prying eyes. Even when they are among friendly company, Pat doesn’t feel comfortable, and if Carey wants to have his way with him, he has to find a way to make Pat forgets of the world around them.

This is only a night in their life, both characters are cute, and from the little details here and there, I can say that they are young and happy, but this is not they “life” story. We can’t say what will happen in a month, if Carey will loose interest or if Pat will realize that he is too different from Carey and his friends to be comfortable with them, but for now, they are young and happy, and that is enough.


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Amazon Kindle: Carey'd Away
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (January 23, 2011)

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Ander (2009) directed by Roberto Castón

A love story between a Basque farmer and a Peruvian immigrant.

Director: Roberto Castón

Writer: Roberto Castón

Release Date: 30 January 2009 (Bilbao International Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Film Festival, Spain)
12 July 2009 (Outfest Film Festival, USA)

Genres: Drama

Storyline: The valley of Arratia in August 1999. Ander, a farmer well into his forties, lives with his sister Arantxa and his old mother in a remote part of rural Basque country. His is a monotonous life filled with nothing but farm work and a job at the local bicycle factory. It won't be long before Arantxa gets married and leaves home and then Ander will be left to look after their stubborn mother on his own. Then one day Ander has an accident and breaks his leg. His limb will be in a plaster cast for two months. Against his mother's wishes, the family decides to employ a Peruvian immigrant, José, in order to help out. The arrival of the new farm hand has an influence on interpersonal relationships within the family. The old woman, who barely speaks any Spanish, refuses to communicate with José, but Arantxa and Ander soon get to know José quite well. The two men in particular become firm friends... Written by Roberto Caston

Awards: 2009 C.I.C.A.E. Award in the Panorama category to Roberto Castón, Berlin International Film Festival
2009 Violette d'Or to Roberto Castón, Toulouse Cinespaña



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Cast (in alphabetical order)
Eriz Alberdi ... Iñaki
Joxean Bengoetxea ... Ander
Christian Esquivel ... Jose
Jose Kruz Gurrutxaga ... Panadero
Juancho Kerejeta ... Recepcionista
Unax Martín ... Niño
Pedro Otaegi ... Evaristo
Pako Revueltas ... Peio
Mamen Rivera ... Reme
Pilar Rodríguez ... Madre
Leire Ucha ... Arantxa

Jose & Ander

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Role/Play in the Top Pre-orders list

Since Role/Play was released in the circuit festivals, it gathered good responses all over the US. The movie is now in the top list for pre-orders on Amazon and TLA Releasing. I think we are in for THE gay romance movie of 2011, and so, to celebrate the event, I did a special interview with Steve Callahan, the hot actor who plays the role of a soap-opera star who is outed against his willing and falls in love for a marriage-equality activist played by Matthew Montgomery

- Role/Play did pretty good in the indie festivals circuit. What has changed in your personal and professional life with this movie?

I loved making this movie with Matthew! We met on a movie ("Pornography: A Thriller") where we only had one non-dialogue scene together. We did a play ("Corpus Christi") together, but our characters never interact. We did a web series ("WeHo") together, but our characters never even met. So it was great with "Role/Play" to really get to play opposite each other. I can't wait for audiences to see it!

- When did you realize that acting would be your job?

I have always wanted to be an actor, for as long as I can remember!

- I loved Paul Bright's Angora Ranch, it was a bit cheeky but so romantic. Is Abrupt Decision similar to that one or completely different?

It is really different. I play man who is fired and goes through a mid-life crisis, trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. Paul wrote a really complex, challenging character for me to play. I am so excited to finally see it.

- What is your relationship with love in general? I mean do you really think love can do everything? And that everything can be done for love?

I'm definitely a romantic. My life is so much better since Matthew came into it. We will celebrate three years together this March. I love him so much. I love coming home to him every night. I'm a lucky man.

- In your acting career you have tried Comedy, Drama, Horror and now Romance. What genre do you think you'd like to try again, or try for the first time, in the future?

I would love to do an action movie!

- The last movie you seen? And book you read (maybe I know the answer to this one, maybe not)?

We both vote for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, so we are watching all of the nominated films. Last night we watched "The King's Speech". I am currently reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo".

- An actor you love and one you would like to emulate.

My favorite actor is Matthew Fox. I'd love to work with him some day.

Photo by Jimmy Baumgardner

- Sticke Figures, Abrupt Decision, Finding Mr Wright, I Want to Get Married... did I miss some of your future venture? Would you like to tell us something more about each of them?

2011 is going to be an exciting year for me and Matthew. Together we will have two films come out: "Role/Play" and "Corpus Christi: Playing With Redemption". I will also have "Abrupt Decision". Matt will also have "Finding Mr. Wright", I Want to Get Married", "Flight of the Cardinal" and a short film that he co-produced called "Cleaning House". We are very lucky men indeed!

Role/Play (2011) directed by Rob Williams
Actors: Steve Callahan, Matthew Montgomery, David Pevsner, Brian Nolan, Jim J. Bullock
Directors: Rob Williams
Studio: Guest House Films
DVD Release Date: February 8, 2011
Run Time: 85 minutes
Amazon: Role/Play (2011)

When soap opera star Graham Windsor (Steve Callahan - East Side Story, Nine Lives, Make the Yuletide Gay) is outed as the result of a gay sex tape scandal, he seeks refuge at an exclusive Palm Springs resort. But quiet anonymity eludes him when marriage-equality activist Trey Reed (Matthew Montgomery - Redwoods, Back Soon, Socket) checks in to escape the fallout from his own bitter divorce. As an undeniable passion begins to sizzle between Graham and Trey, they force each other to confront their professional downfalls and the firestorm each has created in the gay press. Role/Play also stars David Pevsner (Pornography: A Thriller), Brian Nolan (The Lair), Matthew Stephen Herrick (Daydream Obsession: Legacy) and Jim J. Bullock (Too Close for Comfort).

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A Bid for Love by T.D. McKinney & Terry Wylis

The first time I read a book by this duo, McKinney and Wylis, I was surprised by the romance in it; actually it took me a bit to read that book because it was about two FBI agents falling in love under dangerous situations, and I was not sure that was an environment where the romance could grow strong but romantic. I was surprised that time, and so I was not this time. The setting is more or less the same, again two FBI agents, again two men who know each other in a office contest but that haven’t had the chance to build a personal relationship. But on the contrary of the previous book, the dangerous situation was totally removed, and only the romance remained.

Asher is a well-cultured and maybe a bit aloof FBI agent; he loves roses, opera and romance and for this reason he is the joke of his colleagues; it’s not a something he cannot manage, but it’s not even that he likes it. By the way, Asher has never once admitted he is gay, and he has a failed relationship on his past with a female colleague. So actually no one is sure and basically no one has ever asked.

But Asher has a secret admirer, Scott, another colleague. On the contrary of Asher, Scott is considered a womanizer; former rodeo cowboy, always gallant with the female population, no one will suspect that he is in love with Asher, above all Asher himself.

I think that Scott is not really sure he is a man that can compete with Asher; he is not willing to make an ordinary move with Asher because he wants to “impress” him. And so he goes the whole nine yards, bidding for Asher in a bachelor auction and taking him for a romantic weekend in Italy. Of course, no one, not even Asher is able to resist to such courtship.

If the reader is wondering how the authors manage the “I’m not gay, are you?” issue, it’s soon said: Scott and Asher are apparently both bisexual, and they happen to be in love with a man. As simple as it’s to resolve this issue, so simple will be the development of their romance: simple, good and nice. No big drama, not guiltiness, no denying the obvious: these are two men in love, so much in love that is impossible to hide. And of course, the main event of the story is the romance, a romance that is in the actions, in the feelings and in the setting.


Amazon Kindle: A Bid For Love
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (August 19, 2010)

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