March 7th, 2011

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Man Candy Day: Jonathan D. Lovitz

Yes, Jonathan D. Lovitz is for sure a fine specimen, but apparently there is a brain other than good looks and above all a civil awareness.

Jonathan D. Lovitz made quite a big gay sensation of himself in New York, when, called for Jury Duty, he responded to the question “Is there any reason you can think of why you would be unfit to serve on this jury?” with:
Since I can’t get married or adopt a child in the state of New York, I can’t possibly be an impartial judge of a citizen when I am considered a second class one in the eyes of this justice system.
Well said, and well done, even if he probably only wanted to be out of the jury duty ;-)

Here a little profile of Jonathan: "What started off as being the youngest kid in the family dying for attention had turned into an incredibly exciting life in theatre, film, and tv.

After years wanting to be an engineer, astronaut, and diplomat I landed on the next logical career choice: actor and entertainer!

I’ve been so blessed (and so jetlagged) to have traveled to all 50 states as well as amazing destinations in North America and Europe performing in things as varied as big Broadway musicals to insane 24-hour commercial shoots. I feel like the luckiest man on Earth, and I hope it’s just the beginning..."

You'll also see him in television in about a month or so on his upcoming Logo reality series, "Set-Up Squad."

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andrew potter

Swinging by Barrie Abalard

It's 1975 and Kirk Bauer and Troy Camden are leading actors on the Hollywood scene. Both specialized in action hero movies or old western style, they met when they co-starred in the same movie, and now they are buddy friend. Kirk is older and just a star, while Troy is still struggling to have the big name on the credits.

In a world of easy sex and drugs, Kirk and Troy share everything, above all women. But during a swingers party, Kirk realizes that more than the woman he is screwing, he would like to have sex with Troy. And when he finds out that Troy is not against the idea, they start a secret affairs that could put in danger both their careers.

Troy is not new to gay relationship, but after a bad break-up and since he wants to become a leading he-man actor, he swore off men from his sexual life. But with Kirk is not only sex, and he discovers that he can't take of the mind from the man. But the Hollywood of 1975 is ready for a gay couple?

The story is really short, 40 pages, and starts with a swingers party where both the heroes are engaged in sex with other women. Then they start their relationship, but they don't stop to have sex with other people, both men than women... Plus Troy is an almost drugs addict, and both Troy than Kirk consider alcohol like a light beverage... Enough to give you an idea why I had the feeling that I was reading a porn rather than a romance... But once a friend of mine who was writing porn in the '70s told me that, to not be censorship, you need to have a plot inside your porn. And so is this story, there is a lot of sex but there is also a plot; I believe that in so few pages, and with all the sex they have during the story, Barrie Abalard makes almost an impossible deed in writing also a plot. What she described, even if in fast flash, probably is the true Hollywood of that period, where being faithful to a partner was not a common behavior, and drugs and alcohol flow free like water.

I liked also the typical Hollywood's happily ever after, and the glimpse in the future life of Kirk and Troy that the author gave at the end of the book.

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Eight Seconds by Barrie Abalard

This short story, less than 50 pages, is quite interesting since it mixes some very good sex scenes with a quite interesting plot. Actually the erotic part has a lion share on the story, but sometime this is not a bad thing.

Cam "The Professor" Chester, is a former bull-rider, now pick-up man in the rodeo circuit by day and country song-writer by night. He is gay and out, and this leads to him a bit of trouble here and there. Cam is not a simple man, he is a lonesome rider type, he likes his life like it is; from a rather poor childhood, he manages to build a comfortable life and he wants to keep it like that. Than he meets Wyatt Knott, young bull-rider and gay in the closet. Between them there is no misunderstanding, Wyatt likes men, and he likes Cam even better; he also like the slight domineering behavior of the man. But Wyatt is not ready, or willing, to come out.

As I said there is a lot of sex in the story, sometime maybe a little too much, like when Cam "came" two time in a row soon after being banged in the head... but well, I suppose this is principally an erotic story, and then if there is a plot, it's better. And in this case there is a plot, and the two main characters are also enough developed, as much as you can in a short story. I like the playful behavior of Wyatt, and also the fact that all seems to slide on him, he never takes offense, he is always ready to play... like a puppy, if you think, and you can't not like a puppy. Cam is more the brooding type, but all in all, he is not a bad guy, and also him can't resist in front of the disarming behavior of Wyatt. 

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andrew potter

Shayno by Marten Weber

Don’t get fooled by the cover, this is not at all your typical decapitated naked torso M/M gay romance; this is not a romance at all but more the self-discovery journey of two men, the narrator and Kevin. Already from this little detail, the fact that the narrator has no name since basically you read most of the novel living in his mind, you can understand that this story has not an ordinary development, and even when it’s not told in first point of view from the narrator, the punctuation is not “ordinary”, there are no quotation marks, and basically what is on people mind is mixed with what those same people is saying. Sincerely after one sentence or two you fall into the swing, and the reading flow becomes normal again.

As I said both men are on a self-discovery journey and their journey moves around the same man, Shayne/Shayno. Kevin was raped; yes, he was raped and that is even the reason why the reader immediately understand this is not a romance, since the rape happens on chapter 1. Despite the traumatic experience, or probably due to that, Kevin runs away from Australia to America, following the quest to find the same man who raped him. Is he searching vengeance? Not at all, he is searching love. Kevin was young and innocent and he was disowned by his own family; in his traumatized mind the only one who “cared” for him was Shayno, even if Shayno raped him. Kevin is searching for Shayno since he is his only mainstay in this world, and even if during the search he will find other men who can better love him, he will always have unfinished “business” until he will not be able to find that man.

The narrator instead has lived and loved and now he wants something more from life; when he meets Shayne, his mind tells him he is not the right man, but his heart doesn’t agree. The narrator consciously falls into an abusive relationship since he doesn’t realize that he can have more from life. People around him are leaving or dying, he sees his life crushing around and Shayne represents a “normal” life; being gay did not good to him, maybe falling in love for a straight man, trying to play the “straight” relationship will be good for once. Of course the narrator is totally wrong, of course he is leading head down towards disaster, but he has to realize that on his own.

Kevin and the narrator don’t meet for almost all the story, but their lives are strictly intertwined. The reader is waiting for the moment when the knot will tight them together, what will happen then? Will they be able to re-conquer their independence? Will they be able to kill their deadly bond to Shayne/Shayno? In a way Shayno represents the evil force dragging you down and they must realize that in order to survive.

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ISBN-10: 1456497170
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